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  • 429 Seabreeze Blvd
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
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    3.0 Sterne

    Decent enough place in the myriad of overpriced, under valued food offerings in Ft Lauderdale.

    We went on a Sunday early afternoon and sat out on the deck.  It was crowded but the service was up to par.  We had a couple of sandwiches and beers.  I honestly don't remember what we had, so It must not have been all that impressive, but it was not bad.

    I would return for Sunday brunch because the fritatta's that were coming out looked really good.  Tried to return for said breakfast a day or two later and found out they aren't open for breakfast.....bummer.  One other note, they add an 18% tip to your bill.  I deduct for being forced to do anything.........

  • 99 November Dr
    Camp Hill, PA 17011
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    6.5.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Dr Greenburg,

    Of course you would remember it differently!  I spent alot of my money and got nothing for it.  Thats the plain and simple truth.  You did tell me that there were no guarantees.  You also told me if anything went wrong with the service you performed, you would make it right.  Remember that conversation?  

    In the end, all you did was push me off to another dentist because you did'nt want to deal with me.  That by the way was a HUGE additional expense to me, NOT you.  

    Thanks for the reply, years later......

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    Joshua G.
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  • 2120 Colonial Rd
    Harrisburg, PA 17112
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    It pains me to give this place a poor review.  I have been wanting to try it for sometime and finally made it for lunch during the week.  

    4 of us go for lunch around 1pm.  It isn't very busy and we are seated almost immediately.  No problems there.  One of the things that attracted me to Mount Hill Tavern was the old building.  Based on the decor and the nice patio and outdoor deck, I would easily give it 4 stars, but the food and service has to be top notch as well.  I can't say I was at all impressed with the food.

    First, it took at least 10 minutes before our server showed up.  I thought this to be odd since it wasn't crowded or the lunch rush.  When she finally showed, you could tell she was less then thrilled and wasn't very pleasant.  Not rude, just not how I would want my employees to act in front of customers.

    So she takes our drink order.  3 ice teas and a water.  It seems as if it takes quite some time to return again.  In fact, we had all looked over the menus and knew what we wanted to order before she returned with the drinks.  She did at that time mention the specials.  It would have been more helpful had she done that BEFORE we decided, but no big deal.

    I ordered a 1/2 blackened chicken focaccia sandwich with a grilled caesar salad.  Everyone else ordered the tuna salad and either a soup or salad.  It took quiet some time for our food to arrive.  Again, it wasn't busy so we thought it may be slightly quicker, but it wasn't a deal breaker.

    Food arrives and looks OK.  It appears as if they grilled the romaine in my caesar salad which i normally like.  I noticed the dressing.  It was almost non existent!  But the worst part was that they grilled the lettuce so long, it was wilted and soggy.  Not being picky, I dug in.  The small drizzle of caesar dressing i did get was tasty, just hardly any of it.  On about the third bite, I tasted something I never want to put in my mouth again.  A whole anchovy! YUCK.  It was hidden so I never saw it.  Now I realize that most caesar dressing it made with anchovies and I'm fine with that.  That doesn't mean I want to eat whole ones.  It would have been nice if they would have put that in the description, but again, not a deal breaker.  The sandwich was just unimpressive.  It had almost zero flavor.  It was just meh.  Honestly, the best part of my lunch was the crispy potato chips that were served with my sandwich.

    Everyone else shared the same feelings about their lunch.  Lettuce was wilted and soggy from over grilling.  Caesar dressing was minimal and everyone else thought it was odd with whole anchovies on the salad.  Tuna salad sandwich reviews were "bland" to "just OK".  Service was poor.  Bill was about $50 plus tip.  Not out of this world, but the food just didn't hit the mark, and the service was poor.

    I would probably return to have a cocktail on the deck or patio and enjoy this old building and the decor, but I think I'll pass on the food.

  • 1.0 Sterne

    CLOSED FOR GOOD!  Guess BWW pushed their 6 customers out?

    Not that writing a review for Hooters is necessary by my standards but I will say this.  I went to hooters for TWO things.  Greasy, breaded, and very overpriced three mile island wings.  Overpriced pitchers of beer.  That's it.  The people watching and the stupid hooters girls who had a combined IQ of 13 at this location, was just a bonus.

    Another pay toilet closed!  Hopefully the location will be put to good use.

