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    I have to admit, I'm not a dry rub fan. That said, I did love the heck out of my experience at Charlie Vergos. A group of four of us (stupidly) decided to get dinner at 7pm on Saturday evening and, upon walking to the restaurant, were advised the wait was 1-1.5 hours long. Eff. We put our names in, then went up to the bar for a pitcher of beer and a sausage and cheese plate. I don't know if we were inordinately hungry, but the sausage and cheese plate was delish. The pitcher selection isn't that great -- just Michelob and Ghost River. We left the restaurant, walked down to - and through - Beale St, then returned to the restaurant, waited in a HUGE line for another pitcher of beer, and were just about to indulge when our names were called.

    Even though the wait was super long, it was worth it. The food was great! I ordered the ribs and brisket combo on the server's recommendation. While I wasn't a fan of the brisket -- I found it too dry -- the ribs were great. They fell off the bone and had such great flavor. I apologize to any BBQ puritans, but I put BBQ sauce on them and loved every single bite. That said, I couldn't come close to finishing my food, which is probably the most disappointing part of my trip.

    If you live in Memphis, I can see why you wouldn't want to come here to endure the wait. But, if you live in a BBQ wasteland like I do (Boston), then march your cute little Yankee butt down to Memphis and go to Charlie Vergos.

  • 152 Courthouse Sq
    Oxford, MS 38655
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    On a trip to MIssissippi, I had lunch at City Grocery. It was hyped by friends in the know because the chef will be on Top Chef Masters this upcoming season. We took a rather large group in there (something around 20 people) at prime lunch hour and they were good about accommodating our party, though we were split into two different tables. I ordered the fried chicken cobb salad since it was a beautiful, warm March day. My heck, that salad was awesome! I would definitely order it again. It's a bit on the salty side from the bacon chunks in the salad, but if you're a salt lover like me, it's no big deal.

    The only downside during the experience was, unfortunately, the service. I can understand not having the capacity to handle 20 people seated at once, but one of our tables got their meals and nearly everyone was finished before we ever got our meals at the other table, which led to a long wait for the finished half. The busboy who refilled water glasses did so sloppily and ended up pouring water on people's lunch plates. Requests for extra bread were made two or three times before actually fulfilled.

    HOWEVER, even given the negative service points, I would gladly return to this restaurant!

  • 164 Delta Ave
    Clarksdale, MS 38614
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    This restaurant was like a transplant from a big city! On my recent visit to Clarksdale, I ate here twice. One night was a limited menu, so I had the Redemption Burger, and the second night, I had the Chicken Carbonara.

    Redemption Burger: Absolutely ginormous. It also comes with a ton of stuff on it. That's not really my thing, so I ordered the burger without the guacamole and fried egg. They do not cook the burger to order, so you get what you get. That's a definite downside, as the medium to medium well burger I was promised was definitely well done. However, it was quite tasty and the bun tasted like Hawaiian sweet bread.

    Chicken Carbonara: Divine, creamy, delicious. I ate every last little bit. I wish Madidi was nearby so I could get it again. SO GOOD! Get it and don't regret it! There was also a short rib pasta entree on the menu that friends ordered and raved about, so that's also a winner.

    Bonus: having dinner at the table next to Morgan Freeman and having him wave to us when he left. Adore!

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    I would absolutely give zero stars if possible. I will never again patronize Russell House or any of their affiliated restaurants, including Temple Bar and Grafton Street.

    My husband and friend got together to plan a dinner party for my birthday. They chose RHT, in part, because I really liked the food last time we went and it has a nice vibe. The reservation was made last week for 15 people. Surprisingly, I am actually more popular than I anticipated and the guest list ended up being more like 20 people. My husband called RHT as soon as possible (on Monday or Tuesday when the last burst of RSVPs came) to notify them and was told that we would no longer fit into their private room and would now need to sit in the regular restaurant. OK fine, no big deal. They then told him we would have to have a limited menu. Again, not a problem. We understand that they don't want to have to potentially prepare any given item off the menu.

