When I go to the electric…

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I'm pretty sure I'll accidentally commit a capital crime one day, so these are the foods that I need to have before they send me to the electric chair.

The best-of-class follow.  You'll note that I have three selections in the hot-dog and sausage class.  Sorry, but I just love tube-steak that much.

Old Standby's

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Here's a list of the places I go when I'm feeling so lazy that I don't even want to bother trying something new.

Too dirty for a frat boy?

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I lived in a scuzzy dirty fraternity house for four years.  I've cleaned up puke, de-upper-decked "upper-decked" toilets, and mopped up piss.

These are places that even I think are pretty gross.

Note that I didn't give them all bad ratings, because some are just too cheap or good for me to care.

Eggs, Bacon and Lo-Mein

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When you have a hankerin for a lumberjack breakfast special AND chinese food, you have many choices in the Bay area.

Here's a list of my favorite Asian run breakfast cafes.

You Done Me Wrong

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My mother always told me to say something nice or say nothing at all.  But screw that, this is Yelp!

Shady SF

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Here are some of the dicier establishments I've visited in and around San Francisco.  Reader beware!

"SF: you can go to church, buy dope, get a hooker, and eat fine Asian cuisine on almost every block."

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