Long Beach favorites…

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My favorite places to eat and hang out in Iowa-by-the-Sea...also includes some Los Alamitos/Seal Beach favs.

Central Valley Highlights

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Here's where I like to stop between SoCal and NoCal...

Long Beach Dive Bars

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LB is known for its dive bars...and I'm out to conquer them all.

1) This list is going to be pretty lean for awhile, but I promise it will gradually fill out...
2) I'm going with a slightly generous definition of dive bar.  Long Beach has straight bars, gay bars, sports bars, bar & grill combos and outright hellholes that fit the best universal description I could come up with: cheap drinks in an establishment that looks like it spent less than $25,000 on furnishings and decor.  It must also have one or more of the following characteristics: unrepaired damage (booths with ripped seams, missing chunks of floor tile, light fixture half falling off the wall, etc.), and/or bizarre bathroom decor (pepto bismol pink paint, kitschy dusty decorative lamp, antique tampon dispenser) and/or questionable items for purchase at the bar (single cigarettes, condoms, alcohol to go, any pickled food item.)


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"26 miles across the sea, Santa Catalina is a-waitin' for me."

(The song got it wrong; it's 22 miles.  But it's an amazing island just a skip away from the mainland."

California Camping...and…

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I fell in love with camping as an adult.  Reviews of some of my travels...

Great Cheap Eats in…

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Places to get a great meal under $10. (Disclaimer: $10 benchmark may be pre-tax and pre-tip for some venues, and many venues listed do have menu options that exceed $10.)

Las Vegas Favorites

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Minneapolis Memories + a…

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I've been to Minne twice in the past 3 years, and loved both trips.  A few of my favs -- and a couple of misses -- most of which I found through Yelpers!

Oddities, Attractions &…

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Some of the more unique experiences in my travels...local and non-local, good and bad!

Big Bear, Baby!!

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I grew up shoveling it; now I run to visit it.  Reviews of BB and other snowy mountain spots.

Roadtrip: Denver, CO &…

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Some trip highlights (good and bad!)

Riverside Redemption

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A few spots I really enjoy...

Sacramento Special

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A few highlights...

"Carnivore, Herbivore, Adventurer, Wanderer"

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