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  • 6250 Hualapai Mountain Rd
    Kingman, AZ 86401
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    Went camping here for the first time the first weekend of June 2014. Residing in Las Vegas, we are always looking for ways to escape the heat and still be close to home. How did we now know about this place years ago?

    I googled the area, and their county park website popped up. I was so excited to see that we could camp in a teepee! Of course there are cabins, RV and tent spots as well, but we opted to try the teepee on our first visit.

    There are 3 teepee spaces within the park, all only 20-30 feet walking distance to the central shower and bathroom. Our teepee had 4 cots, and they were pretty comfortable. The teepee is made out of a thick, heavy canvas, with the teepee sitting on top of a wood platform, so you aren't directly on the ground. For those that are a bit nervous about getting the full outdoor experience-the teepee 'door' can be closed by tying the canvas entryway shut. The top of the teepee is partially exposed open so you will get wet if it rains. We liked that it felt authentic. Our spot was quiet and with lots of trees and shade. The site also had your standard concrete picnic table/bench combo and firepit and BBQ areas.

    When you drive into the park, you're greeted by a park ranger who double checks your reservation and gives you directions if needed. You're also provided with a park map (I had them printed off their website before we left home). The ranger was very friendly and eager answer any questions we had.

    We drove around the different areas of the park, and saw all the cabins and camp sites available for rental. There are three main rec areas that can be reserved as well. It looked like families were enjoying the 78 degree weather by renting the rec areas for the day. Some of the rec areas had a space for horseshoes, an indoor and outdoor seating area, and a playground.

    We visited the Hualapai Mountain Resort, a small hotel and restaurant. We visit the general store which is a smaller but charming wooded store that stocks necessities in case you forgot anything at home. We drove around the private residence areas and were green with envy at all the nature surrounding the homes. We had to stop our vehicle more than once to let curious forest animals move out of the road. We also were approached at our campsite by two deer who came right up to us. These deer were used to approaching people, as if to ask if we had anything to eat. We shared our apples with them.

    As our first visit was more of a tryout visit, we are preparing even more next time, to make a day of hiking the various trails they have available. The mountain scenery is breathtaking.

    For arriving in under 2 hours from leaving our home, the location was convenient, beautiful, clean and the perfect little escape from the harsh desert Summer temperatures. We are in the process of booking our next trip there!

  • 401 N Arroyo Grande Blvd
    Henderson, NV 89014
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    This location is closest to my job office, and I've stopped in on many occasions for quick snacks and cosmetic items. The employees are friendly and helpful at the photo department, in cosmetics, and at the main registers. I primarily visit this store for my Hawaiian island snacks. They have a wide selection of drinks mixes, food seasonings, snacks and frozen food items..basically a big amount of items that I have eaten during my childhood, and am happy to find in Las Vegas. Special props to Carol in cosmetics. She is always happy to look for coupons to use for items that you purchase, and there is a good chance that if she has no coupons for you to use, she will give you freebies. I just received a sample of argan hair oil. Yay!

  • 19 S Stephanie St
    Henderson, NV 89012
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    Did they strategically place their shop in the same vicinity as a gym? if so, BRILLIANT!

    Even if they were miles away from any type of calorie burning facility, I'd gladly visit this place to acquire their luscious sweets (and maybe a few extra lbs).

    I've visited this place 4 times so far and have tried mini cheesecakes, dirt cups, tiramisu, monster cookies, macarons, blondies, and decorated sugar cookies. Nothing has been disappointing.

    The décor just adds to the giddy feeling you get when you walk in. Your senses are dazzled by the smells, sights and tastes. The gals behind the counter are always friendly and patient.

    I have never tried their special occasion cakes but there are sample cakes that are shelved throughout their store, and they look absolutely beautiful.

    Love this place and can't wait to coordinate a girls night to try dessert and wine pairings! Best part-they're open late!

  • 886 S Boulder Hwy
    Henderson, NV 89015
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    Like many others, I was apprehensive on entering this place. Upon entering, we were pleasantly surprised. The décor has a cozy feel, and there are TVs galore!