  • 42 S Main St
    Duncannon, PA 17020
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    My review is based on their food, not the restaurant itself.  I have not been there yet.  We had an event at the Navy Base and we had the BBQ brought in.  First thing I noticed was how professional the packaging looked for the food to travel in!  Plus it was a 30 minute ride in and the food was piping hot!  Kudos to them.

    So we had pulled pork, brisket, slaw, and beans.  The pulled pork was tender and most importantly, you could see the smoke ring.  It was moist and very flavorful.  They also included three different sauces.  Any true BBQ connoisseur eats the meat first to taste the smoke and flavor, then enhances it with sauce it they so desire.  The sauce I tried was good, but BBQ to me is always about the meat first.  This delivered!

    The ribs had that great bark that you only get when you know what you are doing.  Smoked just right but not overdone.  Good job again.  Fall off the bone tender, tasty, and again the all important smoke ring.

    Brisket.  If you know anything about brisket, you know that if you are a novice, the brisket will be like shoe leather.  Its a hunk of muscle and the toughest piece of meat to BBQ hands down.  Again, prevalent smoke ring.  When I picked it up, I thought to myself, "there is no way that this is as tender as it looks".  Guess what?  IT WAS.  To impart smoke into brisket is one thing.  To get it so moist and tender, well folks that takes skill!  I have to say just based on the tenderness, this is the best brisket I've ever had, hands down.  Just my preference, but i thought it lacked a little spice.  Maybe it needed a different rub, or more of it, but it was still amazing!

    We also had wings.  The wings are smoked and then flash fried.  If you've never had wings like this, you are in for a treat.  Very good flavor and tender.  Not greasy at all like traditional wings.  The beans were superb.  Good flavor and a variety of beans with huge chunks of pork mixed in.  Cole slaw was slightly crunchy and very flavorful.

    I don't know where these people came from and I don't care!  Winner Winner, BBQ Dinner!

  • $$$ Hotel
    725 South Harbour Island Blvd
    Tampa, FL 33602
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    This is an OK place.  The location is probably a four star score by itself, but some of the typical hotel pitfalls drag it down to a three.

    We were staying on a Sunday night for the Flyer's game.  Turned out the team had stayed there the night before and we got to meet a bunch of the guys.  But I'm getting off track.

    Parked in the underground garage. $18.  Typical.  Tried to check in at around 1pm.  No availability.  Typical.  But we will call you as soon as your room is ready.  Mitch at the front desk was nice and helpful.

    So at 3pm, Mitch calls and we head back.  He hands us our keys and a couple of free drink coupons for the inconvenience.  Nice touch.

    Up to the room on the 6th floor.  Elevators are tired and worn as is the carpet in the hallways and rooms.  Windows are dirty, and overall it just didn't have that sparkly clean feel.  

    The bed was comfortable and the room was adequate.  No way I would ever pay full price but if you can get it for 60% off like we did, It is livable.

    Best thing here is the location.  Walk just about everywhere.

  • $$ Lounge
    1202 N Franklin St
    Tampa, FL 33602
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Great place!

    Went on a Wednesday evening.  Decor is cool and funky.  Our server was nervous because he was a bus boy filling in for someone who didn't show.  Let me tell you, he did a fantastic job!

    We ordered some of their signature cocktails that he recommended.  Wow, I cant think of anything I didn't like!

    Food was all very good and presentation was fantastic.  Price was in line for an upscale trendy tapas place like this.  Now if we only had one of these closer to home.

    If you are in the Tampa area, run here.  If you don't, you are cheating yourself out of a great dining experience.

  • 615 Channelside Dr
    Tampa, FL 33689
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    I love Fat Tuesdays and when we saw this place in Channelside we got excited.  Who doesn't love a strong, frozen drink with a bunch of different options to choose from?  

    So my first clue was that the service in here sucks ass.  It wasn't all of the tenders fault that he was in this position by himself, but he clearly didn't know how to prioritize.  We waited a full 15 minutes at the bar just to order.  When he did come over, he said "you can sit down and a waitress will help you".  Really?  I had no clue.....I'm standing here because I like to be ignored by you.  Just take my order, tell me how much your going to jam it up my ass for these two drinks, and I will walk away!

