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  • 3701 Iberville St
    New Orleans, LA 70119
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Great New Orleans neighborhood restaurant.  Service was excellent by Leo.  When I did my Yelp check in,  I received a free large onion ring order.  They were large and well breaded, very good.  Started off with Spinach &  Crab Bisque.  It was Delicious!  Followed up with the wedge salad.  It was large enough to split, which we did, and very good.  Ended lunch with the Crayfish Beignet.  It is a must order, very good.   Crayfish and crabmeat were very generous in the dishes!   Would order all of the same dishes again.  Highly recommend this restaurant.

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    Nice, comfortable tasting room.  We skipped the white wines and went straight to the reds.  We tasted a Zin, a Cab, and their Bordeaux blend.  They were all really good.   Each was paired with different flavored nuts which was a unique experience.  We bought the Bordeaux blend (mostly Cabernet sauvignon, with some Merlot and Petit Verdot).  Emily, our hostess, was very nice, and informative.  For checking in with Yelp, we got a 15% discount against our purchase (we bought two bottles to take home).

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    My husband and I visited on a Saturday night.  Nice crowd, and there were still a couple of empty tables outside, so we stayed outside to enjoy one of our brief, beautiful Spring evenings.

    My husband asked for the wine list and our waitress read from her cheat sheet what wines they had that evening.  He was a little surprised, but picked out a nice pinot noir for our dinner.

    We started the meal with the mixed green salad.  We've had it before and I was looking forward to the candied almonds and Gorgonzola cheese over the mixed greens.

    Katya did a good job on selling me on the Saturday night special, an 8 oz fillet Mignon, with a cheese topping, potato au gratin and a vegetable medley.  The steak was good, cooked as I requested.  My husband ordered the barbecue shrimp ravioli.  His plate was clean when we finished.  Enough said.  He liked it.  We were so full, we skipped dessert.  The chocolate cake sounded divine.

    I have only compliments for our waitress, Katya.  She was there without hovering.  I liked that David came by and asked how everything was.  It's nice to know (and see) that the owner is around and cares about his customers.

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    Shuttle service was very accommodating.  The driver handled our 5 pieces of luggage like it was part of his job.  On the way to the ski resort he offered to stop at a liquor store and a grocery store.  The drivers always claim that the prices are cheaper in Gunnison than up on the mountain.  I've never challenged the claim.  We take them up on the offer and usually buy too much.  This driver even loaned us his Safeway card so we could save $12.00 on groceries.  He did get the benefit of our purchase counting towards his gas discount.  A win-win for each party.  Considering how important the shuttle service is for the ski resorts, they do an excellent job.

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    When we decided to do a Sunday Brunch to celebrate three birthdays recently, we picked the Palace Cafe.  Everyone else talked about their good memories of the restaurant.  I went along as it had been a while since I was last there.  We made a reservation for 11.

    We didn't arrive as a single group.  Parking was mayhem on this Sunday morning, and the groups straggled in.  The staff was kind enough to seat us at our table upstairs as we arrived, rather than make everyone wait downstairs until the last strays dragged in.  Our reserved table on the second floor was ready, sort of.  The silverware and menus were given out only when someone actually sat in a chair.

    On to the food...  Of the appetizers, the crab-meat cheesecake a must order.  The beignets were not good (I didn't like the one I sampled).  Blue cheese salad was very good.  When lunch came, everyone was served but me.  Somehow my order was not put in.   An awkward moment, everyone's food was in front of them, and my space was empty.  Our server apologized for not having my food and said the kitchen was aware the problem and would soon have it out.  While I was waiting, my husband finished his pulled pork eggs Benedict.  I thought it had a good taste but it was cold.  Not cool, cold.  On my other side, was a cold crab quiche with spinach.  When my chicken came out, it was like it had been warmed up with piping hot potatoes added to the plate.  It tasted OK, but nothing I would order it again.  When I had asked around, no one at the table claimed their food was hot.  Warm and OK were the best responses.  

    On to the desserts...  We ordered most of them and passed the dishes around.  The bread pudding, which is so raved about, I didn't think lived up to the claims.  The strawberry cheesecake was good.  The Bananas Foster was good.  Praline ice cream was good.

    Service was poor, much less than you would expect at the Palace Cafe.  I'm not sure the staff serving the table actually talked to each other.  They were very erratic about taking drink orders.  Ignore us for a while, then both would make rounds with minutes of each other, asking if we needed something.  We waited a long time for food to arrive after we ordered it.  My husband claimed an hour, but I think he was exaggerating slightly.  When we were done, the server forgot to tell the kitchen staff to box our leftovers.  Jazz trio played music, which was a nice added touch.  

    Overall,  too many good restaurants in the area to recommend this restaurant. The slow service and the cool food were major negatives.  It's going to be a while before I consider returning to the Palace Cafe.

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    It was a Sunday, about 6 pm.  We were seated right away.   Actually, you could say the place was almost empty.  The restaurant's decor is dated and could be freshened up.   Our waiter was very attentive, came over several times asking if we needed anything

    Salsa and chips good, what you would expect from a Mexican restaurant, nothing to rave about.  I had the Fajitas, chicken.  It was good, no complaints.

    My husband had the chicken & cheese enchilada.  It was alright, no complaints, but nothing to brag about.

    Main reason we came was that we had a WYES buy one get one free offer.  Otherwise we would gone elsewhere.

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    We came for the Early bird special (Monday - Thursday; 4p - 6p; $11.95 per meal which includes salad and dessert.  There were 6 or 7 choices for dinner).

    Spouse had salad, fried catfish with fries.  He said they were good and would return.  They were more of catfish strips rather than fillets.

    I started with the cream of chicken and broccoli soup;  It was thick and delicious!  For my entree, I had the grilled shrimp 6 nice sized shrimp) with toast and steamed broccoli.  The meal was good, good.  

    Both of us had the cheesecake for dessert,  The cheesecake was good, lightly covered with a spritz of chocolate and caramel.

    Plan to return to try out a couple of the other early bird options.  The service was good.  On a busy night, don't sit next to the swinging doors on the left side of the restaurant.

  • 770 Commercial St
    Rockport, ME 04856
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Stopped in for lunch.  Ordered the salad bar great; large variety of fresh ingredients.   Being from New Orleans, I wanted fresh fish.  Do not order halibut au gratin, the fish may have been fresh, but it tasted like Velveeta cheese and way too much of it.  The grilled halibut was very good.   The fried halibut was good, although I had better the last time I was in Seattle.  I didn't care for the breading on fish.  My weakness, home baked, hot wheat bread.  It was very good.  Rosie very nice. Service was good.

  • 43 Middle St
    Portland, ME 04101
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Arrived about 11am on a Saturday.   We were seated right away.  The crowd came in right afterward and filled the restaurant.  The service was great.  We ordered the meatloaf panini, the barbecue pork belly panini, and the duck confit panini.  All were delicious!!!!  The French fries were fried in duck fat and served with a variety of sauces: Thai, aoli, and truffle.  All were interesting and good.   Highly Recommended!

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    Took the advice from some Yelp reviews and ate here.  The lobster roll was delicious!  Just as it was recommended.  The Nomad Burger very good!  The Nachos were OK, Caesar salad was OK, nothing special.  Enjoyed our meal here.

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