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  • 3838 5th Ave
    San Diego, CA 92103
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Do you really go to a used book store to be charmed by hospitality and interesting walls and plush couches? If yes, you should stick to B&N.

    Fifth Ave is organized well enough and the nonexistent barrage of "can I help you find blah blah blah" is a nice break from your average corporate book store.

    Maybe prices are a tad higher than other used book stores, but if you're like me and never follow through on your plan to "just get this on Amazon," Fifth Ave is a great alternative.

  • 4875 Voltaire St
    San Diego, CA 92107
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Needed the waist on my skirt let out. Minh had me try it on and she was able to (perfectly) estimate how many inches to let out. I didn't need it in a rush so I was able to pick it up in a little under two weeks. She let out 2 inches and added some fabric to move the button over, all for $20. I will definitely be back for more alterations.

  • 1439 Garnet Ave
    San Diego, CA 92109
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Came here to have an awkward, nonstandard sized poster framed.  They were able to trim it to fit in a pre-built frame, which saved me money and time.  I appreciate that they didn't try to up-sell me to a more expensive custom frame.  Service was fast, friendly, and knowledgeable, and in my experience, much less expensive than Michael's or Aaron Brothers.  I will definitely be back the next time I need a frame.

  • 3550 Murphy Canyon Rd
    San Diego, CA 92123
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Have yet to experience any decent level of customer service at this location.  Today's experience ensures that I will never return to this store, which is a bummer because I'm a huge fan of their deli sandwiches.

    I needed to order balloons for a work event, and decided to call ahead to order them.  After attempting to reach the floral department for an hour without anyone picking up, I tried customer service.  I explained my situation and the rep said he'd check to see who was in floral.  Didn't even get put on hold and overheard what sounded suspiciously like the same guy make a store-wide intercom announcement about an ice cream sale.

    He quickly returns to the phone to inform me that no one is working in floral today.  No offer to help me from there.  So I asked again if someone would be available to fill my balloon order.  He comes back shortly to inform me the store doesn't have helium today, "so it looks like today isn't going to work."

    Well sir, it looks like me being your customer isn't going to work either.

  • 9825 Stonecrest Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92123
    Vereinigte Staaten
    1.0 Sterne

    Nothing screams, "Help me!" more than two girls wandering aimlessly and wide-eyed around the TV Accessories department.  So naturally, you would think this would encourage a salesperson to at least ask what we're looking for.


    We had to hunt someone down, only for him to tell us to go "over there by that blue wall" to ask another guy the same question.  Said guy then tells us what we're looking for is actually where we just came from.

    At this point we decided to leave.

    Whatever Fry's, your loss.

  • 675 W Beech St
    San Diego, CA 92101
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Came here on a Friday night for my roommate's birthday dinner, and as a party of 6, we knew and accepted that it'd be quite a wait til we were seated.  They took our name at 7 (on an iPad--ooh how trendy) and said it'd be an hour wait.

    We posted up at the bar--bartenders were very attentive for it being such a busy night.  Good beer selection and don't ask for vodka.

    When 8:00 came and went and our name still hadn't been called, we checked with the hostess.  Apparently they just had to wait for a table outside to clear and then we could be seated.  No more than 10 minutes later, the table is cleared and another party is seated there.  Apparently they "forgot" about a group ahead of us.  Weird.

    FINALLY at 9 we were seated, but not before the hostess came by every few minutes and told us, "Just 10 more minutes, I promise!"  If you don't mean it then don't tell us that.  

    Once we were seated the service was quick and the food was great!

    If you're a "ketchup on everything" kind of person or if you don't do well with waiting, this place is not for you.  Also, beware of hipsters.  They apparently love this place.

  • 1956 Bacon St
    San Diego, CA 92107
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Pizza Port is a great option for a meal on a budget.

    Came here for a Saturday afternoon lunch, and got the lunch special for $4.99: a salad, a slice of pizza, and a soft drink.  You can opt for beer for a dollar or so more.  It's rare to find lunch for less than $10 at most places so this is impressive.

    You order at the counter and give them your name.  When your order is ready they call your name over the intercom for you to pick up.

    Both the salad and the pizza were generous portions.  No, it's not gourmet pizza and it's not the best ambiance but Pizza Port is clean, affordable, and a fun atmosphere.

    Definitely a go-to for a cheap lunch!

  • 770 5th Ave
    San Diego, CA 92101
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I'm fairly new to the downtown bar scene, so I don't really know of places to compare it against, but I'm a huge fan of the Tipsy Crow.  I went with a group of girlfriends and had a great time.

    We went on a Friday night so it was packed, but the service was fast for such a busy night.  The bouncers and security were friendly as well.

    We didn't spend too much time on the ground floor, but that and the downstairs dance floor and upstairs lounge area provide a little something for every type of bar-goer.  

    We will definitely be returning!

  • 1065 Brea Mall
    Brea, CA 92821
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    I came here a bit ago to stock up on my Bare Escentuals foundation because I received a coupon in my email.  

    The store was hardly busy so when I noticed my shade was out of stock, and after much searching, I found an employee to check the back.  She seemed annoyed with the request.  And it might've just been paranoia but she seemed to judge the fact that I was in gym clothes.

    When she finally returned, she wouldn't even hand me the shade I asked for; she kind of shoved them back into the shelf and walked away.

    On numerous visits, the employees are either "too busy" or don't care enough to be friendly and helpful.  The people at the register, however, are usually kind and courteous.  

    The Beauty VIP has been a great incentive for me to shop at Sephora but I think I'll stick to online purchases or buy my products from department stores from now on.

  • 2301 N Highland Ave
    Hollywood, CA 90068
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Great venue!  Saw Zac Brown in May and the setting couldn't have been more beautiful.  Nestled in the hills, the Bowl is the perfect location for a spring concert, especially a country concert.

    The lines for beer are a little ridiculous, so I suggest arrive early and stock up or skip it altogether.  Someone in my group had a backpack, which security hardly searched so looking back, we could've brought in alcohol but we didn't want to take a chance.

    Lines for the bathroom aren't too bad and there is a fair amount of staff and security to keep the crowd under control.

    Parking can be an issue but we parked in a private garage between Franklin and Hollywood Blvd. and walked up to the Bowl. Not a bad walk and at $8 flat split between four people it was easier and cheaper than taking the shuttle.

    I will definitely be returning for more concerts!

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