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    The food was almost Applebee's esque - lacking substance and flavor. When we sat down we asked our waiter for a couple different items (condiments mostly) and they never came. Normally this would be fine with me if the restaurant was hopping but we were literally one of a handful of tables in this giant restaurant. We even reminded him and after saying someone else was bringing them, they never came.

    I ordered a kale salad with dressing on the side. Granted my order wasn't mind blowing but it wasn't anything I'd ever go out of my way for either. Another person in my party had dietary issues and told the waiter about them when placing her order. When her order came it included all of the cheese that she said she could not eat. She then placed an order for a cooked veggie dish which looked to me like the saddest plate of food I'd seen in a long time.

    Another member of my lunch party ate a third of her cobb salad and left the rest saying it was the worst cobb salad she had ever had.  I wouldn't recommend this place unless it's extremely convenient for you and you need a nice place to sit down and chat while eating lunch. The atmosphere is nice but not worth the bad food.

  • 520 Pike St
    Seattle, WA 98101
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    Yes Monorail! Monorail was a straight shot from the Sheraton where I was attending a conference so when I got a craving for espresso and couldn't go too far, I turned to Yelp and found Monorail. Monorail was CASH ONLY so heads up. I was going to get the standard Americano but then I said "what the heck" and ordered a "Frango Mint" which blew my mind. It was quite delicious-o and I wouldn't have one everyday BUT it was amazing - sort of like a chocolately mint latte and I guess "Frango" is a type of mint chocolate in the NW? Who knew.. the girl at Monorail had to explain it to me - because I'm one of those people.

    They only have a couple pastry options so if you're looking for breakfast I'd suggest going somewhere else.

    Anyhoo - the next day I had an iced espresso from here. Fantastic spot! If you just got off the Light Rail and need some caffeine I highly recommend it.

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    I feel like I'm consistently raving about how each Yelp event is better than the last, but this event was absolutely fantastic! The Gulf of Maine Research Institute made us all feel like royalty while they toured us around their beautiful facility. At the end of the grand tour we got to play with the hands on learning games in their theater. It was more fun than you think. They are an amazing resource for the State of Maine and I'm so happy that we got to learn more about what they do and how they educate our community. After the tour we got to watch a live fish cutting / prepping demo and then we fried the fish right on site with a delicious beer batter prepped by the people from Fish N Ships. The food was amazing and the atmosphere fantastic. Thanks Steff!!

  • $$ Café
    24 Central St
    Rockport, ME 04856
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    Ever since they opened their doors I have been wanting to try Salt Water Farm. We finally stopped by for lunch last weekend and I'm so glad we did. Their drink menu looks very good but because I had to sing that night I just had some iced mint tea. They have a very good lemonade too, from what I hear. I ordered the clams and my fiance ordered the haddock sandwich. They have an open kitchen so it was fun to sit at the bar and watch everyone working.

    The clams were very good and fresh - quite a generous portion. Oliver's sandwich was even better with a large piece of fish on quite a well created bun. Wasn't sure if the buns were made in-house or not, but still quite good. The side salad was just greens but they were dressed perfectly.

    The outdoor seating is lovely and lets a lot of light in so it's a great atmosphere - especially for brunch or lunch. We splurged a little and got dessert as well. I'm a huge fan of bread pudding and they had a cinnamon bun bread pudding on the menu. Absolutely great - I really recommend it. It had a dollop of homemade whipped cream on top.

    If you find yourself in the area and have an hour or two to kill - stop by Salt Water Farm. They do close for an hour or two in between meals to get ready so that's something to note, especially if you show up around 1:30 - 2.

  • 55 Cherry St
    Burlington, VT 05401
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    Hen of the Wood was one of our favorite things about our recent trip to Burlington. we were stumped about where to get dinner while walking around Church Street and after looking on Yelp we finally decided on Hen of the Wood. After walking in we immediately got seats at the bar which was good because it seemed to fill up right after we sat down. The service was phenomenal and our waiter was great at answering questions.  I had a cocktail that he recommended, including Pimm's and Allagash White with hints of orange - just fantastic. I crave it sometimes, which is a good thing. The atmosphere of this place is amazing too with beautiful wood interior and the perfect lighting for a romantic meal.

