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    Blech.  No thanks, I've got a bad taste in my mouth about Empire.   Estimator "Michael" in Portland showed up on time and did a very nice job of showing us samples and providing ideas and a verbal estimate.  He spent a significant portion of his visit explaining the customer service focus of Empire and how great the warranties were.  He assured us that he would have a written estimate emailed to me before the weekend was over.  He left providing us no business card or contact information.  After a week, I had to follow up and seek out his contact information to inquire as to where the estimate was.  I received an apology for failing to get back to us with a written estimate.  I was quoted two prices in his email to for the "high end" product and one for the "lower end" product.  Nothing on paper.  I asked a few more questions in a secondary email.  After three days, I had heard nothing again.  It seemed to me that communication was not Empire's strong point.  I told them that if I didn't hear back from them by the end of the business day, we were no longer interested.  After 3 days, I did hear from Michael.  He assured me that they did want the business but that a threat was not appropriate.  He continued to explain why he had done his job well and sort of put me in my place.  Remember, I'm the want-to-be customer.  If I were Michael, I would be doing whatever it took to win my business over.  I would NOT be explaining to my potential customer why I was right and he was wrong.  So, we chose a different company.  A local company with a real live physical store.  From the time we walked in the door we were treated beautifully, professionally, and efficiently.  Within 7 days, we had an estimate and will have the job completed.  For the same price as Empire's we're getting a top-notch, high quality product to be installed by the best of installers.  No wondering, no waiting, no questioning.

    Rebekah C.
    Kommentar von Rebekah C. von Empire Today
    29.10.2012 Arnie, the experience that you described is not what we expect for our customers, as we always… Weiterlesen
  • 4224 NE Halsey St
    Portland, OR 97213
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    29.8.2012 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    UPDATE #2 as of Aug. 29, 2012 -- I received the following reply from the Club Manager -- Thanks Jeff!  Appreciate your response and look forward to making Hollywood a top-notch place to hang out.  Thanks.  

    "Thanks for updating your Yelp review for our club. I'm still working on the sticky note idea. Please know that we try at all times to operate our clubs one way as a company so ideas like these take some time to get approved. Since our conversation I have assigned staff members during downtime to check the cardio equipment to find broken TV's, audio, incline, etc. I believe we have found a good amount of the issues you spoke with me about and we have already ordered the replacement parts.  I really appreciate your constructive feedback and please keep me posted on how we are doing with fixing the equipment at a faster pace. Thanks!

    Jeff Carrara
    Club Manager"

    UPDATE as of Aug. 28, 2012 -- I have continued my membership at 24 Hour Hollywood in Portland.  I like it.  It's close to my house.  And the parking has improved immensely.  I never have trouble with parking nowadays.  And as nice as that is, there seems to be no one in the gym any longer.  It's quiet.  I never have trouble finding equipment.  Where is everyone?  I think they've moved along.  The treadmills continue to be broken as is well substantiated by other reviews here.  I have actually emailed back and forth with Jeff the club manager.  I suggested that Jeff place sticky notes or other paper note material and pencils up on the 3rd floor on the wall -- so that if we find a broken piece of equipment, we can actually put a note on it so that club employees and visitors will know that it is broken.  He told me that he'd have to ask his District Manager.  So far, nothing.  No response, no sticky notes in the spot that I've suggested.  The equipment continues to be broken.  I never, ever see employees other than trainers walking around the floor.  No one checks on things, no one keeps an eyes on things.  There is generally staff at the front desk and in the office downstairs.  But nowhere else.  No one asks how things are.  No one asks how things are going or if they can help.   This place could be phenomenal....but instead it is quite average.  Come on Jeff, kick it up.  You could be the gold!  The diamond!  The platinum!  of the 24 Hours........I really want to love it here, but instead it is just enjoy.

