Dog Friendly Restaurants

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My pup goes with us everywhere!  If you like Excellent Cuisine for you, and a Cool Place for your Best Friend, these are the places you will love to BE SEEN!

Mac N Cheese Goddess

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You don't have to wear long flowing gowns to be an MnC goddess... but you do have to love the ghostly combo of molten  cheesiness  molecularly bonded wtih perfect pastaness...

These are the best places in town for the bestest, the newst and the most unusual-est Mac n Cheese....join with me.  IF you know of one, send it on to me!  ThankCheeeseee Very Much!!!

Small Dog Parks San Diego…

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Small Dog Parks San Diego County

After Midnight And We're…

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You're out of the theater, left that great party, just finished studying, your girlfriend flys into town late, your boyfriend wrapped up a late case, wants to tell you all about it...AND...its midnight and your tummy is GROWLING.  You'll drive ANYWHERE FOR DECENT FOOD....................Where do you go?

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