    We ordered some small plates and then each an entree. I would completely recommend of the egg and hen of the wood mushroom on toast. I could eat that every morning for breakfast. The egg is cooked PERFECTLY and the homemade bread smells and tastes of the fire wood oven that they toasted it in.

    My fiance ordered the hangar steak and I had the rabbit leg. Both great dishes but I read on Yelp that they had a seasonal lamb dish and I need to go back to Burlington to try that dish. I'm sure it's amazing. We also had a small plate of the ham wrapped rabbit loin which I liked but it was the only thing I wasn't in love with.

    We were too stuffed for dessert but the desserts sounded amazing. Definitely feel free to dig into this menu and break the bank a little. It's totally worth it.

  • 551 Congress St
    Portland, ME 04101
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    I suppose the only reason keeping me from giving Nosh one star is because I know they have a rotating menu. After having their Nosh burger the other night I don't think I'll be back anytime soon. Two friends and I shared the nacho boat which is pretty much a long rounded piece of wood that you would get sushi on, but with Frito chips, cheese, scallions, jalapenos, one big lump of sour cream in the middle, and some other randoms thrown in there (I think chicken?!). The nachos were okay - a little heavy but they're nachos so one would expect this.

    To go along with our nachos we had some good beers. If you like hoppy and dark beers Nosh is for you. They have a good draft selection and all around, pretty good beer selection.

    I ordered the burger after hearing everyone rave about it. I skimmed through the other items on the menu and figured since they're known for their burger, why not try it out. My friend ordered the falafel wrap (which I wish I had ordered). The waitress was polite and nice - nothing out of the ordinary there so we know service is pretty good.

    The burger came out and it was on a typical bun - nothing special there in my opinion - and I took the first bite. I don't think I read anything about hoisin sauce on the burger, but slathered on the bottom bun was hoisin, embedded into the bread. There was blue cheese on top of the egg, and then (no surprises here) the burger. After taking two or three bites to decide how I felt about this burger, I decided it was not for me. I took out the egg, scarped off the cheese, and took off the bottom bun (which was pretty much just hoisin sauce). Then I ate the patty and the top bun. Typically I never dissect my food like this, but the burger wasn't for me and I wasn't about to let half a bun and a burger patty go to waste. Needless to say I was less than impressed with this Nosh burger. In the past I know they have had avocado burgers, etc. so maybe that's something down my alley. This standard Nosh cheeseburger just wasn't my cup of tea. I also tried the sea salt and vinegar fries and they were a little too thick cut for my liking. A friend of mine told me that the buffalo fries were better so that's something to consider.

    Should you go to Nosh? Sure give it a try. Will I go again? Verdict's still out on that one.

  • 559 Forest Ave
    Portland, ME 04101
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    Reve is awesome! If you like sweating real hard and listening to some sweet remixes (Brittany Spears remixes included on occasion) then you may like Reve.  It's a great way to break up my typical work out routine and I know that they won't go easy on me so I'm almost always bound to walk out of that place really feelin' the endorphins! I've gotten classes with a couple different teachers and they're all great. Kyle's class is one of my favorites, comes complete with a great playlist for those who can't workout without some great music.

    Check out Reve if you're ready to shake up your workout routine or if you feel like you need a fun challenge to start (or end!) your day.

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    I know I always say each Yelp event is "hands down the best event to date" but seriously this is going to be a hard one to top. Obviously it was the annual shindig so expectations were high, but let me say that my expectations were exceeded! Steff really worked hard to get all the vendors on board for this event and the Yelp community came out in full force.

    I think everyone knew it was going to be great when the first thing they saw upon entering was that the Urban Sugar truck was parked right out front handing out free mini bacon and maple glazed donuts! Once inside it was a treasure trove of local goodness, from Arcadia (the new arcade bar) to UFF samples, and massages it was a magical event. It was like bringing all the amazing Yelp discoveries that I find on my own, and compiling them in one fantastic warehouse. I enjoyed meeting new Yelpers and familiar faces. Thanks again to everyone and our amazing community manager Steff, for making it all happen.