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    7.9.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    It's okay....but not any stretch.  I've enjoyed the yoga classes (but you have to get… Weiterlesen
    Ryan S.
    Kommentar von Ryan S. von 24 Hour Fitness
    13.12.2012 Great to hear from you the other day Arnie. I'm glad our cardio equipment is functioning better… Weiterlesen
  • 1530 NE M L King Blvd
    Portland, OR 97232
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    Ugh.  I've been a customer at Washman locations throughout Portland for many years.  And I've been quite happy.  Today, the Convention Center location left me feeling less than happy.  They were super it was understood that I would be waiting.  It took 30 minutes for the $18 inside/outside to be completed.  All good.  Except that they didn't do as good of a job as usual.  Floor mats were not washed (did you know that you actually have to ASK for that to be done at this particular location??).  And the inside dashboard and door panels were not clean.  And I called them on it.  It took a long time to even find a manager (Johnny).  He offered to send someone back out.  I had already spent 30 minutes and had no more time to fool around.  He made it clear that they don't do floor mats unless asked for.  I told him that they always, 100% of the time, wash and dry the floor mats at the 82nd/Glisan location.  "They are managed differently," was his response.  He said sorry and left me to be.  He didn't ask me to come back.  He didn't offer an apology combined with any gesture of good will to make me want to return again.  He was aloof and lacked any genuine spirit of apology.  It was me who asked for a free wash in the future.  He looked and looked for a coupon to give me.  He finally found one.  And I left.  He was clearly busy and in a hurry and in no mood to deal with the likes of me.  So, Mr. Manager Johnny, I'm not impressed.  I've always had such great Washman service.  And you proved that theory wrong today.  Come on man, be genuine.  Appreciate your customers.  Make them WANT to return out of enjoyment.  Not because they have to.  My guess is that you really, truly don't really care.

  • 3539 SE Division St
    Portland, OR 97202
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    Brand new by the owner of restaurant Basta, this is a place I'll be back to.  Limited menu but had plenty to choose from without being overwhelming.  Several vegetarian options in spite of the fact that I thought my "Spaghetti with mint and zucchinni" needed more flavor to it.  My one wish (not just for this place but for every restaurant) is that the vegetarian dishes would be expanded and unique.  They all seem to be fairly standard and nothing earth-shattering.  Loved the water with no ice pitchers on the tables (I'm not a big fan of ice in my water).  The water took his time explaining each question about a variety of food items and the restaurant itself.  He never made us feel rushed.  Everyone was friendly and sporting brand new, smart-looking uniforms including vests.  The menu consisted of a few salads, pizzas, chickpea breads, pasta dishes, and the standard other bistro fare with a few twists.  Includes a full bar and front windows that open on to Division Street.  The decor is super nice.  Open beamed wood ceilings, a bit of an industrial feeling, chairs were comfortable -- there were a variety of seating options including the bar, tables, and booths.  Loved the deep-fried artichoke heart stems (in spite of the fact the dish is $5 for 5 of them).  My partner enjoyed his pasta/beef ragout a lot -- it had plenty of flavor and not dry at all (like my pasta was).  So, yes, we'll definitely be back.  In Portland, there are so many choices of places to eat.  This place is definitely above average but not super 100% top-notch fantastic.  Prices were average.  Nothing outrageous, but not cheap like some "Happy Hour" prices either.

  • 3240 Ne Sandy Blvd
    Portland, OR 97232
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    UPDATE on my review below:  Troy Gaffney, Senior Area Manager for Jiffy Lube, called me a week ago after I had emailed him the information below.  He listened, told me that the service advisor was relatively new and perhaps didn't quite know the ropes well enough.  He acknowledged that all cars have a fuel filter (remember, the service advisor told met hat I did not have a fuel filter and needed an $80 fuel system cleaning...).  He did not apologize for the other employee Jason telling me repeatedly that I didn't get to have the other $5 off coupon.  He didn't apologize for my having to listen to the two employees argue behind closed doors about me. He offered me a sort of back-handed apology but nothing genuine.  He offered me no compensation or coupon for a free oil change....nothing like that.  I sort of expected that something may arrive in the mail unannounced this week but it has not.  He didn't tell me that he hoped I would return.  He really provided me with a pleasant conversation, nothing more.  I'm looking for a good, solid honest reason to WANT to go back to Jiffy Lube.  I did not receive it.  You'll see my original review below:  

    This is the very first time that I've been disappointed with service from this location.  I normally leave there feeling good about how friendly they are and how fast they operate.  Today was different:

    (1) Employee "Castor" tried to upsell me to a $79.99 fuel system cleaning service even though my manufacturer's manual does not indicate it necessary.  He told me that I needed it "because you don't have a fuel filter."  That information is incorrect.  I do have a fuel filter according to the manufacturer.  Lying isn't something that I will ever put up with.  Castor agreed to allow me a $5.00 coupon credit on my service today.  .

    (2) When it came time to pay, the $5.00 coupon referred to by Castor (above) was not applied and I asked about it.  Employee "Jason" told me that I could not use it because I was already using a $10 discount today (I was??  I wasn't aware???).  Jason told me THREE times that I shouldn't be getting the $5.00 discount no matter what Castor told me.  He finally gave it to me.

    (3) I could overhear Castor and Jason having a conversation about me while I was paying.

    Unpleasant, to say the least.  I've been to this location many times.  But I'm not sure I'll return.  I hate being lied to about needed service, trying to be upsold, and then overhearing an argument between employees about what one of them promised me.

