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    The pizza was very good. I ordered a deep dish sausage and a reg small Hawiaan. The sauce was very good, so was the crust...good flavor. Our server, slammed with 6 tables and being the only one there...was kick ass she never missed a beat. We really wanted to try the basil pizza but, to our shock, they were out of basil. The staff was friendly, it's a small place, but I look forward to ordering for the house. The pizza is very good, best in the area for sure.

  • $$ Pizza
    300 E 109th Ave
    Crown Point, IN 46307
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    I like Beggers...but calm down a little on the meat. The deep dish is good and I think the franchises do a good job in keeping with the Blue Island Beggers where I first had a slice 35 years ago.

  • 1862 W 81st Ave
    Merrillville, IN 46410
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    Stopped in on Labor Day for some questions and some possible shopping. Mitch came out to greet right away and I had my wife tell him her issues sleeping so he could get a better idea of what to show us. His came up with three mattresses in 3 price ranges and had us check them all out. Just like Goldie Locks we went bed to bed and the third one was just right, and by right I mean fantastic. Mitch hooked us up with a great deal on our mattress, bed and a bench. The service was fantastic and the attention to our wants and needs was above any other bedding store we walked into...and there were many. Thanks again to Lynn's Bedroom...I look forward to doing business again if we ever need you, I'll send anyone I know your way...

  • 100 S Capital Ave
    Indianapolis, IN 46225
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    There are good and bad things at large conventions like this. I'll start with the bad...the housing department Gen Con had this year was horrible, I was on the waiting list from 6 minutes after the portal crashed on January 29th and NEVER got a room, but they were quick to tell me if I upgraded to the Gen Con VIG package ($540) I could get a room in any of the three hotels I requested. I don't agree with people trying to strong arming me into spending ridiculous money just to get a hotel room, because Gen Con takes all the rooms so you cannot book one on your own.
    The next is the swag bag, I know it's been gone for three years now, but it was awesome when they had it, the coupon book they give out sucks.
    It was great to have games on Wednesday! I thank all the hotels for fresh ice water, the best bathrooms are at the JW...3rd floor. Food was not a problem anywhere in Indy, food trucks were cool...except the nacho truck..yuck.
    They need to up the prizes for the costume contest...there were better cosplay costumes not in the contest.
    Gen Con needs to get Degree & a mouth wash company as sponsors...because this year WOW did people stink!
    Death Storm is the best D20 game at Gen Con....D&D Next had to many rude people running games, disappointing. The Pathfinder games were great, but the prices at their booth were nuts...cheaper on Amazon.
    The T Shirts vendors at $22 a T...out of line...$15-20 max.  
    The play test games in the hall were awesome, great patient people :)
    The people working they JW and Union Station help desk were awesome.
    Overall Gen Con is awesome, sure corporate greed oozes it way in and you have to look for deals and the games are priced very fair. We miss the play testing for prizes, but screw it we understand the bigger it gets the more they keep and stop giving away...that's just greedy corporate by that's the world we are in.
    If you are a gamer, love RPG's, Cosplay, LARPING, this is for you. Just use some common sense, don't be afraid to shop & ask for a deal, stay away from the nacho truck, take a shower and change your clothes everyday..please.

  • 9 California St
    Valley Springs, CA 95252
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    Never been a buffet person, I always think you lose quality with that, but this place has incredible food. They have this coconut glazed shrimp that just rocks. I ate two plates full, not because I was starving, its was that dam good...I even had some to go...Also a full sushi bar and Chinese fried chicken, Yeah dipped in their tempura batter, dam it was good. Very clean, the buffet well stocked and maintained. They also have a full dessert bar buffet that is awesome!!! I was very pleased and it was priced so fair. We had 12 people at our table and the wait staff was on the money with anything you needed and removed the plates fast when done. Service was great, the food was pretty dam good. Not bad in Northern Cali... I will come back again for sure.

