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    So impressed - I called on Thu and was (amazingly) able to make an appointment for Fri morning - to redo 2 kitchen sinks and 2 bathroom sinks in a very old house.  Dave arrived right on time and worked very diligiently; so professional and so polite.  His boss, Rich, made a delivery for the extra parts he needed and his co-worker, Rob, arrived at about 4pm on a Friday to help him finish the job so I wouldn't have to wait.  Excellent quality - beyond expectation.

    Dave also (thankfully) recommended some other work that would be needed soon so I'll definitely call again.

    I'll tell everyone I know to contact Executive Plumbing.  Very fair prices combined with a strong work ethic.

    BTW - I called Executive Plumbing based on positive yelp reviews - after I'd waited for 2 weeks for my 'regular' plumber to call me back.  He's not my 'regular' plumber anymore.

  • 1 Mohegan Sun Blvd
    Uncasville, CT 06382
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    I read the yelp reviews in advance so I was prepared....for the disappointment.   We celebrated Thanksgiving  at Mohegan (fun way to be thankful) and had reservations for 4 for dinner.  We had 3 waitresses (weird - the first waitress announces that all 3 will take care of us) and it still took 15 min and 3 requests for butter while the table next to us had more butter than they knew what to do with. Believe it's part of the downside of having too many waitresses - nobody was focused on us.

    Three of us ordered the Thanksgiving dinner - 4 courses.  The salad was pretty good - a bit too tangy.  The butternut tortelini was absolute favorite part of the meal and I could have eaten it all night.  The turkey was cold and dry.  Tempted to send it back but was having such a difficult time catching anybody's attention for a wine refill I decided to just eat cold turkey.  Last was the bread pudding which was pretty good - huge portion - especially compared to the tiny piece of turkey I was served.  The 4th person at our table ate Salmon and was completely unsatisfied.  

    Total damages excluding tip $265.  In a way, I'm glad I went so I won't wonder what I'm missing: not much.

  • 665 Massachusetts Ave
    Arlington, MA 02476
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    Sooo disappointed.  I have 4 cats and have been taking them to this office for approx 8 yrs. Have probably spent in the neighborhood of  $7,000 here. Today, when I needed special attention for the FIRST time, I was SHOCKED to receive rude, abrupt, unhelpful treatment - by both the staff AND the vet.  I assumed Dr. Leavey would be interested in my dissatisfaction but not so much.  I'll be looking for another veterinarian tomorrow.  Based on YELP reviews, I'll try Huron in Somerville.

  • 260 Elm St
    Somerville, MA 02143
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    OMG! He's so awesome you just want to cry.....he's incredibly old school which is good news/bad news cuz when you walk in, you think - uh oh - stuff all over the place - not sure what's going on.  Good news is, he's so concentrated on his craft, he's a bit oblivious about creating the correct ambiance.

    You just have the feeling he's an complete expert on shoe repair.....he can add years to your shoes at a great price. Trust him, bring cash and be happy he's available.

  • 725 Concord Ave
    Cambridge, MA 02138
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    I'm very surprised to read negative feedback about Dr. Green. I've been to her 3x over the past 3 years and each time, I've been impressed with the amount of time and attention she devotes to my appointment.  So many doctors are in a frenzied state and hardly let you finish a sentence but not Dr. Green.  I find her to be very cordial, caring and professional.  And she was able to accurately diagnose my problem which had been fluffed off by my previous gynocologist.

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    These are my new favorite burritos and I have them for dinner every Tue & Thu night!  The ingredients seem very fresh, the portions are generous and the chicken burrito bowls taste great.  I think the atmosphere is a step above the competition - the seating area is clean and you can see enough of the food prep area to know it's kept clean as well.  The staff at this location are friendly and seem happy.  They also have a fairly generous 'frequent-eater' system that entitles me to free dinners every few weeks.

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    I think the burritos at Anna's taste pretty good...but there are a number of other things that keep me from going there anymore.  It doesn't look very clean, it's so crowded and noisy, I find it difficult to order.  They don't accept credit cards and they don't offer burrito bowls.  For all those reasons, I started taking my burrito business elsewhere and have found that Anna's isn't as irreplaceable as I once believed.

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    I joined this gym about a year ago, with the objective of losing some weight and improving muscle tone. Even though I've already accomplished my original objectives, I've stayed with it because of how much I enjoy it, plus it's a great benefit to have the undivided attention of your personal trainer in a private studio.

    There are several trainers at FT in the North End but my trainer is JP who is also the manager. JP is extremely knowledgeable and keeps up-to-date on the latest research on both fitness and nutrition. Most important to me is JP's enthusiasm and ability to motivate me.  He changes up the routines to keep the workouts interesting and I've learned alot about making better food choices and I actually look forward to my appointments.

    The studio is right next to the Haymarket T Stop so its very convenient if you want to workout on your way to/from work.

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    16 Earhart Landing
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    My husband and I have been going to Dori for about 3 years.  I was originally recommended by a friend of mine who told me she'd never gotten so many compliments on her hair before she started going to Dori.

    Dori has an amazing talent for sizing up a person's face and hair and determining the most flattering cut.  She's very careful and deliberate and takes her time to make sure the outcome is up to her standards.  I also have my hair colored by Dori and have never been happier with the believe-ability of the color.

    My husband used to go to Supercuts even though I begged him to stop.  He'd come home lopsided and ridiculous. He enjoys going to Dori so much he wouldn't consider going to anybody else - Dori "GQ's" him and teaches him how to style it himself and he loves it!   My husband says, now that he's tasted Dom Perignon (Dori) - he could never go back to Moet (supercuts).

    I've recommended Dori to several of my friends and they're very happy with her services and have told me they get lots of compliments!

    The staff at James Joseph is friendly and professional and we've never had a negative experience.

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