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  • 2461 San Diego Ave
    San Diego, CA 92110
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    I have to say being a Mexican restaurant I was very surprised when I came to the realization that I might want to order another plate. I can't recall having that "There is no way this is enough food" reaction at a Mexican restaurant.

    But as the old saying goes, if you live long enough you see just about everything.

    I did not try the margaritas, and I've seen previous reviews saying they're to die for... but come on people, it's a Margarita, it's supposed to be delicious and sneak up on you, anything less is not doing it's job.

    So I love my Margarita's like everyone else, but can we have some time of standard here? Just a question.

    They get 3 stars for the food, but the portions and the atmosphere is not my style...

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    I actually happened upon CakePop, kinda a right time, right place thing.
    And for you who don't understand me, I'm talking FREE samples people!

    Anyway these little delicacies are tasty little morsels. The owner was actually there and enthusticasticly giving me way to much information, But I wouldn't have it any other way. Who wants a baker who doesn't love their own product?

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    Have you ever been to a bar/club that looks like EVERY other bar/club.... that sounds like EVERY other bar/club.

    Yeah, me too, but fortunately this one does not make that list.

    Nouveau, has it's own style, it's own mood, and it's own crowd. The night I went had two different events going and was rather crowded when I went. But it was a good kind a crowd that makes you feel like your at the right spot, but not so bad that you want to hit the next MOFO that steps on your shoes.

    Try it, like it, Digg it!

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    This is more of a review of the lounge they host Sunday nights than the actually restaurant themselves.

    I have read the reviews for the restaurant but I was invited to their Soul Sunday's last week and I really enjoyed the live band. I got there around midnight and there was a $10 cover. The bartenders were friendly and I hear they offer great drink specials early in the night. Of course by the time we arrived we were paying regular price, but I thought the drinks were strong enough to be worth the price.

    So I have no clue about the food, and I can't speak about the daytime, but it looks date worthy after hours. So I say give it a try and let me know what you think.

  • 19245 W 8 Mile Rd
    Detroit, MI 48219
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    Let me start off by saying I don't really go to strip clubs often. But I have been to a few in my day, and this spot worth the visit. I was visiting from out of town and we tried another club earlier in the day that was horrible, only stayed for 20 minutes.

    This on the other hand put a smile on your face as soon as got passed the brother at the door. The inside is nice, the girls are beautiful, and the music was "Poletastic"... yeah I said it.

    I'm from Cali, so I have a natural aversion to eating in these types of clubs, but the plates they had coming out of the kitchen here seriously made me question my commitment to that philosophy. So give this place a try. It's definitely worth it.

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    I thought this was a fun little place. One of the spots that you have to go if your downtown for a couple days. It's a lot larger than it looks from the outside. They have a little bit of everything from a DJ in one room, to Karaoke in another, and a couple different bars to chill out. They got an extra point for the theme, because it's something you don't see much of.

  • $$$ Lounge
    5175 Westheimer Rd
    Houston, TX 77056
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    I've heard of this place several times, but finally checked it out this weekend. If you want diversity, THIS IS NOT IT. 99% Asian. Which could be good or bad depending on your outlook. I thought the place did look pretty good, and the DJ played a pretty good mix.

    The friends I went with go often, and it showed because it seemed like they knew half the people at the bar. Personally I don't see myself going back, but if this is your scene, your probably have a good time.

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    First off people aren't lying the Fajitas are awesome, and the tortillas are pure goodness. The meat they use for the steak fajita is absolutely delicious. Great impression on a first visit.

    The margarita's were are also very good, I was impressed by the flavor of the house version, usually I don't bother and go for the top shelf but that's the one she recommended and it does do the job quite nicely. But makes me wonder how good that top shelf will be when I return.

    Now why am I giving this place 3 stars, because of two things. When I went last week on my date the hostess attempted to sit us right next to the busy kitchen, when there were several quieter places available. Secondly the D*mn sombreros! Seriously, could they be any lower? I assume maybe it's a combination of me being tall and bad luck being seated. I sucked it up after we passed on the noisy table because I didn't want to come off as a snob, but seriously, I felt like I had somebody standing over my shoulder until I finished my first Margarita.

    Yes folks... take notes... Margarita's saved the day

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    My cousin absolutely Loves this place, and while I'm not a big fan of Cafeteria "anything" this place does do it right.

    I'm a California guy so I have sweet memories of eating at Home Town Buffet growing up, where you get to go up and grab as much as you want. The only prob is that you wouldn't like half the stuff you grabbed. I have never had that problem here. I've always try something new, and I am always pleased.

    By the way the fruit salad and turkey are delicious.

    And last but not least when you get to then end of the line and see the deserts your mouth will water. I guarantee, the cakes are large enough to split, yet everything looks so good you want to get two just for yourself.( And I know I'm not the only person with this thought)

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    I came here yesterday with my little brother and we both were pleased with the meals, and additionally I was pleased with the price.

    We ordered the Chicken Alfredo and Spaghetti and both hit the spot. The deserts also looked delicious, but they had to wait on another time. I tried this place for lunch, so I don't know how the dinner atmosphere compares, but the staff were very quick and friendly.

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