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  • 1848 E Rosemeade Pkwy
    Carrollton, TX 75007
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    Finally made it to Po Boys last week and loved it! I'm a huge fan of Misto Bistro so I've been dying to try Janet and Brad's newest venture, but my schedule always had me over in their area when they were closed on Sunday and Monday, but good news...they are going to be open 7 days a week starting this Sunday (5/18/14).

    I'm not an expert on Cajun food so we just ordered a variety of things that sounded good - here's the rundown:

    Roast beef po boy - Oh my my. I don't even LIKE roast beef usually and this was awesome. The roast beef (and gravy) had a really good flavor, the bread was nice and soft, but held up even with all the stuff on my sandwich. I will absolutely order this again.Get extra napkins - it's messy but so worth it.

    Meat pie: This reminded me of an empanada - crispy dough outside filled with a seasoned ground beef (I think?) Yum!

    Red beans and rice - This was really tasty and had smoked sausage in with it too. Very good comfort food.

    Fried pickles - these were good too, but by the time I got them home they were kinda soggy. I would get these again if I was eating in (they do have a couple of tables), if I lived closer or if I was going to eat them on the way home ;)

    Dirty Fries - GET THESE. So good. Seasoned fries topped with roast beef (and gravy) and cheese. They are fantastic.

    Well - what are you waiting for? Call in your order!!

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    Love this place!! The hubs wanted sushi and I wanted not sushi and this place made everyone happy - It's like sushi + a few entrees + a whole bunch of Japanese tapas (small plates) .

    He ordered a Dallas roll (I think) and to share we got the hot rock and the yakisoba. From the Robata menu we ordered the chicken meatballs, the shitake mushroom and chicken breast with scallion. I heard the roll was great. My favorite things were definitely the chicken meatballs and the shitake mushrooms - I would make a meal out of those alone! The hot rock was a fun experience and tasted good, but you don't get much for the $11 - I'll do it again, but its not something I need to get every time. The yakisoba was good, but I preferred the small plates - next time I would skip the noodles and get extra robata items.

    I tried one of their special cocktails - the berry splash - I hope this makes its way to a permanent menu item because it was spectacular. Citrus vodka, blackberries, mint, lemon juice and simple syrup (I think) - fruity and refreshing.

    If you save room for something sweet at the end - the fried ice cream was phenomenal!!

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    So happy to have Pollo Tropical in my "lunch area" - I can see this being a frequent member of my lunch rotation.

    First things first - you tell the hostess how many people you have in your party and she gives you a paper with your table number on it and then puts a corresponding number on a table for you in the dining room - this is my least favorite part of the restaurant. I'm picky about seating so I'd much rather chose my own space, but it is what it is. (if you've been to liberty burger on forest/inwood it works the same way)

    I wanted to sample as many things as I could on my first visit so I decided to get the trio - I chose mojo pork and wings to go with my 1/4 chicken with rice and beans and corn souffle as my sides. I also couldn't resist an order of the plantains. So. Much. Food. I knew I wasn't going to eat it all, but at the price (9.99 for the trio) why not just go big? This is Texas after all.

    While I was waiting for my food to be delivered I visited the "sauce island" and was thrilled that they not only have ramekins to put your sauces in, but someone thought this through and they have little trays for you to put the ramekins full of sauces ON when you carry them back to the table! Who hasn't almost dropped a little cup of ketchup or BBQ sauce or something on the way back to their table at some other places? I mean COME on - do they really think anyone is just getting ONE sauce?

    My food came out right after I got back from sauce island and even though I knew I had ordered a bunch of food I was still kind of floored when it all came to my table. Generous portion sizes for sure. If you order like I did be prepared to take a pretty hefty to go box with you.

    Chicken - DELISH. Great flavor by itself and also delicious with the sauces (my faves were the curry mustard and the pineapple rum sauce). Pork - I would have appreciated a heads up about the cilantro sprinkled on the top so I could have requested it be left off, but that's a learning experience and next time I will order it with no cilantro, but I ate around the cilantro and it was fantastic. The pork with the white rice and black beans = heaven. I see a tropichop with these ingredients in my future. Wings were also good, but the other 2 meats were my favorites. The wings are grilled which is a nice change.

    I was pleased with the black beans and white rice combo (beans had flavor and the rice was fluffy). The corn souffle was good, but I will probably branch out with different sides next time (balsamic tomatoes sound intriguing). My plantains were great as well - a little crispy on the edges and the right texture in the middle. Yum!!

