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  • 1301-05 Boylston St
    Boston, MA 02215
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Tasty B is worth going back to but not for the most amazing burger ever, because it's not there to be found.  I'm givin'em...

    1 star for service

    The wait staff and servers were cool.  Not the friendliest folks on the planet (this is Boston after all) but really chill, polite, and service oriented (unexpected for a burger joint).

    1 star for options - walk, drive, eat-in, take-out, play pool

    I like the casual charm of the converted gas station; that it's open til 2AM; and that it's a nice walk from my house.  I also like that there's some parking to be had when they're not packed.  You can order your food at the window for outdoor seating (or to take it to go) or sit inside and have some beer or wine with your food.  I sat inside and I liked it.  Casual place to grab a bite with a friend. Have a drink.  Play some pool.

    1 star for value

    The food value is excellent as you get a great deal more for your $$ than you'll ever get at a fast food chain, BUT...

    -2 stars for the food - the reason we went in the first place

    Ordered my burger without onions and got a COLD burger with what seemed like extra onions. Instead of fries, I ordered a side salad and it came to the table made with the driest lettuce I've ever had.  I don't know what kind of lettuce it was but it wasn't romaine.

    I asked my waitress to throw my (cold to the touch) burger back in the microwave a few seconds and she said, "It's cold?"  Uh huh.  Yup.  It was.  I don't know what happens between the kitchen and the table but, when I got it back, it wasn't much hotter.

    Siiiiighhhh I bet you anything that would have been one tasty burger had it been served as soon as it came off the grill.... but that wasn't how it happened.  :(

  • 10 Causeway St
    Boston, MA 02222
    Vereinigte Staaten
    1.0 Sterne

    Excellent if you're a non-Latino.  
    Awful if you're an employee.  

    The Boston Passport Agency is a lot like Wal-mart in that everyone loves it when they get what they need but have no idea nor give any thought to how the employees are treated to give you those low low prices.

    The decent people that work there give you great service but none will speak up about blatant nepotism and other injustices for fear of losing their jobs.  They know how vindictive and iron-fisted management is and that they are over a barrel, especially in this economy.

    Rocking management's boat tweaks their fear of losing a great gig (not to mention the loss of a six-figure salary for part-time work) and their years of abuse and harassment being found out.  

    Their common practice is to isolate employees so they fear coming together in a class-action suit to end their reign of intimidation.  This way, a standard response for each individual's grievance is to discredit them with the old, tried-and-true PR soundbite where they call them disgruntled, and use unfairly written evaluation reviews to support their position.

    Everything that PS A. said is true (though I can't speak for any sexual hostility because I didn't witness any).  

    I wish the folks at Foggy Bottom would look into them, past the bottom line, and into the way specialists and contractors are treated at PPT-BN.  I wish they would interview the many unfairly terminated employees for corroboration.  I'm pretty sure they'd be appalled and there would be some uncomfortable questions for Bob S. and Michael W. to answer.  

    Those two are in serious need of review and adjudication and it's time for their renewals to be denied.

  • 1.0 Sterne

    How did this place get 4 stars?  HOW?
    The worst Chinese food I've ever had.  EVER!

    All I can say about lunch specials is you get a lot of food for $8 but what's the point if it's awful?


  • 219 Massachusetts Ave
    Boston, MA 02228
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    My hardware needs are minimal but they also carry housewares and it's great to have these guys steps away in case I need something related.  You pay a little extra for the convenience of having them right in the city but it's worth not having to drive out to a big box store in the burbs.

    The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They know their inventory and how to treat customers.

  • 75 Middlesex Tpke
    Burlington, MA 01803
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Excellent service.  I love this place and find that their operators are more skilled than the other location I've been to, their kiosk at the Arsenal Mall.

    Threading seems to last longer than waxing and it's less harsh and risky on your skin as there's no possibility of getting burned.

    Everyone here knows what they're doing but Nipa has become my favorite and I will make sure to return on the days she's scheduled.  

    It's located at the mall entrance next to Pizzeria Uno.  It's a small salon on the left hand side right after the restaurant so there's not need to trek the mall to find it.  You're in-and-out.


  • 5.0 Sterne

    Pho Basil got the Improper Bostonian award for Best Thai Restaurant last year and, In another review, I read that is this the best Thai Food in the city.  They might be right.  If I find this not to be true, I'll change the review; promise.

    The restaurant is located on Mass Ave  across from and between Berklee and the Christian Science Center.  You would think it would  be a little on the seedy side but nothing is further from the truth.  It's very clean (including the bathroom) and tastefully decorated.