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    This was, hands down, one of the best Elite Events to date so we all owe that to Steff. Thanks Steff! We all met at Infiniti on Commercial, said our hellos to new Elites and familiar Elite faces, and then loaded into the Maine Brew bus (aka Mabel) at 2:30. Zack and Don were both super friendly and bestowed upon us their infinite libation and historical knowledge throughout the entire tour. Each pair or seats on the bus has a lunch box with two waters, stickers and a sort of scavenger hunt brewery list for you to continue the touring yourself even after the Brew Bus tour is over. With a Super Mario / Zelda lunchbox they had one gold star down in my book, right off the bat.

    Our first stop was Bunker Brewery where we got to chat, enjoy delicious beers and play cornhole outside. It was beautiful weather and the fresh flower bouquet on the counter at Bunker were definitely inviting. It was a great place to start the tour and the staff was very inviting and friendly, not to mention the beers tasty and hoppy.

    Our second stop was Maine Mead Works where, on top of tasting all of their delicious meads and mixed drinks (Lavender Mead and Lemonade FTW) we even got to see behind the scenes, with a special tour of where they made the mead. I've been to their tasting room before but not out back. What a treat.

    Then, with all of us a little tipsy, we were presented with amazing artichoke & spinach hand pies on the bus, made locally here in Portland! I needed something to soak up the alcohol so that was perfect.

    Our third stop was Maine Craft Distilling where I've been before, but we received a first class history lesson from Don regarding Portland's place in Prohibition. Five stars Don, great delivery. The offerings at Maine Distilling were some of my favorite with stand outs like Blueberry Moonshine and Carrot vodka. Their packaging and hyper local take on spirits is a definitely a part of the appeal, along with the plethora of mixed drinks begging to be made with this stuff.

    Our fourth and last stop of the day (it flew by!) was Rising Tide, right next to Maine Craft Distilling. The place was super busy and most of us couldn't finish all of our four samples. I know I only got to my third, but was pretty content socializing with everyone - it was a great day.

    I know some people have said that you could venture out on your own and experience most of these tastings but the Brew Bus offers a unique, entertaining, and convenient experience for people who enjoy sampling some of Maine's best booze. Thanks again Steff and the Maine Brew Bus for such a great event!

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    I decided to treat my Dad to a high end Father's day dinner instead of buy him more stuff he doesn't need. I heard that Timber, a high end steak house had just opened, so I couldn't think of a better place to try. I actually was privy to the fact that the owners of The North Point had opened Timber, and once I found that out I was even more pleased I chose Timber.

    It's quite dark inside but the hostess was extremely friendly and let my Dad choose where he wanted to sit. The decor is lovely and they hand stained the wood floor panels. The bar is quite exquisite. They do have an outdoor patio which is quite nice, but since the back section of the restaurant was empty we chose to have that section all to ourselves. The menu is quite pricey but definitely worth it, so make sure you aren't pinching pennies when you come to eat at Timber.

    To start I ordered the St. Germain Moscow Mule. It was quite delicious and I would definitely recommend this. There was a sugar cube plopped in the drink which made it extra fizzy and delicious. My Dad had the Riesling and was not disappointed. You also receive complimentary wasabi peas and buttery bread with your meal - quite hearty.

    Because this is a steak house I decided to go all out and order the Filet Mignon (actually their cheapest, price wise, piece of meat on the menu), $31. It was quite amazing and one of the best pieces of steak I've had. I ordered it with the bernaise sauce, which only added to the rich flavor and perfect sear (perfectly cooked to medium rare). My Dad ordered the whole chicken and it came with two sauces of his choice. I don't think I'd personally go back for the whole chicken but it was very good! Mainly, I think I'd be too tempted to not get that delicious steak again. He also ordered a side of mashed potatoes ($8) and it was quite a generous side, with scallions and butter on top. Needless to say we were very full when we left. I've heard their desserts are definitely worth it, even though they sound standard, so I will have to go for dessert sometime.

    Our waitress was extremely friendly and the restaurant manager and owner both stopped by our table to chat about our meal, the experience of creating the restaurant (they had just opened two weeks prior) and how excited they were to have people enjoy their offerings. Great staff, excellent meal and I will definitely be back.

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