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  • 3 Boylston P
    Boston, MA 02116
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    So stop me if you've heard this one!

    Two white guys, two black guys and two asian guys walk into a bar. No wait...the black guys WOULD walk in to the bar if the bouncer didn't decide to hold them at the door for "looking like they had too much". Zing!

    So the scene is set.  I'm with a diverse group of co-workers and friends on a Thursday night.  To delve into the details of our socioeconomic backgrounds would edge too close to implying that there's ever an excuse for what we encountered, but I'll just say that we were all behaving like typical  young professional bostonian's relaxing during the work week.  Hell, we were nowhere close to rowdy (as our ability to enter the W sans drama after this debacle would attest).  After standing at the door for a brief moment, the doorman began admitting our group.  Three members of our party are allowed to enter.  When the doorman gets to my friend and co-worker, a benevolent looking chap of African descent, suddenly our fortunes change.  The doorman determines that he, the least animated individual in our party, is too drunk to enter.  

    Hmmm...something seems fishy to me.  Being  directly behind him in line, I ask the doorman why my friend is not allowed to enter.  No response. He refuses to even look at me. It only takes a brief moment for me to put two and two together. At this moment the first three members of our group return to the door to see what was taking us so long to enter.  One of our friends already has a pitcher of beer in his hand, a testament to just how empty the place was inside.  He asks the bouncer the cause for the hold up, and the bouncer responds that my friend is too drunk.  At this point, being the uppity minority I am, I chime in that it probably has more to do with our skin color than our level of intoxication (perhaps not exactly in those words).  To make a short story somewhat shorter, our party split up, we left our friends inside to finish their pitcher, and finished out the night at the W, all the while asking ourselves "did that just really happen?"

    After reading some of the other reviews on this place, I've noticed similar accounts that had no racial component.  I try pretty hard to avoid playing the race card, and can't remember the last time I felt the urge for a rousing chorus of "we shall overcome".  I am totally willing to accept the possibility that the doormen here are merely jerks and not racist jerks.  With that said, treating customers of any persuasion this way is bad for business. I hope.

  • 25 Central Sq
    Cambridge, MA 02139
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    So you took her on a date.  Why not?  Not the prettiest girl in the world but she laughed at your lame joke, and there was something about the way she twirled her hair.  So the date went well. And so did the second.  Didn't get past second base, but meh....there was just something about the way she smiled at you.  You think.  Maybe it's just because she lives just down the street.  Or maybe its cause she always answers the door, even if it's 2am in the morning.  You don't know...hell, most of the time you go see her, the room's spinning from one to many at Redline or Middlesex Lounge, and you can't be bothered to think about why's and hows.  Until suddenly you're walking down the aisle and her gap toothed smile catches the corner of your eye from under her veil and you think to yourself "how did it come to this?!" And you know it's gonna be lamb roll ups for the rest of your life.

    Yep. Moody's is kind of like that.

  • 60 State St
    Boston, MA 02109
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    Houston's (I denounce thee new name...) is the Ray Allen of the Boston restaurant scene. Consistent, Classy, and Clutch. Not the flashiest place, and the menu doesn't change too often, bu ff you need a place to take a group of friends, a date or a client, you can count on Houston's to deliver a great experience.

    I usually start with the artichoke dip and the biscuits.  The biscuits are a must have.  Try ordering 6 for a party of five.  That way you can observe the cognitive dissonance that plays out as your friends jockey for position on the last biscuit.  At least that's what I do. It amuses me.  The dip is a strong role player as well.  It sets a fine foundation for the steak to come.

    Oh, no doubt about it, there will be steak.  Typically when the server lays down the menu, I can go ahead and give mine right back. Who are we kidding - I know what entree I'll be getting.  The Hawaiian Rib Eye is an institution in and of itself.  Marinated for what has to be days, and grilled to perfection, I have literally had dreams about this steak.  With just the right tangy notes, and perfection of texture, the most amazing thing about it to me is how each time I have it is as good as the last.  Another pull up from behind the line, and swish.  Three points.  Rinse and repeat. You get the drift.  Pair it with a baked potato and the combo is unstoppable.

    So there you have it. Hillstone is consistently great unpretentious dining.  Just do us a favor and bring back the name m'kay?

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    Mit OpenTable gebucht

    Myers + Chang is too cool for you. Or maybe just too cool for me.  It's the dude with the thick frames, v neck t-shirt and blazer that always makes the comment that's ironic enough to be funny without being annoying.  I know, pretty rare right?   Nestled in that part of the South End that I use gps to get to, the outside looks like your typical multi-use high rise space.  That only serves to make the inside more incongruous - it's always a breath of fresh air to walk into it's amalgam of diner architecture meets kung fu movie aesthetic.

    Fresh is the operative word when it comes to the menu.  Starting with cocktails, you get that "curiously strong" feeling.  At least in the Bitter Sweet Symphony you do, which is the mix of blood orange liqueur and soju that I usually go for.  If sake's your thing, they've definitely got a selection to choose from too.

