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  • 25 E Main St
    Los Gatos, CA 95030
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    Ambiance, fine cuisine, great surprises for the palate, a spirit of excellence among the staff, caring, I could go on & on! Just when I was about to give up on both Italian places and old world style service, we find this gem! And to top it all off, they made us gluten-free table bread (all you can eat, homemade, Italian, crusty), and served us homemade gluten-free desserts!!! The cook's own caramel sauce is to die for! The wine was also excellent.

    We had 3 different meals; 2 pastas (yes, gluten-free), & the special lamb shank with mashed potatoes & spinach from heaven. I tasted all three, and I challenge anyone to not rate their food a 5 out of 5!

  • 885 Scott Blvd
    Santa Clara, CA 95050
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    Aufgelistet in My Neighborhood, Doctors

    Doc Washington saved my daughter's health and well-being! If we had not been referred to him & his hardworking staff, she would have had major surgery by now.  Some reviewers may want a quick or fancier fix, but when your life is on the line...well, solid, skilled and experienced does it for me.  No one could figure out what was wrong with my 26 year old daughter, but Dr. Washington got us out of the twice a week ER visits and some horrible suffering and pain.  The sleep regimen he taught her was pivotal. Later on, he sent her to Stanford for just the right test.  Thank you Doctor of doctors! Our family will always love and honor you.

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    IT'S CLOSED DOWN NOW!!!! Shirin and her family were the very best of Persian hospitality and GRACE!  My family misses them very much.

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    Met a friend there and we ordered the 1/2 chicken, side of sausage, ravioli (cheese), minestrone soup, side salads, and two drinks.  I gave it 4 stars for 1) the outright kind and accommodating service we received.  There were so many goodies to choose from!

    2) The "home made-ness" of the food.  It was generally pretty tasty, and good too.

    However, the sausage tasted old a bit, even though the veggies and sauce saved it.

    The Chicken was not hot, not well-cooked, and lacked flavor.

    The minestrone soup was fantastic!

    The salad was crispy, clean and yummy with the bacon and chopped tomatoes on top.

    The bread looked good, although I didn't eat it that day.

    I can't wait to go back because I think they have other dishes that are even more delicious.

  • 1750 Lundy Ave
    San Jose, CA 95131
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    At this mega, "stay-open-late" post office you will be greeted with smiling faces and fun-loving, service-oriented employees! The folks working here make my day every time I stop by! They never make me feel like a lowly customer, but more like family. When I was there a bit past closing, they still served me with a bright, up attitudes! Heck, we've even sang Christmas songs together & had a good laugh about it too!

  • $$ Hotel
    711 E El Camino Real
    Sunnyvale, CA 94087
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    Amazing Grace!!!  After searching through over a dozen hotels in the Silicon Valley Area for a women's conference in Sept. 2007, I was astonished at what I found at the Maple Tree Inn.  We often host visitors who have booked their own hotel, and I have visited many of their quarters.  It is often just very average, nothing to really relax you or serve your needs much.  BUT, at the Maple Tree Inn, where my husband and I stayed for 9 days, and 2 of our children (ages 16 and 23) stayed for 3 days,....we found the following:
    -A double queen room that actually had space to spare in it
    -We got fresh everything every day! and maid service with a big smile!
    -We were greeted in the halls and lounge each morning with several cheery "Good Morning!"s, and similar greetings throughout the day
    -Although we were praying only an average price for our accommodations, we were treated with style and grace at the front desk, by the staff and so were our requests for service, etc.
    -The Breakfast is perfect!  Poor Marie Calendar's missed us I think.  We chose to have a different style of breakfast each morning, we even tried the Japanese one.  
    -The reception snack in the evening was way beyond what we thought it would be:  my kids especially liked the pizza night!  All for free.
    -In our room, we had a fridge that was empty (not full of expensive junk), so we could do a little shopping at the plaza less than half a block away for the things we especially enjoy.  The microwave and shelf was just right for our occasional meals "in".
    -And, our beds, they were brand new, and comfortable.  I hate a rock hard bed.  There were big, fluffy blankets extra just waiting for us, also.
    -One of the most relaxing and soothing things about the entire hotel is the atmosphere, which has clearly been especially designed to be peace full and serene.  Even the pictures in our room were of a beach and the water.  
    -The Dining Room is just full of light and big comfortable chairs.  No squishing in beside someone.  The staff is very attentive in the Dining Room, and I never once felt hurried, even though we stayed very late one morning.  And, it is always open, all day long.  So, when I went in with my instant soup bowl and asked for hot, boiling water, they were more than happy to help out.  
    -The Business Office staff were so polite and caring, it made feel like I could ask them for anything, or, just chat awhile.  There is also a Save Deposit Box for guests.
    -Ah, yes, Security.  I felt the staff were much more careful than hotels I've stayed in previously.  There is even someone who walks around the halls often to check on things.  This made us feel secure.
    -The pool and poolside chairs, towels were so clean and always neat.  The exercise room has an unusual number of machines, which we appreciated.
    -Another highly unusual thing the Inn has is a full LAUNDRY ROOM for guests to use as they please.  It is operated just like a coin laundry, only with much nicer staff.
    -Even their parking was "wrap around", so that we ended up parking our cars right behind our room.
    -The rooms are particularly sound-proof.  That is, you can hear a tap or two now and then, but it was unusually quiet. (We were on the first floor.)

    Overall, my family and I felt pampered and welcomed.  We went home refreshed, ready to go again.

    From a local.

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"Loves a good Persian meal! music! & a FREE IRAN !"

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