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    Look, if these reviews were just about the food Uncle Harry's would get Five Stars on the virtue of the bagelwich alone.

    I could do a Ham on Everything Bagelwich every morning if I had the time...

    But the service in this branch/franchise has gone consistently downhill.

    Compared to the UH's at Cedar and Shaw the staff is a bummer...doubly so because the UH's at Fig Garden is less than a block from my office!

    I've been turned away 15 minutes before "Closing Time" because they had closed up shop early and didn't want to accommodate me. I've had mistakes made with my order and there was so much huffing and puffing over making it right it left me feeling like I shouldn't have asked for WHAT I PAID FOR to be included.

    And there's a general air of surliness that's much, much more apparent when I come in wearing jeans & a t-shirt (versus the usual apathy I'm greeted with when I'm dressed for the office).

    I'll still stop in when I don't have time to hit the other store along my usual commute - the food is good - but the service and atmosphere just isn't the same.

  • 1260 Shaw Ave
    Clovis, CA 93612
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    This is exactly what Clovis needs: family-owned specialty shops. I was so happy to see Powell's get into the new, improved SVM complex. They've got everything the other reviews describe...my favorites are the novelty and specialty drinks, the bulk jelly beans (try the 'hot buttered popcorn' flavor...seriously), and GELATO. Gelato beats Ice Cream any day!

    The guy who made the "swap meet / Turkish bazaar" comment: What planet did you grow up on? It's an "Old Time, Old World" theme. How did you grow up without having seen anything featuring a real candy shop?

    The only reason I'm not giving 5 Stars is because they stopped carrying Licorice Altoids. Broke my heart...

    Powell's is a must before any movie!

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    Despite the legally mandated weekly consumption of Mexican food this is another Clovis joint I just hadn't made time for before.

    Hang on. Slight digression...

    I know Yelp is all about OPINION. And so it follows that, in my humble opinion, the folks panning this place are on crack (it f***s you up). Bitching about a little grease in Mexican food is like crying when your ice gets cold...

    We went in on a Tuesday night, had a chicken quesadilla, a chimichanga, a salad of some sort, guacamole, and, of course, lots of fresh-made chips. There may have also been some beer and margaritas, but according to the conditions of my parole I couldn't indulge in an incredibly well-made adult beverage. So I wouldn't know if it was a perfect on-the-rocks blend of tequila and other flavors. But, uh...my friend said it was.

    The food was great. The meat was perfectly cooked. The rice was light and flavorful. The beans were fresh. The tortillas were flat. I've got to say: this was the best Mexican food I've had in a while.

    The service was outstanding. Granted, it was a Tuesday, but good service, appropriate attention to the kids, and prompt refilling of the drinks means a lot. A charming waitress who knows the menu AND how to deal with a two year old who wants to place her own order is a blessing to any establishment.

    I'll be back!

  • 9423 N Fort Washington Rd
    Fresno, CA 93720
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    Starbucks is Starbucks. The product is commendably consistent and generally of a superior quality. The thing that makes each store unique is the staff.

    This store seems to always have new faces...and lately they're all scowling. I stopped in Sunday morning with some co-workers and I was amazed by the negative energy the staff was giving off.

    When I went to the cream & sugar cart to...wait for it...get my cream & sugar there was no cream. No milk. No containers that could have contained cream or milk. I'm not picky: I just want something to lighten my coffee.

    When I stepped up to the counter and asked the guy with the fauxhawk if I could get some cream or milk I was answered with a frown and a long-ish wait while he stomped into the back, checked his email, cut himself a little, and wrote a quick poem about the trials of a teenager with bad hair being kept down by the man. Then he stomped out, past me (I had been at the counter hoping someone would spill some milk into my cup so I could leave), and deposited three carafes of milk and cream at the cream & sugar cart.

    Again, my coffee was fine. The entire process only took a few minutes. I was unharmed by the cranky staff. But I was disappointed by the attitude. Had I been planning to stay I would have reconsidered and taken my business to the Starbucks two blocks away (in any direction).

  • $$ Pizza, Pub
    1315 Shaw Ave
    Clovis, CA 93612
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    Despite living within a mile of BC's for the past six months...and living in the same metro area for the past decade or so last night was my first experience.

    I'd been missing out. They've got a great variety of beer/brew/ale/lager/stout/unfiltered Belgian insanity draft. They've also got better pizza than any of the chain joints in town. I tried two different pies: the "Carnivore" and the Hawaiian. Both met the high expectations that had been set by years of hearing about it.

    They've got a bar area, perfect for large groups, small groups, or some one-on-one time with a few cold drinks. Good sized flat-screen TV's showing Sharks, Lakers, Angels, and Strongman events. A separate, more family-friendly booths-and-waitresses dining room, and some video games for the kids.

    Previous reviews: The Simpsons video game is still there. They had 105.1 "The Blaze" on when I came in...

    (side-bar/digression/rant) This is a beer and pizza joint, the poster complaining about the music is nuts, it's a classic rock station. If you're gonna get into music pairing, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and STP go with pizza and beer. If you're a Genesis/Celine Dion/Kenny G listener go sip your limoncello at Aqua Shi (and shut up).

    ...but switched it off in favor of the jukebox somewhere along the way.
    They've got Das Boot, gigantic steins (2-liter-ish), tall-boys, and pints. Two kinds of stout on tap. And bottles of a "Banana Bread" beer I'm going back to try next weekend...

  • 1414 Clovis Ave
    Clovis, CA 93612
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    The food's consistently O.K. The service is usually awesome, and the portions are huge. I was a little let down after hearing some of the hype, but after a day of doing (insert manly task here) a Texas Tommy and a couple cold beers get the job done.

    If you get the pulled pork sandwich: also get the coleslaw. Then dump all of the coleslaw onto the pulled pork sandwich. You'll need a fork & knife (and a wingman) to get through it, but you'll thank me later.

  • $ Pub
    833 Fern
    Fresno, CA 93728
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    Starline Grill, next door to The Starline (music venue), and two doors down from Fresno's "Townie" joint, is the best neighborhood bar in town.

    It's got a comfortable indoor lounge. But, even more importantly, Starline Grill has the greatest smoker's patio in Central CA.

    The staff is always moving at top speed, but given the popularity of the Grill you'll have a moderate wait for your drink if you're too lazy to get over to the bar and fetch it yourself.

    The drinks are mixed properly (no measured shots, no skimping), and they'll accommodate any reasonable request. The food is good, hot, and made fresh, in-house.

    A word on the food: no one seems to realize it, but Starline Grill has one of the top three pizzas in Fresno. There have been nights I find myself moved to tears.

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