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    For those of us who lack medical training, I suppose it's impossible to properly assess the quality of care we receive other than by whether or not our condition improves and often that has nothing to do with the quality of care. For that reason, I won't comment on Dr. Nelligan other than to say he is very personable and I'm glad I went to see him. In our first meeting he took the time to get my complete medical background and asked a number of probing questions that helped him in his diagnosis. I went in fully expecting to be told I would need a hip replacement but we are starting with a program of stretching and exercises that he thinks will solve my problem. I suggest anyone in need of orthopedic care get in touch with him.

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    This used to be the home of the "New Flower Drum" Chinese restaurant but it switched hands and become Henry's perhaps 4-5 years ago.  It's conveniently located on El Camino in San Carlos.  We've eaten there about a dozen times and the food is always good and the service is pleasant.  The prices are reasonable and it's all in all a nice dining experience if you're not looking for anything really fancy.

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    Took a ride on the Blue and White Cruise Lines "Rocket Boat" today.   It left from Pier 39.   Unlike the boats used for the traditional bay cruises, this bad boy is more like a "cigarette boat" on steroids.   I think it sits about 60 people.  They take you out in the bay and go fast while making sharp turns and such.  I think we paid about $23 each for a half-hour ride.  There is rock-n-roll music suitable to the occasion and a short commentary provided by an on-board guide.  

    Although the boat does make some tight turns and occasionally catches a little air, the ride is generally fairly tame and should not cause anyone distress.  However, you may well find yourself with a face full of seawater if the conditions are right.

    A fun experience but it would have been better if they let me drive!

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    Sorry, it's just not what it used to be....  My wife and I recently visited the newly renovatged SF Academy of Sciences which includes the Morrison Planetarium and Steinhart Aquarium.  I'm sad to report that despite all the hype and money expended, the "new" Academy is not nearly as interesting or worthwhile as the old Academy.  Yes, the building is innovative and eco-friendly, but the contents leave much to be desired.  Of particular disappointment was the Steinhart Aquarium located on the bottom of the building.  The old aquarium featured tank after tank of interesting and easily visible sea creatures with the tanks situated next to each other.  The new aquarium is a maze lacking direction with large curved walls often containing one tiny tank.  Access for the large crowds  was very limited.  Perhaps the aquarium is still "under construction" but it really needs work.
    We could not get into the Morrison planetarium, so I can't comment on that.  The "Swamp" contained only a single albino crockadillian and some turtles.  A disappointment for anyone who remembers the old reptilian display with its crocks, and glass display cases containing snakes and lizards.

    The much touted "rain-forest" was OK, but the large space it takes up could have been better used for more "hard science" displays.  In fact, a great deal of the exposition centered on environmental issues.  While this is obviously important, I would have preferred more science.

    We paid $25 each for admission.  Frankly, the money would have been better spent on some "Planet Earth" DVDs and a subscription to a science magazine.

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    Great dentist.  He is very conservative in his treatment and will never suggest that you have any work done that you don't really need.  I've been a patient of his about 10 years.  Nice guy as well.

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    These guys worked on my foot and did a good job.  They are friendly and easy to work with.  Although they do indeed work with a number of patients at once (see other review) I didn't find that to be a negative.  They were careful to observe me and evaluate my progress when that needed to be done.   I recommend them highly but in fairness I must admit they were my first (and hopefully last) introduction to the world of PT.

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    Hmm... I recently returned to this restaurant after having given it a 4-star rating only to find it has changed hands. While the new owners are making a valiant effort, I must admit that the food is not as good as it used to be.. Sadly, I must remove several stars from my rating of it.

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