    We visited the place around 1am, and when 230am hit, the crowd picked up (we were told by the bartender that 230am becomes one of their busier times).

    We visited the place with a 'regular' patron, and we sat for a few hours, watching him try his luck on one of the machines at the bar. The bartender (I want to say his name is Cory) was friendly and quick to fill our needs.

    While there, the regular patron we were with told us his experiences of the supernatural kind. Apparently, shady things have gone down in the place, and there may or may not be permanent residents not of this world, who haunt the spot and are apt to take down photos hanging on the walls. I also may or may not have had my husband stand at the door when I went to the ladies room, because I am a big chicken. Good news-I survived without a supernatural scare.

    This place has been around a long time, which makes for fun conversation.

    Drink prices were standard, and my mixed drinks were made just how I like it. The other people I were with are beer guys, no surprises there.

    Now that we know the vibe, we will definitely be visiting this spot again.

  • 509 N Stephanie St
    Henderson, NV 89014
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Thank You to whomever decided to open this location. A minute away from the office, you provide a quick fix for my sweet tooth desires. Affordable, with flavors and toppings GALORE, it's the best of both worlds.

    This place will always be busy, given its location and the scorching desert heat (and non-frozen temps even in Winter), but I've never waited for more than 5 minutes.

    Tip: get a frequent flyer card!


  • 5255 Boulder Hwy
    Las Vegas, NV 89122
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    This would probably be considered a locals place. I went with some girlfriends to the Wilson Phillips concert that was held in one of their ballrooms/showrooms. We met up a few hours prior to the concert, and had drinks at their bar located in the middle of the slot machines. Our server was friendly and quick, always checking to see if there was anything we needed.

    The actual ballroom where the concert was held was pretty cool. As it is a multipurpose room and not an actual concert hall, they did their best to transform the space. It worked and we had so much fun reliving our teenage years. (how I still know all the words to Wilson Phillips songs, will forever remain a mystery).

    After the concert, we checked out their live entertainment portion of the casino floor. The band was great! I would classify them as an 80's cover band by the way they were dressed, but all the songs they did spanned generations and people young and old were out there on the dancefloor.

    We wandered around the casino floor in search of Carnie Wilson, and lo and behold, she was found! We snapped a photo with her, and she was very friendly.

    Thanks, Eastside Cannery, for providing affordable concerts, decent drink prices, and at a place close to home!

  • $$ Buffet
    1455 Lamb Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89104
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    I really wanted this location to be better. We've traveled to AZ and UT on many occasions to dine at their locations, and the out of state locations have fared way better.

    With this being the only location in Las Vegas, I anticipated a long line. We went on a Sunday late morning. The wait time was 15-20 minutes. It helped that the drink fountain is located in the area where you wait in line. The cashier was friendly as was the host that was seating us.

    With it being a busy location and time frame in mind, I was disappointed. The restaurant is set up buffet style.  Certain areas were messy, and where people had spilled items all over the serving trays, workers were not fast enough in keeping the trays looking clean and tidy. (a quick glance and wipe down would take 10 seconds, but many of the workers stood behind their stations, not moving or double checking anything).

    My son and I were about to dig into the mashed potatoes tray when the worker quickly swiped up the tray to scrape the tater remains into another full tray of taters, without so much as a quick smile or 'hold on one second so you can get fresh taters instead' acknowledgement. We just stood there with the serving spoon dripping tater remains, our mouths agape.

    Had my husband been reviewing this restaurant instead, I would guess that he would give the place one star. More than once, he came back to our table with a disappointed look, once because the ranch dressing was out, and twice because the dish that looked most delicious to him kept running out, and the worker at the station responded in a less than friendly manner when he had asked what the wait time would be.

    Another observation and in no way affects the rating I gave this place: restaurant patrons are RUDE. They cut in line to serve themselves something. Or, they let their kids run up to the dessert area to dip their desserts into the chocolate fountain, which results in splatters, spills, mess, and kids shoving each other. It was hectic!

    PROS: desserts and chocolate fountain and cotton candy are my favorite. CONS: employees can SMILE and acknowledge their patrons.

