San Franspiring

45 Einträge

I've lost my heart and all that. What a fabulous city.

North Austin Bars

8 Einträge

When I drink close to home

Dive Bars: Getting Down &…

46 Einträge

Put on your best ripped t shirt and well... get ripped.

High Five For Wi Fi(ve)

35 Einträge

Who needs to pay Time Warner when you can wifi it up at these places?

Burger Mania

26 Einträge

It's hard to believe two pieces of bread and some meat can inspire this level of devotion

Cheap Cheap!

44 Einträge

Places on the... cheap

Go Big or Go Home

13 Einträge

Places where the portions are mind blowingly gigantic

Montreal Must Knows

1 Eintrag

Places that I went in this fine city

Pretty Pretty Portland

1 Eintrag

places in PDX

Asian (food) Fetish

26 Einträge

Love me some asian food. Here are a couple of places that could change your life.

Cajun Fun In New Orleans

19 Einträge

Louisiana --Who daaaaat?

Disappointment Abounds

14 Einträge

Places that are losing stars

Themed Bars

5 Einträge

I love a good theme bar

New Orleans Adventures

29 Einträge

Places that we enjoyed in the Big Easy

Ethnic Adventures

18 Einträge

Ain't nothing like the real thing baby

Downtown Austin

13 Einträge

Where all the lights are bright

Food Truckin

3 Einträge

Oklahoma City List

2 Einträge

Things to do and places to stay

Endless Pasta-Bilities

1 Eintrag

bring on the carbs

  • 1. Sagra
    We came here for brunch lured in by bottomless…

East Side Easy Livin'

56 Einträge

Headed to the east side? Let me be your tour guide

Amazing = Ambient +…

21 Einträge

It just feeeels good to go here

Italian Food in Austin

9 Einträge

Feed me carbs, sweet carbs

Micheladas of the World

6 Einträge

Where you find the spicy, tasty goodness

Craft Beer

10 Einträge

Spots that have it

Stuck In the Middle with…

50 Einträge

Places with three stars... Not inspiring but like it says - A-OK

  • 1. Star Seeds Cafe
    Three recommendations: 1. Eat here after you've…
  • 2. Vivo
    Damn you Vivo. I have friends from out of town and…
  • 3. 24 Diner
    I have friends that I like to call "enablers." It…

Spendy Spots

18 Einträge

Places where the price is high

Austin Institutions

18 Einträge

Places that live and defy progress in the best way

Sweets, Treats, Sugarplum…

6 Einträge

Just that

Oysters On The Half Shell

3 Einträge

Not turtles

Taco Temptations

3 Einträge

The perfect food

Hyde Park

1 Eintrag

All the stuff where the people come

Mediterranean Madness

10 Einträge

Here's where to enjoy some club Med specialties

Mexican Food in Austin

1 Eintrag

Mexican food in... Austin

Cocktail Tales

17 Einträge

Where you can get one mixed up fancy

North Loop is NaughtyGood

7 Einträge

All the spots on North Loop that rock your world

Burnet Road

18 Einträge

Where you get everything you could ever need in life

Authentic Austin…

8 Einträge

Places that aren't necessarily super hip. And that makes them better.

South Texas Stops

21 Einträge

If you're on the way down, these places won't do ya wrong

Port Isabel/South Padre

20 Einträge

Where to go... from a local's perspective

South of San Antonio

13 Einträge

Yes, there's life south of SA

Home Cookin' & Comfort…

16 Einträge

Who needs American (new) when you can have American (comfort food)?

Barbecue In Central Texas

14 Einträge

For those meatatarians. Mmmmm meat

Ambiance In Austin

41 Einträge

Look around, it's gorgeous. These guys get an A+ for ambiance

Coffee. It Happens

13 Einträge

For the caffeine freaks

Working From Home

5 Einträge

Spots I play on the internetz at

  • 1. Austin Java
    I wish Austin Java would move north! They do great…
  • 2. Cenote
    It's about time I came back to Cenote! Our little…
  • 3. 219 West
    You know what I love? Working remotely... because…

Bagels & Bites

1 Eintrag

With a schmear please!

  • 1. Cenote
    It's about time I came back to Cenote! Our little…

New Discoveries!

71 Einträge

Places that have been opened in the last two months... and that will inevitably make my list out of date.

Margaritas: I wantz em

11 Einträge

None of that sweet and sour nonsense.

Places To Meet Some Meat

17 Einträge

All things beef related

Artisan, Local Foods

1 Eintrag

Places where the stuff is all Austin

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"From A+ on my report cards to writing about bars. My parents are so proud."

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