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  • 2200 Marsh Rd
    Wilmington, DE 19810
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    This store is a MUST visit whenever my fiance and I visit my parents in Wilmington. This is the best used record store for price, organization, and selection that he has ever been to, and that says a lot since we live in NYC. We used to go to a place in Queens that had tons of records, but it was quite disorganized, dusty, and you had to dig for hours. That store has since closed, and we were left with just a few places either with a much smaller selection or super high prices. Here, everything is neat, clean, organized and well-maintained. Plus the prices are very fair and there is a huge number of records to look through.

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    Brides-- don't think you'll get treated well here! I've seen about 7-10 places for my wedding, and this was the WORST treatment I've received.

    My future mother-in-law made an appointment for us to look here, but we could only get an appointment 3 weeks away. I thought that was weird, since most places try to get you to visit as soon as possible and will bend over backwards to make time to give you a tour. We decided to try to move up our appointment since we're looking at a June wedding, and those dates go quickly. I called last week and after going through 5 potential times/dates that we could've visited that wouldn't work for them, we finally settled on coming at noon on Good Friday (when I was off from work) to visit. My fiance works in the area, so we could come on his lunch break. We were all excited to visit the place. I was a little wary since it was such a headache just to book a visit. That usually shows me how flexible and accommodating a place will be on your special day. This place seems like it's all about them and NOT you, the customer.  

    When my sister-in-law and I showed up, the workers looked at us like we had 5 heads. It was not clear where the front entrance was. I have to tell you, this place has zero curb appeal. It is so UGLY. It's right off a main street and even though it's in Long Island, it's a very congested area that looks similar to areas of Queens. Anyway, after finally finding the hostess ourselves since no one approached us or asked if they could help us, we told the woman we were here for our appointment. They had no idea what I was talking about, and the woman asked me to fill out a form. She said someone would be with us shortly. A crazy woman walked by singing like it was nothing and that we weren't guests looking to book her place. You could tell that they just don't care.

    While waiting, two small children, probably the owners/managers kids', ran and jumped over the chair right next to us. They slide down the chair repeatedly, screaming and rough housing. It was really disturbing since we were potential customers. Finally, when someone approached us 20 minutes after our appointment was supposed to start (were were 10 minutes early by the way), she told us that the date we were looking for was already taken. Not only that date, but EVERY Sunday in June. So yeah, we drove out there for no reason. My mother-in-law drove 45 mins and my fiance took time off of work for nothing, not to mention I wasted time on my day off. As we tried to discuss what we were going to do next, a really rude staff member stood near us and stared at us. We felt uncomfortable, so we moved outside to continue our discussion. Out there, the woman continued to stare at us through the window to show that we were unwelcome.

    Save your time and energy Brides, don't look at the Inn at New Hyde Park!!!

    JP H.
    Kommentar von JP H. von The Inn At New Hyde Park
    22.5.2014 Hi Tammy,

    We are very sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience when contacting and visiting the…
  • 5.0 Sterne

    We had an amazing time here during our visit to Florida. The portions for breakfast were a bit tiny, but you are definitely paying for the quality of ingredients and the beauty of surroundings. I had a baked egg on top of quinoa and kale. It was really delicious. The salted caramel latte was so good!

    The place is so fun to walk around and visit. The book store and little shop makes the Oxford Exchange a nice experience and a great place to visit. If I lived in town, I'd be here way too often for a delicious drink and to walk around.

    Sarah B.
    Kommentar von Sarah B. von Oxford Exchange
    12.3.2014 Thank you for visiting Oxford Exchange on your trip to Tampa! We're glad you enjoyed the experience!… Weiterlesen
  • 313 Amsterdam Ave
    New York, NY 10023
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    This is a tiny restaurant on the Upper West Side that serves some pretty delicious food. We started with the artichoke bufala bruschetta and I had the pumpkin ravioli in gorgonzola sauce, which was delicious. The bread they give you for the table is SO good as well. It is VERY small-- maybe 5-6 small tables. The bench seats barely fit a full butt, so just be warned!