    The staff was super friendly and helpful and there was lots of staff members on the floor - I'm guessing they are over staffed right now for the grand opening so I hope the awesome customer service keeps on after they settle in to everyday operation.

    Side note: They have a DRIVE THRU so you can also get your pollo tropical fix even if you don't have time to dine in.

    Welcome to Addison Pollo Tropical - glad to have ya!

  • 5301 Alpha Rd
    Dallas, TX 75240
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    Eh... I will be back but not for what I thought I would be back for. The reviews on this place (and in articles I saw elsewhere) touted this place as the holy grail of mozzarella and from what I experienced it was not.

    I ordered pasta fagioli soup on a whim because I've been craving it for a while, bruschetta and the buffala mozzarella salad (because why wouldn't you at the holy grail of mozzarella?).

    Complimentary bread and seasoned dipping oil was served - the bread was dry but the oil was fantastic. Bruschetta was a victim of the lackluster bread - the underwhelming bread overwhelmed my bruschetta. Unfortunate situation. I would have preferred this on a different bread and maybe with a hint of garlic.

    The pasta fagioli was my favorite of what I ordered and even that could have used a hint of garlic as well but I would order this again because it was better than most I've had in Dallas.

    And now the caprese salad... I was prepared to be wowed and I was really disappointed. The mozzarella was very tough and even a little dry (I've had a fair share of fresh mozzarella and it's always very tender). I asked my server if this was normal and he said it was the end and brought me a piece from the middle but sadly it wasn't better. I had really high hopes and ended up with the exact opposite of what I was hoping for. I'm almost convinced that my experience was some kind of fluke and normally the cheese is superb, but I guess I will wait and see.

    The service was great. I think there was one server working the entire lunch crowd (5 or so tables) but he was very attentive.

  • 5105 Eldorado Pkwy
    Frisco, TX 75034
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    I wanted to love this place as I'm a huge cupcake fanatic, but sadly the cupcakes didn't rock my socks. The cupcakes were OK, but not as great as I'd hoped - not very flavorful and kind of dry. The macarons on the other hand were amazing! Maybe I caught them on an off day cupcake-wise. I will try another one when I go back for more macarons and will update if my opinion changes.

  • $$ Salat, Café
    6141 Windhaven Pkwy
    Plano, TX 75093
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Cafe max is great! I went here on a whim one day when I was sitting at home wishing for something "fresh" for lunch. I picked up a chef salad for my hubs and a trio for me - I should have known by the weight of the bag this was going to be a crazy amount of food, but when I got home and we unpacked the bag.. Oh my...gosh.  SO MUCH FOOD. Seriously. The pasta salad is pretty much addicting. I've been back quite a few times since my first visit and the quality is always good and the staff is super nice. If you haven't been here - what are you waiting for??

    Warning for my fellow cilantro haters: They put cilantro in the tomato cucumber salad AND in the chicken salad so be aware!

  • 5100 Belt Line Rd
    Addison, TX 75254
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    So happy there is a Zoe's close to my office now! Finally made it to this location and it was great - just like all the Zoe's I've been to. My usual is the chicken kabobs, but I've also tried the roasted veggies (heaven!!) and the pimento cheese is to die for! If you're looking for something healthy and fresh - check out Zoes!

  • 7606 Lockwood Ridge Rd
    Sarasota, FL 34243
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Yum!! I was looking for a good cuban sandwich last time I was in townand someone recommended Daddy's so I stopped in. I got a cuban to go and it was awesome. Great sandwiches, affordable prices, mom and pop kinda place - what are you waiting for? Go get a cuban from Daddy's deli!

  • 4.0 Sterne
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    I was a little hesitant to check this place out based on the reviews, but I'm really glad we did. I'll admit - I got a tex-mex combo which was OK (2-3 star range like the most of the reviews show), but not memorable, however my husband ordered the Pollo ala Stephie and it was GREAT! Chicken breast stuffed with spinach & cheese, lightly battered & fried and topped with a cream sauce of some kind. I can't wait to go back to Cristina's and order this dish for myself. I'm inspired to check out some of the other Cristina menu items that go beyond the standard tex-mex fare as it appears this is where they shine.

  • 4.0 Sterne
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    I really wanted to love Dillas, but their pricing is way off so I had to take off a star. The food was good - not as amazing or as big of a portion as it should be for a $7 quesadilla, but there is hope. The staff was friendly and the food was prepared quickly. I hope they either make the Dilla's bigger or the prices smaller and then I'll be back . I tried the founders with steak and it was tasty, but seriously small.

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