  • 5067 S Arville St
    Las Vegas, NV 89118
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    As a Las Vegas resident, it is pretty rare that I actually get out to enjoy the nightlife that is available aplenty on the Vegas Strip. My cousin and I enjoyed the club hopping and prime people watching.

    For those with bad reviews-it seems as though they don't understand how Vegas club entry, transportation and even tipping etiquette works. BOOHOO on them for not having an open mind . Supply and demand, and for 90 bucks at the most to go on this tour, it is simple math: pay entry fee for each club, each drink plus tip, and then a taxi to each place (because would you really drink and drive?). I can tell you (without a calculator or using more than 20% of my brain) that your total would be way more than $90. Las Vegas is big on being a service industry, hence tipping your host!

    The walk to a few of the bars/clubs was minimal, and I was smart to wear comfortable shoes (although I was dressed to have fun, not pick up someone). The hosts of the night were fun, always encouraging everyone on the bus to get up and dance.

    The tour starts off with a relaxed vibe at a relaxed location, then as the night picked up, so did the venues. Beachers Madhouse in MGM was one of my faves of the night. A society of Little People definitely working the crowd and doing their thing! Where else could you be clubbing amongst brave souls dressed as Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird? Light in Mandalay Bay was awesome! The club décor is outstanding and the crowd was energetic.

    Another perk? minimal wait time to get in. On the way to Beachers Madhouse in the MGM, we passed by Hakkasan. The crowd was INSANE. OK, so Calvin Harris may have been at Hakkasan that night, but I was NOT about to wait in a line like that! Made me appreciate my Nite Tours wrist band just a tad more.

    The time flew by the whole night as we were drinking and dancing our butts off, but we kept the meet up time in mind at each venue so as to not miss boarding the bus to the next destination. I also like how quickly we spotted our hosts, even in the crowded venues.  It was the first time in awhile that I had stayed out really late and had sooo many funny and exciting stories to tell everyone in the office on Monday. Of course after I slept away most of Sunday. =)  

    I'm already convincing the girls at the office to come with me on another Nite Tour!

  • 4.0 Sterne

    First visit was yesterday. Easiest process ever! Sign your papers for your chart, watch a short introductory (and very informative!) video of what exactly to expect by being adjusted. Given your little key card/bar code scanner and the receptionist says that its your virtual chart (pretty nifty if you need to visit another location!)

    I was a little nervous, as this was my first adjustment. Joe was kind and he talked me through what he was doing at all times. Ahh, the relief! Just hearing that POP (by the way, isn't your bones popping!) and feeling more flexibility and range of motion is a relief!

    The receptionist explained pricing, and all of their packages are totally worth it. Can't wait to go back!

    Edited to add: I received in the email, a handwritten thank you letter from them! In a day and age of less than average customer service, this was a nice little touch!

  • 4.0 Sterne

    While on vacation, we came across this restaurant. We drove by the place without thinking of going in, our mission was to run to the Walmart closest to our hotel in National City, and make a day of it at the beach.

    Fast forward to 9pm, and I am starving. When mama is hungry, BEWARE. Being confined to a tiny hotel room with 3 kids and a husband can make anyone irritable, but top that with an empty stomach, and things can go downhill quickly. Husband is smart (well, after 10 years, he has learned a thing or two) and instead of telling me to go the eff to sleep, he suggested we try out the Filipino restaurant we had passed by earlier that day on the way to Walmart. This is a fact: all 5 of us slept very well that night.

    Among the items we tried: sweet and sour pork, spamsilog  pancit, garlic rice, tapsilog. Our server was an older teenage boy, who when not serving us, went to sit with his family (I'm assuming the owners of the restaurant) who were a few tables away making sure the place was being run up to par. This did not bother me, in fact it was endearing. I love family owned establishments.

    The décor is pretty standard of what you'd find at any Filipino restaurant (which is the same décor that all my Filipino Aunts and grandparents had in their homes in my childhood). Prices are decent and food was beyond tasteful and satisfying. Our bill was right around $45, and we had leftovers that we brought back to the hotel and ate on the ride up to Disneyland the next day.

    A nice little ethic highlight of our Summer beach vacation.

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