    From the moment you walk in, you are welcomed and served genuinely (I'm extreeeeemely sensitive to fake smiles and pseudo-politeness).  These folks are lovely.

    For me, the litmus test for any Thai restaurant is the quality of their pad-thai and Pho Basil did a superb job with mine - which I asked for with chicken and tofu.  My son asked for yellow chicken curry with sticky rice and chicken satay.  All very good and all of it (including a glass of Beaujolais) for just over $35 before tip.

    Servings were generous enough (each order feeds 2 hungry people) to take care of lunch today... and it was just as good.  Lucky us.

    I can't wait to go back again and again and try something new from the menu each time.

  • 786 Boston Rd
    Billerica, MA 01821
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    I read these reviews and I wonder if we're talking about the same place or if, maybe, I went on a bad day.  Maybe.  However, I can only write a review based on my own experience.

    We figured the presence of diners of the same ethnicity as the restaurant's offerings indicated the food must be very good.  (I'm Cuban and especially picky about Cuban restaurants).

    First, the good:  

    The Pongal has decent parking, a clean ladies room, and a surprisingly nice dining room for an out-of-the-way place in the burbs. They just need to fix the annoying flicker of the overhead lights.

    We ordered the coconut version of their Chicken Korma and that was delicious.  Definitely get it if you like it because they do an excellent job with it.

    Now, the not so good:

    Slow-ish service.  The place seemed well-staffed so I don't know why this was.

    My Chicken Saag came to the table as Paneer Saag.  Very tasty but we wanted chicken, not cheese.

    The salad with the raita dressing came to the table without dressing and, when I asked for it, I got a side of plain yogurt.  I didn't order plain yogurt, I ordered raita.  Additionally, the iceberg lettuce (and who uses iceberg lettuce any more?) was beginning to brown at the edges.  

    The redeeming:

    The waiter apologized for the mistakes and comped us their very tasty Gulab Jamun dessert.

    Final verdict:

    The Pongal is too out-of-the-way for me to give them a second chance.

  • 300 Mishawum Rd
    Woburn, MA 01801
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    As much as I'd love to shop at the Boylston Street store, it's just not within my budget.

    The outlet is a great alternative to getting the polished - and much updated - Talbot's look at affordable prices...  especially when they're 50-90% off original prices.

    With those prices and sizes ranging from Petite to Plus Size, there is no excuse not to look incredibly put together. It's my go-to store for work apparel.

  • 131 River Rd
    Andover, MA 01810
    Vereinigte Staaten
    1.0 Sterne

    The Chateau has done really well for itself being as-average-as-it-gets so I wasn't expecting miracles.  However, their Andover kitchen must be populated with slackers.  There's just no other explanation.  My experience there last night went something like this...

    Me:  I'll have the filet Mignon medium rare with green beans and rice Florentine. Thanks.

    Waitress:  Here you go.  Enjoy.

    Thank you...  Excuse me, this steak is well done. (She apologizes and takes it back).
    (5 minutes later)
    Waitress:  Here you go.  Can you please cut it and see if it's ok?

    Me:  Sure.  Thank you. (cut) Umh, this is rare.

    Waitress:  Apologizes and takes it back.
    (2 minutes later)
    Waitress:  Here you go.  Try now.

    Me:  (Cut cut)  It's medium.  :(  

    The dish's presentation was uninspired bordering on depressing.  My "rice Florentine" was a parslied rice (no spinach in sight) and my green beans were more greyish-green from being boiled to death.  Can't they at least afford to serve fresh or frozen beans?

    Fast advice to The Chateau:  
    --  Teach your cooks how to cook steaks to order.  
    --  Take the Penne off the gluten-free menu.  Wheat is wheat.  
    --  While you're at it, take the haddock (or seafood) casserole with cracker crust off there, too.  Ritz crackers are also made with wheat.

    I have two words for this place:  NEVER AGAIN!

  • 51 Langley Rd
    Newton, MA 02459
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I haven't been to all the Chinese restaurants in the Boston area so I can't say Noodle House 1 is the best.  I can, however, tell you I like it enough not to bother checking out any other when all I want is take-out.  The food is fantastic, fresh, and inexpensive.

    To bring up their decor in a review is ridiculous. This is basically a take-out place with tables as a convenience to customers. They're not trying to be fancy, they're trying to be tasty.  

    I love their chicken laksa and their stir-fried rice noodles with beef.  All their servings are huge so you can take home what you can't finish to enjoy again later.  

    Absolutely yummy!!!  My gastronomically picky friends agree ;)

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"Why o why can't I get a *REAL* Cuban sandwich in Boston?"

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