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  • 511 E Campbell Ave
    Campbell, CA 95008
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    I get new running shoes once a year, the last time I came here was in 2012. 2013 I went to the Runner's Factory in Los Gatos because of a Groupon. After my most recent fitting with Steven this year I realized I should have never went anywhere else.

    I was experiencing serve pain from the Brook's Beast I was fitted with at Runner's Factory. I only spent a couple of minutes with Steven and he already knew which shoes were the best for me. After taking them for a test run this week I completely agree with his recommendation.

    Running Revolution gives me the up most confidence that all the employees are avid athletes themselves and care about their customer's needs. More importantly they actually know what they're doing and not just trying to make a sale. The extra penny at Running Revolution is worth not risking my foot's health over a $20 Groupon.

    No intimidation here either which is something I always look for as an out of shape ex-cross country runner/current TV marathon watcher.

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    There are many things that don't go well together
    - Babies and airplanes
    - Democrats and Republicans
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    I was a true yelper and did my research prior to getting a smog check. After picking the 5 cheapest/best in San Jose/Milpitas, I narrowed it down between these two:

    + Main Street Smog Test Only = $48.25 with one free retest
    + Milpitas Smog Test Only = $45 with a $15 retest

    My ancient Flintstone '92 Honda Accord was summoned to get a smog test and I had very little confidence it would pass. Having one free retest was worth the $3.25 difference and not risking another $15 for a failed smog check.

    Real price was $50 + $8.25 certificate but mention Yelp or go to their website for a $10 off coupon

    Beyonce must have sung a little prayer for my car because it passed on the first run (and JUST barley according to Andrew). Andrew also offered to check my tire pressure. COOL BEANS! I'm lousy at doing that myself. Because I have nitrogen filled tires and they only have air at the shop I passed up the gesture. Still much appreciated, though.

    Bathroom, outlets, 'DGAF if you're staring at me' dog, and gossip magazines are plenty to keep you occupied in the under 30 minutes you're here. Will gladly be back in 2 years if my car is still running

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    Referred by Costco I got an alignment for $60. The $5 Yelp deal does not combine with that referral (I purchased my tires from Costco). I called in advance to schedule an appointment but I believe you can just drop in, too.

    The waiting room is bare bones and no password-less wifi but for an alignment for that price you won't hear me complaining. Bathroom just round the corner and I never tried asking for the wifi pw.

    Popped open my laptop and was able to watch 3 episodes of Broad City before they were finished. Total time from check in to driving off the lot was approximately 1 hour 10 minutes.

  • 320 N Capitol Ave
    San Jose, CA 95127
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    Free bag with a $25 purchase, which is an awesome perk in bag-free San Jose!

    My favorite place for grabbing a quart of guacamole, pico de gallo or shrimp ceviche to go.  Though their sauces and salsas can be inconsistent but 4 out of 5 times it's a winner in my book.

    It's nice they speak English to you when you look like all you've taken is one Rosetta Stone Spanish session. It saved me the trouble of struggling through a butchered "Inglés?"

    Love their chile rellenos, pop that baby in the oven with some shredded cheese and enchilada sauce and you've got a meal with bloating and gas soon to follow but worth every second. Happy farting!

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    I've been to many Chipotle locations and haven't really expected anything besides the normal move-it-along rush hour customer service. I recently discovered this location that reminds me of why I love going to this chain in the first place. As soon as I walked in I was greeted liked a valued customer, even the staff member mopping the floors asked if I needed help with anything. Though they didn't know what a Quesarito was, they had no problem waiting as I looked up how to make it (apparently I didn't know what it was either)

    When it came time to order the person folding my burrito wasn't satisfied that it looked less than perfect and made another without me asking. I used a Buy One Get One free card - when the cashier rang me up he noticed I was charged for the Steak burrito instead of Chicken (BOGO Chicken would be cheaper). I didn't mind and didn't think it was a big deal, most BOGO deals state it's the cheaper item that will be free. The cashier he refunded me the difference between Steak and Chicken, again without me asking.

    If that isn't superstar customer service I don't know what is. The courtesy and customer service I received is the epitome of what every Chipotle should strive for. The decor inside is also one of the nicer restaurants I've been to. Even though it's slightly farther away from home, I'd gladly make the trip here for the all-star staff.

