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    I have spent thousands dollars in this restaurant but I'm officially never going back.  I've said that 2 times before but then I believe in second chances.  Went there with my sister (who is a very good chef) and brother-in-law and husband.  Spent a little over $300.  The server who was this very tall, gaunt looking guy was so smug, gave us terrible service, and has this disgusting I'm going to smile through my teeth but glare through my eyes look.  Every dish took forever to come out!  The worst part was the pera talas boregi that two people in our group ordered.  It was like ordering a very expensive version of a freezer chicken pot pie.  It was kind of nasty and too much dough and SOOOO bland.  Both didn't like their dish at all.  I got the iskender which I admit was good as it always is. The feta and olives were great too. The pinot I ordered tasted flat and cheap.

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    250 University Ave
    Palo Alto, CA 94301
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    DE NOVO JEWELRY is one-of-a-kind shop!  

    My husband had my engagement ring custom made through this store and I am constantly getting stopped with compliments.  I have had several people ask to take pictures of it with their phone cameras. It is a unique ring - not your typical princess cut diamond set in platinum engagement ring.  (It will never cease to amaze me why so many women want to have an unoriginal wedding ring that looks just like her friends' rings.  Boring, conventional and sort of pathetic.)

    If you actually want to wear jewelry that is expressive, original, gorgeous and well-made, you need to come to this store!  The store's interior is beautiful and just browsing the jewelry is kind of like having a trip to a museum.

    The owner (I believe her name is Cherry or Cherie) is amazing.  She is so classy and charming.  My husband was so impressed with her through the making of my ring.

    On our first year wedding anniversary, my husband had two earrings made from the same jewelry designer who did my engagement ring.  On a recent trip to Italy, I lost one of the earrings and I felt devastated and guilt-ridden.  Long story short, I was told by De Novo staff that it was very expensive to get the earring replaced because the price of gold has gone up considerable.  We just bought an expensive house in San Francisco and I didn't have the money to get a replacement made.  Cherry, the owner, found out about this and approached me to ask what had happened with my lost earring.  We realized there was not much I could do if I couldn't afford a replacement.

    But Aha! - Cherry called me a day later because she must have sensed how sad I was that I could not get a replacement made.  She approached the jewelry designer for me and they, together, came up with a solution for me to get two smaller earrings made (in the same vein) for a trade-in of my larger earring.  

    I am so appreciative of this gesture and the fact that she took her own personal time to think "outside the box" for me.  Cherry has nothing to gain from this act - she is just being kind. While I will never get my original (sentimental) earrings back, I am looking at this new pair as a symbol of renewal and change and the fact that I will probably receive them right around my 3 year anniversary feels great to me!  

    Thanks Cherry and De Novo for being outstanding and exemplary in so many ways!!!

  • 1199 Bush St
    San Francisco, CA 94109
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    This doctor is incredible - WOW! WOW! WOW!

    I had an emergency issue where I couldn't swallow and I felt like there was a lump in my throat.  I have small tumors in my thyroid so I thought maybe they were impinging my windpipe or something.  Long story short, my MD sent me to Dr. Leung and his office got me in right away.

    I was a little concerned as his office was in the middle of Chinatown and in a building where some of the offices had an unsavory quality.  However, his actual office is very nice.  Further, I appreciate that he doesn't just have a fancy office downtown but also keeps one in Chinatown so that he can serve his own ethnic community there as well!  

    One of Dr. Leung's front desk staff was not friendly (except when he was standing right near them) and I felt they were kind of rude at some points, but it wasn't a big deal.

    Onto Dr. Leung himself - he is awesome!  He is patient, kind and communicates well.  He talked to me in layperson's terms.  He also warned me about coverage for insurance BEFORE he does in-office procedures...he doesn't wait for me to be surprised until later, like most other doctors I have received services from.  

    Dr. Leung called me several times after my visit with him to make sure I was feeling ok  and check up on me.  I felt that he truly cared about me as a patient.  He doesn't have the pretentious attitude I would expect from a doctor who has AMAZING credentials from Ivy League Schools and many recognitions in the medical community.

    Thank you Dr. Leung!  You really eased me at a very scary, painful time.

  • 259 Center St
    Healdsburg, CA 95448
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    I was in the store the other day buying some small home decor items and candles.  I met a woman named Billy or Bobby and I thought she was the owner because she took so much pride in the store.  She was so sweet and had me cracking up.  Great customer service!

