"Daddy would you like…

4 Einträge

Sau sah ges...

Sausages, sausages, sausages, sausages...…

Polish Port Richmond

5 Einträge

Port Richmond Polish

Jukeboxes of the Land

19 Einträge

Hey, here are some good jukeboxes

Lost my mind in the DMV.

9 Einträge

Old stompin' grounds re-stomped.

There are Pizzas I…

10 Einträge

...all my liiife though some have changed...Some forever, not for better...Some have gone and some remain...All these pizzas have their moments... but these are my favorites.

I Scream...

5 Einträge

about a lotta stuff, including ice cream and other frozen goodnesses.

Like a Country Time…

9 Einträge

Like a Country Time Lemonade commercial, but in Philly.

Summery Stuffs.

Headin up New England…

7 Einträge

Here's some stuff:

Porkus Malorkus

5 Einträge

It's Laaaatin. Philly Roast Pork.

Down the Shore

10 Einträge

The Jersey Shore and around...on the way, or in the vicinity... Mostly Dr. Weird's Hangouts in South Jersey.

Business, I Hardly Knew…

18 Einträge

Cause ya closed... you're kaputski, or something like that.

Nuoc Mam Fixes

7 Einträge

We eat so much Vietnamese food that we sometimes have nuoc mam hangovers.

Avenue Passyunk, Avenue…

15 Einträge

You've got a real type of thing goin down, gettin down, there's whole lotta Passyunk goin round...

(Up and down Passyunk Avenue, East Passyunk, Passyunk Square and around)

Snack Strolling the City

24 Einträge

I require rewards and incentives to do the stuff that I'm supposed to do. Many times (most times), these rewards are in the form of snacks. I have to treat myself as if I were mystery-solving cartoon dog, if I'm gonna be expected to get anything done in this world of ours, or leave the house or whatever.

"I'm hungry. Let's get a…

14 Einträge

¡ Taquerias ! For all your taco related needs...

Up that-a-ways...

14 Einträge

In Norvirn Ribberties, Nearby Fishtown & around...Up that-a-ways...

Veg Friendlies

46 Einträge

Here are some joints with plenty of veg choices for you: Some vegan, vegetarian & vegetarian-friendly spots...


53 Einträge

I am the passenger and I ride and I ride...
I ride through the city's backsides...
I see the stars come out of the sky...
Yeah, the bright and hollow sky...
You know it looks so good tonight...

* A Roadtrippin' List *

Afternoon Tea

4 Einträge

I take afternoon tea (afternoon tea)
Every day of the week (afternoon tea)
Please come along if you like
Because I like you, giiiiirrrrl...

Bah bah bah, bah-baaaahhhhhhh....afternoon tea...

Gift Horse

14 Einträge

Hey! You were warned to stop looking in my mouth. Here are some places that I go to buy gifts so cool that I must struggle mightily to actually give them away.

Cookie was my first word

7 Einträge

....for a reason. This list is about cookies and pastries and bakeries and bakery related kinda dealies.

Late Night

16 Einträge

Snacks and soakage in the night...

Lunchie (Points to belly)

39 Einträge

A dude my husband works with points to his belly and says, "Lunchie, lunchie," when he's that's the smart thing we do now.

~Favorite places for lunch~

Reading Terminal Market

9 Einträge

Smorgasbord that mutha.

Favorite Philly Delivery

16 Einträge

My downfall: Grubhub will be my demise.

South Street: My Touristy…

36 Einträge

Up and down South Street...and maybe a little step to the left or to the right...


5 Einträge

I can always use me a kabob...kebab, kabab, kebap...or however you wanna call it. K-dawg over here complies. You can call me K-Bob, I don't mind.

Spicy is Nice-y

16 Einträge

Hot 'n' spicy, Mama.

Bella Vista, Dig My Hood

23 Einträge

Home of deliciousness...

"Whaaa heew whan fer…

16 Einträge

Repeating that phrase will annoy people awake. Breakfast & Brunch.

9th Street Italian Market

22 Einträge

I said 9th Street Italian Market!

Chinatown- Philadelphia

13 Einträge

"They do in Chinatown..."


7 Einträge

West Philly

I like them French-fried…

15 Einträge

Fries, Pommes Frites, Frites, Frietjes...
French-fried potaters...

Philly Pizza Places

10 Einträge

Wood-fired, Coal oven, top-sauced and square... All kinds, pizza, here in Philly.

Some Thai Before I DIE!

3 Einträge

Searching for great Thai food in Philly...List in Progress....

Mama's Medicine

45 Einträge

Philly pubs and places to drink...

I'm on a seafood diet. I…

8 Einträge

OH, wait. Come back! This list really is about seafood and not gluttony. Seafood in the city.

  • 1. Little Fish
    Little Fish is one of my most favorite BYOBs in…
  • 2. Oyster House
    Don't forget to tip your shuckers!  We've stopped…
  • 3. Route 6
    So, as I had well expected, all of our seafood…

Bring Ya Own

8 Einträge

B.Y.O.B's are the bees knees... I like bringing my own booze everywhere, and also to restaurants.

  • 1. Bibou
    "I HAVE THE POWER OF TEN DUCKS!!!" I bellowed…
  • 2. Little Fish
    Little Fish is one of my most favorite BYOBs in…
  • 3. Cochon
    Cochon is probably my husband's favorite…

Chicky Bok Bok

6 Einträge

My bestest birds

Small Plates of My Heart

8 Einträge

Tapas/ mezze/small plates. I sez, "That's just how I like it," I sez. " A little a-this a little a-that."

  • 1. Amada
    Amada is one of my favorite resaurants in…
  • 2. Zahav
    At Zahav we've really had highly enjoyable…
  • 3. Amis
    Yes to both meatball appetizers: the light and…


4 Einträge

For your viewing pleasure...


9 Einträge

I'm more hoagies than cheesesteaks. I'm  also more cake than pie, if you were wondering. Oh, you weren't?  Anyway, I really like a good hoagie.

The Aule Country

7 Einträge

The Bronx, New York... Haunts

My Main Marts

15 Einträge

Favorite Marketplaces, grocery stores, marts...

Do Whatcha Wanna

26 Einträge

I love New Orleans. From the moment we leave this city, we're plannin our next return. It's a sin to have a bad meal here, there's just too much good eatin for that. And you know the ole gal likes her bars.

Music Venues

9 Einträge

See some shows...

Why wouldn't I have a…

6 Einträge

As we discussed, I'm more hoagie than cheese steak, but believe me, I am pro-cheese steak. I certainly am.

Pitt Stops

7 Einträge

Michaleen Flynn: What do they feed you Irishmen in that Pittsburgh?
Sean Thornton: Steel, Michaleen. Steel and pig iron furnaces so hot a man forgets his fear of hell.

(Or...ya know... food and drinks)

A list of Pittsburgh foods as well as places we stopped in Pittsburgh... to see the Pittsburghy sights...

Headhouse Farmers Market

3 Einträge

...and how we eat our way through there

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