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    I bought a High End Espresso maker on a whim at a garage sale. I knew nothing about it. As it turned out it was in need of some major repair and I had no I dea where to go.I found Sam on the internet and he was very responsive  and worked with me on what was priority and what could wait as the repairs were going to be expensive. I was also having surgery so I knew it would be awhile before I could pick up the machine and Sam was very accomodating. All said and done the repairs were done within the estimate.Sam even gave me a lesson in making a fine cup of espresso.

  • $$ Donuts
    340 Bayshore Blvd
    San Francisco, CA 94124
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    This place never closes... or open a window , apparently. Something about the combination smell of stale beer,cigarettes ,B.O. and grease just made this place depressing. We were desperate for food and a local business said "well.... there is always the Silver Crest."I should have known right then and  there. I have nothing against dives but this place is beyond a dive. The have a menu posted on the wall but dont bother ordering from it because they dont make half of  the stuff on it any more. I asked for a diet coke they said no diet.I asked for Ice Tea , "only hot".I asked for the corned beef sandwich, they dont make then any more. I finally asked what they DID have and she said(I kid you not) "We have eggs and they are really good......." Coffee was $3 and $1.75 for a refill ?????  $2 or more for a stale old doughnut that they charge you $1.50 to heat up. I ended up drinking water and ordering Pancakes for $8. The only reason I gave this place 2 stars is because the pancakes were good even though they oozing  with  butter.
    A little kitsch would go a long way here.But no, they are  really serious.  Maybe I was expecting too much from a donut shop/restaurant and bar.

  • 4673 Clayton Rd
    Concord, CA 94521
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    Owner is a dbag. Went to take a second look at a hat that I saw ans was considering buying. I saw the same hat online for 30 bucks less. I mentioned this to him and he started at me about retailers fees an etc and how people like me who shop on line are ruining commerece. I pointed out that the hat was used the inner band was worn. He insisted it. Was brand new and that it wasn't his fault that soooo many people were interested in it that it got worn out.(so interested that its still there at the stellar mark up of 40%). I was poised to make a resonable offer but the guy left me with such a bad taste that I just left and bought it on line. Good job keeping commerce alive you idiot.

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    maybe this is was a fluke , but I went by last week and they were under new management.Gone was the 3x too much rice rolls.THe sushi was markedly more fresh and artful.Give them another try. I am going today to ee if that still holds true or if  indeedit was a fluke.

  • 4771 Greenhills Rd
    Placerville, CA 95667
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    I had a nice visit with Ray the winemaker today! I was the only one there at the winery today.i dropped in to pick up a wine as a gift for my boss and ended up with a case of the Chardonnay, a late harvest Zin and the Sherry!
    A real treat! The was nothing pretentious about it at all including Ray.I am sure if you wanted to talk wine he could talk wine all day,but today he just wanted to shoot the breeze and have a laugh.I spent a good 40 minutes there and felt more like i was at a local bar with my favorite bartender.A real treat since I am so used to the stuffy wine snobs around napa who expect you to talk wine. I even got a hug and a kiss on the cheek.This place is as shabby chic as it gets. Don't go if you are looking for the polish of the napa valley.Do go if you like you to relax and smile while having some good wines! And hey they take MC/VISA!

  • 1445 St Helena Hwy S
    Saint Helena, CA 94574
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    I stumble across this winery on line while planning a day trip.I Made it the 3rd out of 5 wines stops. We were already tipsy by the time we got here. At first glance you get the impression that you are in for something special.Be sure to make a reservation!
    Yes the price is steep $50 for the full cave experience, but really worth it.It is like walking into an Italian Villa.Dave Del Dotto is standing there behind the bar doling out generous starter tasters while you wait,so arrive early for some perks.
    Our tour guide,Tim, threatens to blow our minds right out of the gate. We learned about the owner first,Dave Del Dotto,who made a fortune in the  infomercial market years ago,he started a winery because it is his passion. His Italian heritage inspired the new estate which is, if i haven't  mentioned, gorgeous.My friend noted that it reminded her of the Venetian in Vegas, which i have never been to but i hear is oppulent..
     Tim tell us about the different kinds of barrels. The french and the American, the toast and what not, which is interesting when you are starting to gain an appreciated for wines.Then Tim takes us behind the Velvet curtain to the caves where the barrels are kept.There is Andrea Boccelli crooning softly over head. My friend leans over to me and says"Phantom of the Opera" and i agree.We are looking down a brick  corridor strewn with glowing candelabras and flickering tea lights on each barrel.Dimly lit glass chandeliers hang from the arched ceilings.We learn that the bricks are recycled and imported from an Italian deconstructed building.
    We Taste wines staight from the barrel some not even on the market yet.The barrels we taste from have cards so you can remember what it was that you drank.Tim describes a couple of wines as "Damn Sexy" and I concurred.I collected a card from every barrel which ended up making me forget more than I remembered because they where all so good.I wish I had devised a way to tell the good from the great. I recall that I really liked the 2005 David ($85), 2006 Rutherford Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 9 Oaks French ($125), and the 2006 Rutherford Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Allier V-Stave(Missouri Oak)($125).
     All the wines were good but with the generous pours from 10+barrels, things have lost their clarity. So I have no tasting notes,sorry(damn sexy is a good as it get).
    At the end of the tour we were offered fresh pizza, prosciutto ,various dried meat and cheeses,Port, chocolate(not truffles,not quite sure why) and crackers.All much needed sustenance.  
    Oh and before I forget Del Dotto is now producing olive oil($29).It is spectacular, its tastes of green apple and is wonderful on a salad and for dipping crusty bread.I have had it for a week and 1/4 of the bottle is gone. Don't skip it.
    So, yes its pricey.But can you really put a price on a priceless experience? When I do this tour again, and I will do it again when my bank account recovers,I would make it the only destination planned with a nice dinner afterwards.

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