  • 5430 NE 42nd Ave
    Portland, OR 97218
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    What a place.  Mason loves it here.  It was his first introduction from being a condo pooch into the real life of actually interacting with other doggies.    He fits in perfectly from what I hear.  And there are plenty of Facebook pics of him while I'm away to prove that he does his part to entertain the masses while we're gone.  I've never had one ounce of question about his safety or security.  I'm gone for up to a week at a time and it's so good to feel comfortable that he's being treated very well.  When we pull up to drop him off, he absolutely claws the paint off of the door trying to get inside and play with the other dogs.  I also love it because they have staff on duty 24 hours a the pet areas, awake, with the dogs.  There are plenty of places that do not provide that luxury.  

    This environment will not work for everyone.  No cages.  Everyone plays together.  And that means everyone must have just the right temperament.  Not too aggressive.  Not too timid.  Mason has done just perfectly.  

    I'm trying out their new Pickup/Delivery service today.  Which will work out great considering that I have to leave home frequently at 5am (before 3 Dogs is open) and often return home in the evenings after they are closed.  In the past, it has required me to drop him off an entire day earlier than I needed too.  And sometimes pick him up an entire day later than I really need to.  Dogs must be dropped off by 12 noon on the day of drop off.  And picked up by 12 noon to avoid further charges for another day.  Those hours are sometimes challenging for my schedule and pocketbook.  So, I'm hoping that this pickup/dropoff service will work out well.  And I'm sure it will.  

    Anne and Mike are perfect.  Polite.  Friendly.  I have no questions that we'll be here for a good long time in the future.

  • 4727 Ne Fremont St
    Portland, OR 97213
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    UPDATE:  We're headed into the summer season.....temperatures are heating up.  I've sent a request to Cha Cha Cha on Fremont with regard to their clear lack of air conditioning.  It's so so hot inside.  In fact, it is usually hotter inside than outside!  This is one of our favorite neighborhood standards.  But I have to boycott it in the summer.  They really need to step up to the plate and install AC.  They will tell you that "it's on....but it's too hot outside for it to do much good."  The reality of it is that they don't have it.  So, for the summertime, we go elsewhere.  Until I feel the cool air inside.

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    We have lived in the neighborhood for a few years now...and it's one of our favorites.  The food is… Weiterlesen
  • 3536 NE Martin Luther King Blvd
    Portland, OR 97212
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    If you're looking for scene, or the latest and greatest, or the best top-notch service in the world, or some sort of fancy wine, or trendy.....stay away.  If you're hard to please or picky......You don't belong here.  This is not The Pearl.  If you're looking for comfortable, easy, likeable, friendly, warm, welcoming....then stop in.  This is a very grass roots, down to earth sort of place to spend a few hours and go home feeling good about it.  I've never had attitude from the bartenders or customers.  No one stares, no one cares.  It's all good.  I come here regularly with groups of friends for Happy Hour.  I've had my birthday gig here.  And I've always been happy.  Love the music, the even sun shining through the front windows, the buzz of the traffic outside.

  • 711 NE Dekum St
    Portland, OR 97211
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    Valentine's evening.  Our first time to Firehouse.  In fact, our first time to this little neighborhood.  Loved it.  We made reservations and it is a good thing that we did.  Pretty small space, tables fairly close to one another....which is probably the thing that I liked the least.  Would have been a little difficult to enjoy with a lot of noise i.e., from children or a large party.  Zero pressure to be rushed or get out.  Really enjoyed the easiness of the service and flow.  We both chose the $27 three course meal.  Fried olives and cauliflower both amazing.  Mixed greens and caesar salads excellent.  Hangar steak super yummy and smoky.  They made a vegetarian dish for was good, not great.  Desserts top notch -- the dark chocolate torte and lemon pudding cake.  Fairly expensive for this sort of neighborhood....$110 for two including tip.  We'll definitely be back.  It's a find in a city where we thought we knew it all!

  • 15 Transportation Way
    East Boston, MA 02128
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    Hey folks, this is the place to rent your car at Logan.  I've tried others -- I've ended up with older cars, dented and scratched cars, cars with "Check Engine" lights on, and employees that didn't care if I was there or not.  ENTERPRISE at Logan is different.  Fast, used my name, offered me water, carried my bags on/off the shuttle, did not badger me into taking extra insurance, pleasant, asked me about myself, etc.  The car was brand new.  Zero delays, pleasant, and energetic.  I will definitely be back.  Oh, and the Thrifty rental lot just up the road -- I'll NEVER be back.

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