    Apps are pretty much the name of the game here.  It's easy to mix and match.  Too easy if you're the indecisive type. Here's a hint - you can't go wrong with anything. Just make sure you get at least one order of the braised pork belly buns.  Vegetarians (or anyone else for that matter) can't go wrong with the spring rolls.

    Now you could, if you were so inclined, make a meal out of a couple apps.  They are pretty generous.  But c'mon - who wants to do that?  The entrees shine here, and are generally presented so you can easily share them.  The Cantonese Lacquered BBQ pork has definitely treated me well a time or two.  Of course, it's not the spiciest of dishes, but you can always go for the indonesian fried rice if you're looking for more heat.

    One of the best surprises is typically when the check arrives, and you wonder what happened to the rest of it.  The prices are incredibly reasonable, especially for the quality of the experience. Overall Myers + Chang has good food in a great atmosphere.

  • 1 Wall St
    Burlington, MA 01803
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    As a rule, I abhor repetition.  It's almost pathological really. An apple a day drives one to madness.  Catch me in the same spot twice in a week for lunch? Not happening.  So when I found myself returning to Servizio's not only twice in the same week, but on TWO CONSECUTIVE DAYS, I knew I had to write a review.

    First glance would lead you to believe that Servizio's is your standard corporate office park deli, serving the masses of suburban techno reverse commuters that ring the 128 hub.  Hidden away in an anonymous office building where powerpoint presentations are probably born, one could be forgiven for missing it entirely.  Walking in, you're greeted with a slightly original line of sandwiches with amusing business-y names such as the Intern or the Corporate Fatcat or what have you. Being in the area for a while, I can say I've tried most of the sandwiches over the years without a complaint.  Good, but not why I'm writing this review.

    No, where it's at is the specials board.  Upon entrance, a flat panel display stares you down, slowly scrolling a menu.  For quite some time, I didn't bother to look at this list, thinking it was a repeat of the static board of quaintly named sandwiches and salads.  My friends - ignore this board at your detriment! I am often flabbergasted at the gastronomic delights that this board promises.  Swordfish with Israeli couscous?! You've gotta be kidding me! Ahi Tuna? Wha? In an office park?!  And it's not just advertising of showy ingredients either.  The taste is incredible.  For a dollar more than a typical sandwich, I've had fare that held pace with or mastered food costing 3 or 4 times as much.  I usually return to my office with something sounding like a Top Chef finale, to the incredulous queries of my co-workers; "What the...where did you get that?!"  

    Couple the amazing food with the incredible service (heck, they even remember my name) and you've got a neighborhood lunch spot that more than delivers.   Be sure to sign up for the special's e-mail. They had ribs last week. RIBS!

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    Momma doesn't play around. If you're going to take her somewhere, it had better be good.  I kept this in mind as I looked for a pleasant dinner spot to take my mommy, who had just arrived from the west coast for a visit.   Boston styles it self a seafood town, but I beg to differ.  It's a good thing momma isn't much of a seafood fan - there would be no awkward explaining or defending to do.  In the midst of my musings, Koreana popped into my mind.  I always get a cheap chuckle off the name on my drive back to parts north after weekends in central square, and I had heard good things.  Why not?

    So how was it?  In short, a win.  I'd never heard my mom so happily atwitter about an appetizer as she was about the Kimchi pancake we had at first-  which would have disappeared long before the entree arrived if she hadn't been sure there was some for leftovers. A good move that...momma knows best.   Of course, her hot saki was top notch.  The green "Boston" cocktail I had was pretty good  - for a green drink.  I gave scotch the night off.  Don't judge me.  
    The Jumullok Galbi bbq beef, paired with the sesame sauce was, in short, the business. Perhaps my only prior exposure to korean bbq beef being Gingerpad out in Burlington colors my opinion, but the beef was about as good as it gets.  A little more tender would've been A+, but I finished it off with the quickness.  No complaints and much respect.   Mom's Galbi Tang was supposedly off the hook.  I wasn't in a soup mood so I kept my distance, but I haven't heard her and her Californian pallet give that much  praise to food on the right coast in recent memory. Sounds like a winner to me.

    The real clincher for me was the price.  I did a double take when the bill came out.  I was pretty sure the waitress had forgot to put something on the bill - but nope, it was all there.  A great meal at a good price?  I'm sold.

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    Came here after a day at the office with a couple co-workers.  It was a week day and the place was pretty empty.  The service was exceptional - a friend mentioned an allergy during our conversation, and the waiter  overheard.  He took care to keep the friends food allergen free with no requests made at all.  
    The food was distinctive, but not nearly as good as I was expecting given the description and the look.  Peanut Butter and Jelly wings came off tasting dull, while wine and cheese fritters were surprisingly bland.  It was highly surprising as the presentation and look of the food were top notch.
    The tastiest part of the night for me turned out to be my mushroom and cheese meatloaf.  Which, when you get down to it, was still meatloaf.  I ordered it, so that's on me I guess.  My friends steak and jambalaya were also good representations of their food groups, but nothing to match the atmosphere and presentation.  Perhaps we were there  on an off night. Ultimately, the service was enough to make one mostly overlook the fact that the taste could have been better.  Mostly.