    So I ordered a mudslide which is a mix of two different drinks.  Not like FT where its actually a flavor.  Wife ordered a mojito.  Price was about $18.  In line I guess with places like this, however, the drinks were terrible.  Not strong at all like I was expecting.  For the price, put some booze in it!  But I guess this area is more of a "bud light" type of crowd so they were all happy......

    Maybe if I never had Fat Tuesdays and had nothing to compare these drinks too, then, no wait, they still would have sucked.  We also were hungry but saw someone eating what appeared to be nachos that were microwaved.

    No thanks.  I liked it better when i was a little kid in school and someone gave me a "wet willie"...

  • 1843 S Federal Hwy
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
    Vereinigte Staaten
    1.0 Sterne

    OK, my harsh review is based on the fact that they have BBQ.  Let me be clear.  THEY THINK THEY HAVE BBQ.  Most of the rest of us would disagree.

    So we were looking to go to a much better BBQ venue that's a little north of here and starts with a "P", but we ran out of time so this colorful place was close and we took a chance.

    Upon entering, we noticed it was a dumpy dive bar.  Maybe even a dumpy, trashy, biker bar.  OK, that's OK.  Were here for the food.  Upstairs to the outdoor deck we go.  Yep, dumpy up here to but at least there were some breezes.

    So the very friendly waitress stops by.  No, she really wasn't that friendly, but the 4 rum and cokes I had on the plane helped her out a little.  So after our beers arrive and a perusing of the menu, we both settle on the "Sloppy Pete" sandwich.  Hers with sweet potato fries, mine with regular fries.

    So food shows up in a timely manner and I am perplexed.  In my slightly buzzed state I ask my wife what we ordered.  She replied that we ordered a pork sandwich.  Well folks I may be a yankee, or at least considered one, but when I order a sandwich, It comes between TWO slices of some form of bread.  This had one very thick slice of what they would call bimini bread.  It was in fact an open faced sandwich as they say.  They advertised an open face sandwich which is why we went with this one. Because we didn't want it!  Oh well.

    Now onto the new problem.  What is that piled on top of said bread??  It sure as shit doesn't look like pork??  Waitress comes back and she verifies it is pork and we received what we ordered.  OK.  Moving on.

    Dig in.  Hmmm.  Try again. Hmmmm.  Once more.  Hmmmm.  I look at my wife and I ask her to tell me what she thinks it is?  She said it looks and tastes like "sloppy joe" mix from a can, IE "manwich".  I laugh and say holy shit you are right!!!  Yes, it was comical that they were trying to pass this off as some form of bullshit BBQ!  Fries were standard.

    But as with many places like this, I went in expecting shit, and It didn't disappoint.  I just prefer my shit sandwich to be between TWO pieces of bread, not on top of one!

    In a previous review, someone said that the local outlaw biker chapter came by one night and shot out the front windows of this place.  I'm willing to bet they had the same "sandwich" I did.

    Now if I just wanted to hang out in a dive bar and drink some beers, this place would suffice.  It just didn't do it for my BBQ hunger.  Sorry Ernie, wherever you are.

  • $$$ Hotel
    250 Racquet Club Rd
    Weston, FL 33326
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    My review is based on the room, not the restaurants or the grounds.

    Wife and I were visiting the BB&T center for a game.  Wanted to stay close by and wanted to save a few bucks without staying in a roach motel.  I decided to use Priceline. com as I do whenever I want or need to accomplish this.

    So I plugged in all the parameters of such search and wound up with this place for $80 a night.  Upon looking at the pics and the website, I must say I was less then thrilled.  As it goes with Priceline, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.  This certainly wasn't a win.........

    So we arrive and check in.  Check in was fast and friendly other then the $100 hold they put on my credit card.  I hate this practice but it seems to be the norm.  Anyways, we were pointed in the direction of our building.  Yes, there are a few different buildings.  

    First impression were this is an old and somewhat tired resort.  Once we rode the elevator to the 4th floor and had to listen to some odd noises coming from such, we entered the room.  Yep.  Old, tired, dated, not the cleanest you would think.

    Now, it wasn't in an unacceptable state for cleanliness, but they advertise themselves as being a four star resort.  Ah, nope don't think so.

    The true star rating that they should be using to sell this place is listed at the top of this review.

    Bed was comfy and I'd stay again in a pinch.  It wouldn't be my first choice when looking for budget accommodations.

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