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    I had a specific task to find some good Australian Red wine and came across another review that mentioned this shop's wine alcove and thought I'd give it a try. Found some wine from Wirra Wirra (fantastic vineyard in McLaren Vale, South Australia) and I haven't seen wine from there anywhere yet. Pretty cool shop and friendly customer service!

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    Ditto, ditto, ditto all of the above comments.  Placed an order on July 2, charged my card on the 3rd, and today, the 11th I still have no shipping information.  We're having a baby in less than 4 weeks (basically any day now) and were expecting the stroller and car seat to be here by now.  I spoke with the customer service agent regarding the whereabouts of my products and she said she'd have to get back with me later in the day.  Ha!  I told her that was unacceptable, that I needed to know now where it was and when I could expect it.  She put me on hold for 5 minutes and then came back and said she thought it was in the shipping department, and would possibly be shipped out next Monday (15th) or Tuesday (16th)!  What a load of croc.  While on the phone I was reading these other reviews and told her I needed it shipped out today or tomorrow or I needed the order cancelled.  She couldn't guarantee when it would be shipped out so I cancelled the order.  She said I'd receive a refund and would send an e-mail confirming this, but I've yet to see that...  I'll update this post with the results of the refund when I know more.

    Please, please, please avoid this company at all costs!  There are way too many other good options out there to give business to a place like this.  Fool me once... shame on you...  Fool me... you can't get fooled again! ;)

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