  • 8345 Main St
    Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245
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    I'm on vacation for 10 days here in Northern California, one huge problem for this Chicago good pizza. Oh not any more. I'm staying to the historic Hotel Leger and right down the hill at the Union House these guys were having their "Soft" opening this weekend and I got to go in and sit down for lunch. Wood Oven Pizza, made from scratch...ohh yeah.
    You first greeted right away by extremely friendly and very engaged employees. The open kitchen allows you to see the pizzas being made fresh, hand tossed dough and freshly prepared toppings. We choose to eat inside...there's a huge bar, can bottle or premium soda selection, and fresh lemon water. The seating is comfortable and the interior décor is very cool, from local historic pictures, little relics they found in their remodel, and big screen TV's for the game. I would say awesome for family dining, family get together, a night out, or a hang out. We looked at the outside patio and it is incredible with patio tables under an awesome pergola covered in grape vines. It's so cool.  There is also a large outdoor stage and a small indoor one for live music or for someone to use if hosting an event at the Union House. (And why not their food rocks, its unique, tell your CEO's this is a cool place for employee appreciation day.)
    We ordered two pizzas...The Hawaiian BBQ Chicken and a Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza. There are 6 sauces you can pick from and as a garnish they can brush the outer crush with garlic/oil, rosemary/garlic, parsley, chives, or parmesan...ohh its good.  It took less than 10 minutes for the pizzas, but when they arrived they smelled awesome. Also I want to mention, the smell reached the Hotel with their wood oven that's on the outside patio, made us float down the hill like Homer to the restaurant. Anyway, we started eating and I have to say...YES! Northern California now has a place with GREAT Pizza!!! It's was so good I killed my whole pie, even the wife finished half of hers. The chef even came out to ask...The Classic sauce, sausage/pepperoni with Garlic/Olive oil Garnish I ordered was so good. The thin crust cooked perfect, the meat so good with a kick from the pepperoni but not too overwhelming to take the taste from the sausage. The outer crust was a surprise joy, like something separate from the pie, it was like suddenly having an awesome breadstick at the last bite. I ate the whole thing. The wife had Hawaiian BBQ Chicken with a rosemary/garlic garnish. I had to try it...the chicken on the pizza, marinated and grilled, oh dude it could be served on cardboard and be awesome. The fresh sweet onions, pineapple, bacon, with that chicken...oh it was so good. I was so full, but wanted to try more, thank god I'm here for 9 more days. Having the Drew's Baked Potato Pizza Pie later for dinner, I was told by many today it is incredible, I'm sure it is.
    If you are anywhere near this place and don't stop in you are not doing yourself a favor. It is killer, the food is worth a drive, hell I flew 2400 miles and look forward to going to this place, several times while here...might as well try all the pizzas. The Union House Wood Oven Pizzas is 5 star food, 5 star employees, and 5 star atmosphere, this is not a place to miss and a must GO for anyone whole truly loves awesome pizza.

  • 7366 E Shea Blvd
    Scottsdale, AZ 85260
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    Yelp removed my comment, for not following guidelines, for those YELP on ABC is long before it was on TV and got blasted.

    The pizza was terrible. The meat tasted frozen and for the price you would think the sauce was fresh and not taste metallic out of the can. The pasta again didn't have a fresh taste, the sauce was bland and metallic. The bakery products looked good, but after some real disappointing food and watching the manager be both rude to the staff and clients, we left. We expected better in Scottsdale and we found it else where. I do not suggest this place for food or fine dining, the atmosphere and food are not worth the price. Just because you overprice the menu, doesn't make it fine dining.

  • 15690 S Harlem Ave
    Orland Park, IL 60462
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    Have you ever catered from here? Well we did...and paying $129 for a cheese tray and to have (we counted) 30 pieces of cheese and two strawberries...really? And the cheese was not even fresh.

    We enjoy the food (when dining in), but you go for the selection of wines.

    We felt ripped off. I would never cater from there again.

    My suggestion is to dine in only.

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    It's awesome to find a real butcher that will cut to order if you like. Want a big steak or pork chop...they can hook you up.
    I get all my pork shoulders there for my award winning pulled pork and the quality of meat and the cuts are excellent.
    I stopped buying meat at the grocery store because I'll talk quality.
    Also they do these great lunch cookouts on the weekends, promoting their meats...go on their website for the dates, well worth the visit.

  • 875 Deercreek Drive
    Schererville, IN 46375
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    This is an average place, nothing special.
    Sometimes the employees look like they are being forced to work like a slave labor plant.
    The screens are good, the sound is great, and the seats are good enough for a two hour movie.
    The prices are what you expect at a movie theater, very high and poor quality products.
    Going to the movies use to be fun, now it's become really expensive.

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