Carnivoro Paradiso

14 Einträge

Vegetarians beware.

Roaming for Ramen

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On a mission to decide where my go-to places should be to get my ramen fix.

  • 1. Jin Ramen
    I've completed 11/15 stops on my NYC ramen tour…
  • 2. Totto Ramen
    This is my favorite of the places where you…
  • 3. Minca
    Well executed, hardly ever a wait, and better…

Mo' for your Money

23 Einträge

Good cheap food awaits those who are willing to do the legwork (in some cases, literally)

Harlem Unleashed

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It's so hard to convince people to make the trek up to Harlem for food, so exploration of my own neighborhood is slow going. Here's to the places that have stood out so far!

  • 1. Amy Ruth's
    Crispy fried chicken and fluffy waffles, tender…
  • 2. Jin Ramen
    I've completed 11/15 stops on my NYC ramen tour…
  • 3. Trufa
    Grilled ribeye served with horseradish and black…

Sibling Approved

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Places I have or would take my little foodie brother to when he takes a break from jetsetting and visits.

Feeling Girly

1 Eintrag

Nothing quite like the big city to turn a small town tomboy into a girly girl.

Romancing the Tastebuds

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Intimate places where a girl could easily confuse the warm, content feeling in her tummy with the warm, tender feelings of love. Use this knowledge for good, not evil.

  • 1. Casellula
    Don't know cheese? Don't know wine? Never fear,…
  • 2. Traif
    Someone told me that Traif is Yiddish for "not…
  • 3. Angel's Share
    "Artfully composed" would be an accurate…

Drinking for Lightweights

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What I love about each of these bars is that there's plenty of entertainment for those of us who can't pound back drink after drink after drink.

"Live to eat."

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