  • 2701 Boston St
    Baltimore, MD 21224
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    Until recently, I possessed a secret shame. I claimed good ole Mur'lin as home, but I had never had a steamed crab. Not even one.  It was with that in mind that I embarked on my mission to Bo Brooks.  

    The atmosphere was perfect.  Sitting wharf side watching the yachts bobbing at sunset put us deep into the mood for seafood.  The waitress was pleasant and insistent.  We'd never had steamed crabs?  We were going to - and we were going to love every minute of it. She was nice enough to show me and the Californian ray of Sunshine that accompanied me the correct way to break down a whole(large, even though we'd ordered and paid for medium) crab.

    I have this thing about food on my hands.  You can cover them in engine oil, paint or even wet cement with nary a complaint.  A little raw egg, or wet shrimp, however, and things start to get dicey.  I was expecting the worst when I realized how much finger work was involved. I gingerly picked up the first claw, got a whiff of old bay, and then instinct took over.  Three crabs later, I came to my senses enough to take in the delicious carnage in front of me.  This was a MEAL.  The next time I collected myself, I was picking crab claw from my hair and grinning like I was on a boat with T Pain and Andy Samberg.

    One thing I can't forget to mention is the Angry Mallet.  An appropriately named drink, it was a figurative and literal hit.  The crab guacamole was worth getting too.  On my latest trip, I was disappointed that there were very few crabs.  DC had been covered in two feet of snow for a couple weeks, so I'll give em' a pass.  Next time though, I'm going to need my steamed crab fix.

  • $$ Pizza
    1400 Irving St NW
    Washington, DC 20009
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    A good slice of pizza can take you places.  It can transport you to a grimy little hole in the wall in Brooklyn, or maybe to garlic infused alley way in the North End.  I can't say I've ever had "apizza" New Haven Style, but if that's what your getting at Pete's, then I've definitely been missing out until now. I can say with conviction that this is the best pizza I've had sober outside of NYC.  Sorry, all bets are off if it's late night pizza by the slice, but I'm sure you can understand that pizza after hours can't be judged on any reasonable scale.

    So where to start? The crust.  Crunchy and crispy, with just enough give.  A great set of ingredients can be lost to a bad crust, but this dough definitely delivered.  Layered on top of that was some of the best tomato sauce I've ever tasted.  If it had ever touched a can, I'd be shocked.  The cheese and other toppings only punctuated a good foundation of pizza goodness.  I was impressed. I was also no longer hungry - the slices weren't gigantic but they weren't tiny like some places.  To sum it up, I have a new go to spot for pizza in the DMV.  I will definitely be back.

  • 2100 P St Nw
    Washington, DC 20037
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    With the snowstorm of the decade approaching (according to the local news anyway), I was a bit leery of venturing out of a warm  apartment to grab dinner at Scion.  Meeting up with a couple of old friends, along with some new folks was worth the trouble though.  I was hoping to say the same for the food, but alas, the snow soaking my loafers was far too great a price to pay for my steak (even if its $20 price tag wasn't).

    The dining experience started off with a Tom Collins.  It's my go to drink when I'm not feeling in a scotch mood.  I wasn't impressed by the taste and was surprised that I tasted no gin but was still pleasantly buzzed by the end of the glass so I'd say the bartender did their job.  

    Two other things stuck out to me.  One was the fries.  I'm not typically a meat and potatoes kinda guy, but for whatever reason, I was feeling a serious starch and protein urge.  I'd be dag nabbed if the fries didn't deliver.  Perfectly garlicky, crunchy and salty, the fries hit the spot, and prompted me to defend them from my companions, who couldn't help themselves but to help themselves to my stash.  One of my fellow diners had a burger, and I have the feeling I would've been more satisfied pairing the awesome fries with beef on a bun.

    Unfortunately, the other standout wasn't positive.  Perhaps going with a kobe burger, I would've had another star or two for Scion, but instead I chose the steak.  I wasn't expecting much steak for a Jackson, so I wasn't terribly surprised when the seasoning and cut of meat weren't impeccable.  What DID throw me was when I discovered more tough tissue in my dinner than a 40 year old pitchers shoulder.  If the steak had been a little easier on the mandibles, the flavor would've been ok. Unfortunately I wound up leaving almost a third of it on the plate after chewing fatigue set in.   Definitely not a good note to end a meal, despite the promptness and professionalism of the service. Scion is definitely a well put together establishment, and perhaps a good place for drinks and apps. If your looking for "trek-through-a-blizzard-worthy" steak though, I'd keep on looking.

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