    The service was ok, if a little slow. Here's the problem. You cannot modify your dish, at all. You can not add a protein! My friend wanted a pasta with chicken thrown in. They said they will only add chicken to the penne with vodka sauce. But NOTHING else. Then she asked if she could get a Chicken dish with just a side of pasta in regular tomato sauce. Nope. They would not make her a side of pasta! They do not sell sides of pasta. At an Italian restaurant... yes, crazy, right? So her third thought, "can I order a pasta dish with just a grilled chicken breast on the side?". NO, they wouldn't do that either. So basically, they wouldn't let her upsell her OWN meal! They actually are holding themselves back from making more money and making their customers happy. I've never been to a restaurant that said no quite so many times.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    The one thing this place has over most other restaurants in Astoria-- this is the only nice sit down Chinese restaurant. There are not enough places where you can go and have a nice Chinese experience. Most places are take out only, so it's great that his place has both Chinese and sushi, depending on what you feel like having. My boyfriend's brother in law doesn't eat sushi, so it's great that he can get a Chinese entree while the rest of us eat some pretty good sushi. The service is a bit hit or miss. When we were there on Saturday, our waitress who was VERY nice, kept forgetting to give us soy sauce containers, didn't fill our water, and kept spilling things on our and others tables. But she was really nice and apologetic. The Chinese portions are not so large, and sushi is good. Really, they have a great deal on Tuesday and Saturday nights. They have unlimited sake with your meal. Definitely a great choice if you're heading to an over priced bar afterwards. The sake was actually pretty good and not as watered down as some other places I have been. Obviously this is not a fine dining restaurant, but it does the trick if you want a nice place to have a normal dinner with friends or family.

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    Hat einen Yelp Deal gekauft

    We purchased a yelp deal here and they did an amazing job When I moved in with my boyfriend, we needed to clean up his place so that the 3 years he spent there with two male roommates were completely cleared up. The woman who came did a great job. Their normal prices are a bit insane, but the deal was really reasonable for a really good cleaning. She scrubbed our kitchen, bathroom, both bedrooms and all the floors. It looked amazing after she was done. Totally recommend them for a really good scrubbing.

  • $$ Bar
    245 E 55th St
    New York, NY 10022
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    I had two experiences here that left me somewhere in the middle. For happy hour, this place is awesome. Not crazy crowded and the back atrium room is pretty nice. The decor is great, they have awesome beers on tap and they pour quite a healthy glass of wine. Then I went to a birthday party here on a Saturday night, and by 10pm it is entirely too crowded. It was so hot and with all the furniture in the middle of the back room, you got stuck and couldn't move around. The place is still super cute, but I will stay away at peak weekend hours.

  • $$$$ Steakhouse
    35-15 36th St
    Astoria, NY 11106
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    S Prime had some of the best steak and sides I've ever eaten. My boyfriend who has been to all the top steakhouses said that it rates just below Lugers but better than most of the standard steakhouses. I gave it only 4 stars though since the layout at the front is kind of awkward. They have some tables that are right by the bar but that they use as main dining room tables. At any other restaurant, these would be high tops to deal with bar overflow while people are waiting for their table. But here, people were seated as if they were inside the main restaurant. If anyone got seated for a very special dinner at one of the tables right inside the door by the bar, I'd feel really sorry for them!

    We bought the groupon offered to try this place, and that was an AMAZING deal. The food is top notch. Their great special was for half priced drinks from 4-9pm every night at the bar, which made their drinks VERY affordable. We ended up having 1 1/2 drinks each at the bar and finishing our second at our table.

    We each had the larger filet (12 oz) and we shared the onion rings, creamed spinach, and mashed potatoes. All were seriously delicious. The meat melted in our mouths, the creamed spinach was creamy but had some major taste and the mashed potatoes were really thin but the taste was amazing. I thought the onion rings were good but standard, not as worth it as our other sides. The food was SO good. Really, really worth it. If we didn't have the Groupon, our meal would've come out to about $90 each including tax/tip, not including drinks, which we bought at the bar. I found the noise level pretty loud, but the atmosphere (except for the tables near the bar) was awesome. It's very well decorated and a nice place for a fancy meal.

  • 2609 Mt Carmel Ave
    Glenside, PA 19038
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    When we walked in, this place reeked of beer, you can tell it's been there forever. It was a great place to watch some Sunday football games, but the waitress complained to us that they wouldn't let her put up any games but the Eagles on the main TVs at the front of the bar. It was ok, we watched on the TVs towards the back and sat at a high top. It is a comfortable bar, and the appetizer sampler we got was really pretty good. The chicken wrap we got was completely inedible. It was soaked in honey mustard and chicken was dripping in oil. Gross! The turkey club we had was super dry but was ok. I think it probably would've been safer to stick to typical bar food. The service was great, but I probably would just go to drink and watch a game rather than eat!

  • 190 Bleecker St
    New York, NY 10012
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    I don't know why everyone loves this place. It was pretty mediocre last night. The service was nice and friendly, but I found the food to just be ok. We started with the spinach patties as an appetizer and they are SPICY. I like spice, but two people I was with do not, and they could not handle them. I had the lamb curry, and for a tiny portion of pretty bland lamb and some rice, i found $14 a bit steep. For some reason they only make dosas on the weekends (whaaat?!?!) Three of us got our food and after about 5 minutes, we had to ask before our last friend got her food so we could eat. I love India food, but I was not impressed by the Bombay Duck Co. at all.

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