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    I was recently down in Boulder for a college reunion with some friends - and tried vida fit's bootcamp in the park one day.  It was SO much fun.  Really wish they had something like this up in Seattle!  I liked the style of the boot camp because it was fun, geared towards women my age and the gal leading it wasn't drill-sargenty with our group.  We got a great workout in, but the time flew by.  

    I think she does mommy + me classes too which I could see being fun if you had a kid and didn't have easy access to daycare.

    Would highly recommend!

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    I found these guys on Yelp, and was SO impressed by their customer service and the quality of cleaning.  The gals that came to my house yesterday said it would probably take them 2-3 hours to clean everything...and they ended up staying for 6 hours.  They literally cleaned every nook and cranny in my home, and got rid of all the dog hair in my carpet that my vacuum can't get.  I'd hire these guys again anytime!  Great service, reasonable rates, and they really do a good job.

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    I visited Acura of Bellevue last night, and was extremely disappointed with the level of customer service that we received from their salesman. Having been shopping for a car for the past month or so at similar luxury dealerships (Lexus, Volvo, BMW, etc), I expected Acura to be on this same level of customer care as these other dealerships.  But instead, I was shocked and disappointed by the absolute disregard that we received from the salesman at Acura of Bellevue.  

    I understand that buying a car is a negotiating matter, and that not everyone is going to get their way, however I am in sales for a living and I would never treat someone the way that Rick treated us.  Not only did he never ask what I did for work or why I was out looking for a new car, he didn't even ask my name until we were starting to crunch the numbers.  When I objected to his "asking price" (which I'm sorry, but you should expect that customers are going to negotiate on the "asking price"!) Rick became extremely rude and I was personally offended by some of the comments he made.  During the entire process, I remained reasonable and calm while Rick raised his voice and become more and more argumentative.   Rick actually told me that this car was extremely rare because of it's great condition and low mileage (which it isn't....there are a ton of these cars for sale in the area with the exact same year and mileage), and he said the car was worth the asking price.  I simply replied that if he really felt that the car was worth what he was asking, then I was sure he would have no trouble selling it to someone else this week.  I kindly told him that this price just wasn't going to work for my budget, but to please call if he changed his mind.  It was at this point that Rick told us to leave.  

    So, rather than working with me and trying to compromise on a number we could both agree on, Rick pushed me away with his abrasive attitude and complete lack of respect for me as a buyer.  It's unfortunate, because I am interested in this car, but I will just be buying it from someone else now.

    Shawn F.
    Kommentar von Shawn F. von Acura Of Bellevue
    10.11.2011 We are sorry Ms. K felt that we did not treat her with the level of service she was looking for.… Weiterlesen
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    A great neighborhood spot.  I have eaten in the restaurant twice, and go to the cafe almost every weekend for my coffee/breakfast.  

    While there is nothing OUTSTANDING about Picolino's, its still one of my favorite spots in Ballard.  The food is great, and reasonably priced.  The staff has always been nice.   And their coffee and pastries in the morning are fantastic.

  • 6510 Phinney Ave N
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    On a cold night, the windows of this little spot are so fogged up you can't see in.  Once you walk in the door, you are immediately invited to sit in one of the comfy leather chairs.  Warm up by one of the (fake) fireplaces, and curl up with a good book.  I love it!  
    A great spot to grab wine with a date or a friend after work.  Prices aren't terrible, staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is cozy.  I don't know how much I'll love it in the summer - but during the winter, this is one of my favorite places to go!

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    I recently attended an auction in Ballard where I bought a gift card for the "The Loft", (assuming that it was for the Ballard Loft).  I told all my friends that we would go out for drinks at the Loft after the auction and that drinks were on me.   ....only to realize that my gift card was actually for The Loft in EDMONDS.   Whoops, my bad. :)  
    I have to say, this may be one of the best mistakes I have made though.  I finally went up to the Loft in Edmonds this weekend with my mom, and we had the best experience.  Amazing food, absolutely delicious!  I had the Kobe beef sliders, which were beyond tasty with a little bit of bacon on top.  The pear ravioli was also phenominal.  My mom ordered a salmon bruscuitta that was fantastic as well.  We sprung for a dessert to go (a chocolate, salted caramel cake) and I think this was the only thing I could have done without. I am a certified choco-holic, and while the cake was good, it wasn't the best ever.  
    Great service, great food, great atmosphere - loved it!

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  • Wie niedlich!

    Wait, do you model?

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    You're so cool polar bears wear sweaters around you.

  • Cool

    You're so cool polar bears wear sweaters around you.

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