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    Before discovering King's Hawaiian the only place I could grab a Dole Whip was Disneyland. The drink is good, but not $90 admission good. Screw that mouse, a trip to Torrance is all I need now.

    Before heading to the airport I bought a whole Crunch Apple Dutch pie on an impulse. My only regret is that I didn't buy two of them. 3/4 of the pie never made it to the plane, it was unbelievably addicting. I never had a chance to try the food but if the cooks in the kitchen are as magical as the bakers then I know where my first socal stop will be.

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    I wish my alarm clock would scream, "FRESH BREAD!" as now that phrase makes my mouth salivate with excitement

    85 degrees is the adult version of a candy shop, for carbs. My first time I was overzealous that I plated anything and everything until I realized I still had to pay for it. I ended up putting two things back and moments later an employee rushed from the kitchen and confiscated my reject pastries. Though this policy is not stated (or at least I didn't see anything) nor was I reprimanded, I'm sure it's highly frowned upon. Whoops!

    Among trying about 10 different things that would inevitably contribute to my muffin top, nothing disappointed (except the fact I have a muffin top now).

  • 3614 W Magnolia Blvd
    Burbank, CA 91505
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    What I ordered:
    + Stuffed Potato ball (B+)
    + Steak Fajita sandwich (A-)
    + Caprese panini (B)

    As a Porto's virgin you'll be put off by the long lines but yes, as everyone has stated before, they move very fast. In fact, I wasn't able to decide what to order by the time I got the front. No sweat though, Porto's employees are friendly, fast, efficient and won't "Soup Nazi" you out of the line.  

    This fried potato ball everyone keeps raving about was good but since it was hyped up so much I had unrealistic expectations. It's not mind blowing enough to make me come back solely for that purpose but I'm not opposed to order a couple to scarf down while I wait for the rest of my order.

    My sister got the Caprese sandwich that I was eyeing but since we have a strict no double ordering policy in the family I resorted to my second choice. The Caprese wasn't bad, you can really never go wrong with fresh tomato and mozzarella, but it didn't hit my savory tooth as I was expecting. In the end the jokes on her because the Steak fajita was the top dog of our lunch. Hot and juicy with a bit of crunch from the bell peppers and completely hunger sating. Sorry, Sis, better luck next time.

  • 4000 Warner Blvd
    Burbank, CA 91522
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    The most pleasant check in process of any show I've been to! Ellen must be the head honcho at WB studios because her guests are treated like royalty: shaded seating with benches, viewing of an unaired episode while you wait, free parking and numbered place cards so you can freely roam around after check in.

    The Big Bang Theory audience had to sweat it out in the sun and only get to use the shaded garage seating after Ellen's guests left.

    If you are itching to get on TV make sure to be personable and outgoing when any of the check-in staff walk around to answer questions, they are mostly likely scouting for potential audience members to put on air. One girl was wearing flashy shoes and an Ellen staff member made a compliment about it. She struck up a conversation with her and ended up getting picked for "Know or Go". She wasn't the last one standing but all of them got the same prize (70" TV or something). Not bad for just being fashionable for the day.

    I don't think the time you check in really matters, it all felt very random when you get seated despite the numbered card. My party arrived at 2pm and still got decent seats. We weren't in the front row but it was worth not waiting around for 6 hours and going to a relaxing lunch at Porto's right around the corner instead.

  • 1370 W Artesia Blvd
    Gardena, CA 90248
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    Forget the dollar store! Daiso is where I get all the cheap stuff I don't really need but absolutely have to have. There's spices and sauces here for $1.50 that I'd easily pay $4+ at 99 Ranch. Same brand, same size.

    I was pleasantly surprised that the cheap price does not reflect the quality. Though this may not hold true for every single item in the store, the basket full of knick knacks I purchased could easily rival IKEA products. Keep in mind unless you buy $10 worth of goods (which really is not that hard after spending 10 minutes in the store) it's cash only.

    Japan is taking over the U.S. in the form of Daiso and I'm perfectly fine with that. Dōmo arigatō, Mr. Roboto

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"my ex won't pay child support for my food babies"

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