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  • 1750 W Capitol Ave
    West Sacramento, CA 95691
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    Not a big fan of U-Haul necessarily, but I had a good experience here.  Ordered a hitch for my car online.  Set a install date, but the part didn't arrive in time.  Okay, you're thinking... this ain't a particularly good review... but the way they dealt with it was spot on.

    Aron, the manager of this facility called me, apologised, offered me a $50 discount without me even requesting it and  I finally had it installed today and thought, okay, sloppy organisation first time around, but the manager was a gentleman and did the right thing.

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    Warning - MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE!!!  Sure, everything tastes great - but it tastes great because it's loaded down with MSG.  It's a great taste enhancer, but it'll have you bouncing off the walls all night and unable to get to sleep.  As I was after eating here.

    Man, if they could just lay off the MSG this would be a cool place.  Really authentic vibe, a few too many gang-bangers the night we were there, but the place is cool.  It's just a shame they seem to be using so much MSG in their sauces and rubs.  What did people do before MSG was invented?

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    Truly Awful.  My wife and I went here on the basis of so many favourable Yelp reviews and we were eager for good Diner food, but the food was disgusting.  How can I best explain it?  Everything tasted like it was taken out of a freezer bag and thrown into the deep fat fryer.  The Avocado Club was just a load of cold deli meat, slopped onto greasy toasted bread.  Seriously, a drunken frat boy, cooking up slop during a super bowl party could have done better.  We had to leave half of our plates because it tasted just so cheap and inedible.  It made IHOP seem like gourmet food!

    Oh, and the cook kept coming out of the kitchen to watch TV and drink his Bud Light.  It was all just so rubbish.

    To be fair, the waiter was nice and friendly, but this place is terrible.  Save yourself the trouble and go to Dennys.

  • 14230 S Bellflower Blvd
    Bellflower, CA 90706
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    These guys are great.  Run by two Cambodian brothers, they are so kind, cool and fair-spirited.  I "bricked" my iPhone and no one I knew could fix it.  I saw this place on Craigslist and schlepped out from LA to Bellflower.  It's a tiny little strip mall joint, selling mobile phones, but boy can they fix iphones up and repair them.  So reasonable too.  They told me if they couldn't repair it, I wouldn't have to pay.  They not only fixed it for me while I waited, they replaced the battery and charged me next to nothing.  Seriously, iphone geeks I knew told me my phone was toast, but these guys fixed it.

    Super cool guys, super cool ethics, really good at what they do.

  • 2530 21st St
    Sacramento, CA 95818
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    This place is a gem but not sure how much longer it'll be around.  If u want real people and good ribs, Trails is awesome, with an authentic atmosphere and real human service.  The ribs are the best thing on the menu.  The beer is bottled and domestic. Not my usual cup of tea but it adds to the charm.

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    How can a place that has so much going for it be so bad.  Excellent beer courtesy of the adjoining Sudwerk Brewery, wonderful open space building (like a barn), fantastic origins (German heritage), how can  you mess this up.  One word - the food.  It is truly disgusting.

    Basically they run a kitchen with Sysco food products.  It might as well be a University Cafeteria.  So much on the menu but nothing done well.

    My advice, reduce the menu by 75%, make fewer things but make them well.  With all the great local farms in the area, you'd think these guys could clean up, but they have a lazy, unimaginative kitchen.  It's lame and is a real dis-service to the great beer and Germanic origins of this place.

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