    The store is gorgeous and original.  I wanted everything inside of it but the price tags were hefty.

  • 11455 Old Redwood Hwy
    Healdsburg, CA 95448
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    Allen, whoever you are --
    Thanks for such a wonderful time.  You were such a delight to do a tasting with.  My husband and I got our day off to a great start because you were the first person we did a tasting with.  You've got a great personality and vast knowledge.

    I love the educational roundabout tour at this winery.  Impressive!

    Mark M.
    Kommentar von Mark M. von Rodney Strong Vineyards
    11.4.2013 Sasha - Thank you so much for stopping in. We will certainly pass your kind words along to Allen.
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    Wow!  The grounds are beautiful and the wine is really good.  We got a tasting by Scott and he was so wonderful.  He encouraged us to sit out at the tables overlooking the wine valley and he brought glasses out to us!!!  It was amazing.  He was generous and thoughtful and we were so impressed with his hospitality!  Thanks Scott!

  • San Francisco, CA 94118
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    I just bought a large Victorian in Potrero Hill which needed the gutters cleaned and a downspout changed.  

    Gustavo and the crew at Peninsula Roofing did thorough, good work.  Gustavo, the owner, stands by his work and takes pride in it.

    He truly is a nice, genuine and funny guy - he cracked me up with some great stories while he was here.  

    I'm looking forward to having Gustavo do my entire roof later this year.

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    My husband is a big cab lover.  We had a great experience getting a tasting with Andrea at Hawkes.  She is way cool and fun and made the delicious wine that much better...

  • $ Café
    150 Mississippi St
    San Francisco, CA 94107
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    I just moved into the neighborhood.  The neighbor kids wrote a sign in chalk in front of our door that says - "Say hi to the new neighbors!"

    We've been getting a lot of fun (and sometimes creepy) introductions from the local PH people...

    But to my surprise, Ian from Front (who I recognized from the coffee shop) happened to be walking by and dropped off amazing chocolate croissants to welcome us.

    HOW GENEROUS AND UNEXPECTED AND REFRESHING to be treated so nicely from a local coffee shop.  I was so touched!

    Thanks Front Cafe!  Thanks Ian for being a nice person - the world needs more like you.

  • 564 Market St
    San Francisco, CA 94104
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    In May of 2012, I signed up with Dharmaspace Pilates Center for private lessons with the owner, Peter Lakis.  Even though I had prior classical training, I wanted to refresh myself.  I paid for 4 private lessons and completed two.  

    After my first two lessons, I tore my labrum and was under medical care.  My doctor told me that after 2-3 weeks of rest I could incorporate pilates back into my life-- along with physical therapy.  Peter asked to talk to my doctor or physical therapist before bringing me back into the studio.  He assured me that he would love to be part of my rehabilitation and that he had worked with torn hip labrums before.  However, every time I called or emailed to get on his schedule there was no response.  Two times he even set up phone calls with me which he flaked on.  My physical therapist and doctor both said they never heard from him, even though Peter had specifically wanted their numbers and asked for me to arrange times for him to call them.  This went on for weeks.

    Eventually, I asked for a refund because I was shocked by the lack of professionalism and neglect (It was surprising to me, because Peter had seemed so warm and caring in our first two private lessons). Eventually, Peter wrote me saying he was sorry and embarrassed that he was so non-responsive but he was having a hectic couple of weeks - and that he was happy to give me a refund for the sessions I did not use.

    I had initially been so excited to build my practice at this studio because Peter and his staff seemed great.  Admittedly, Peter was charming and fun and warm - and seemingly talented - in our sessions.  However, the whole experience left such a bad taste in my mouth.  

    As the owner, he has absolute power over how his clients' experience.  He knew that I had spent $200 (initially $400) getting lessons from specifically him so I could acclimate to his studio.  When he was unresponsive, he should have made amends for me to come back to the studio or offered me a partial refund on the money I initially spent.  But instead I got an apology, a refund only on unused classes, and the strong sense he was relieved to see me go --after he had made such a faux-pas.

    I guess it's profit first - customer satisfaction second.

    Eventually, I found a great studio at Mighty Pilates with incredible and GENUINELY caring instructors and organized administrative practices.

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