    When we contacted RHT to set the limited menu, we were then informed that it had to be a prix fixe menu. Jigga wha? That's entirely different than limited menu. And on top of that, it was going to be $45 per person for a 3 course meal. Now, I'm not objecting to prix fixe menus generally, but springing that news on someone the day before their event is completely unacceptable. Ericka, the event coordinator, told my husband that they had to have a prix fixe menu because the restaurant wanted to guarantee a certain amount of revenue -- which, of course, we probably would have hit just with drinks and food alone, but being restricted to 2 courses to hit the mark doesn't work for our crowd.

    Calls to Ian, the general manager, went unreturned for quite some time. Again, not a problem if we weren't 24 hours away from the event and we wouldn't possibly have to find another restaurant to hold 20 people on a Friday evening.

    Ian, after dodging our phone calls for a couple of hours, was obviously super helpful (sarcasm) and said that it was the restaurant group's policy that there be a prix fixe menu for any large groups of 15 people or more...which is apparently not true since our initial reservation was for 15 and the restaurant was told at that time that there was a real possibility that we would add more people.

    In short, don't waste your time with the circus at RHT unless you really like dealing with idiots. Save yourself the trouble and book any large parties at Daedalus, where the management is not inept and they actually welcome your business.

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    27.6.2010 Vorheriger Beitrag
    This newest review of RHT is almost painful to write. After an ab fab experience the week before, I… Weiterlesen
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    23.5.2010 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I just got back from dinner with friends at Russell House Tavern and I'm already planning a return… Weiterlesen
  • $$ Hotel
    111 S Chelsea Ave
    Atlantic City, NJ 08401
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    My rating is more like 3.5 stars, but I bumped it down based on a couple of experiences that really bugged me.

    Five of us stayed at The Chelsea this weekend as a girls trip/getaway. We originally booked through Jetsetter and prior to booking, I called the hotel to ask some questions about the rooms. We were torn between booking a suite or two regular rooms. I was told the suite only slept 4 and that we could just get adjoining rooms. So, we booked through Jetsetter. Come to find out we could only get adjoining rooms if we got queen bed rooms (not kings, as came with the Jetsetter promo). And they would be happy to change us to queen bed rooms -- for a significant upcharge. Forget it. Rollaway bed? $30. Of course, my friend who checked in while we were on our way to AC relayed the info via text after waiting in line for over a half hour on a Friday in February. I shudder to think how long the line would be during any peak time.

    We checked in our rooms and found them rather cute. Nice and kitschy and glam and fab. The bathroom looked quite large. However, the shower was God awful. No bathtub either for folks that care. But the shower, as previously noted, has terrible water pressure. I never felt really clean after showering there. There is only one hanger in the closet that doesn't have a robe on it, so it's a pain if you want to hang clothes.

    The rollaway that was left in our room when we were out at dinner came with no blankets or pillows. We called around 1:30am to get them. Still waiting around 2:15am when we called again. Said they'd be brought right up. About 35-45 minutes later, we call again and finally get the blankets.

    Saturday: try to enter the room in the afternoon and both of our keys don't work. We call from our friends' room. They bring up new keys. We call to ask about the jacuzzi. That's open and available for use for $15. WTF?! We pass. Get back to the hotel at 1:30am. Keys don't work on the door AGAIN. It turns out they are delicate geniuses that get demagnetized from cell phones and credit cards easily. I guess that explains it since I use a wristlet when I go out and made a nice sandwich of all the bad things around my cards. Usually I get a warning to that effect though, so that would have been nice.

    TL; DR: Cute hotel that is lacking somewhat in the customer service department. The rooms are reasonably priced, but be prepared to be nickel and dimed for extra amenities that may bring the price up to what you'd find elsewhere.

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    I stayed at the Chelsea this weekend with a group of friends for a ladies weekend. We were all excited to try Teplitzky's on our last morning in AC because it's obviously super convenient to the hotel and looked adorable.

    When we walked in around 9:20am on a Sunday morning, we were happy that there seemed to be plenty of seating. True enough, the decor was adorable -- a couple of friends remarked that it reminded them of Mad Men.

    The waitress came to our table to take our orders and decided to do it all with her memory. Now, I'm not one to impress with trying to remember orders. In fact, I'd prefer if servers just took the time to write the orders because then they'd probably get them right more often. And because we were a group of four women, of course we had to ask for different things: instead of an omelet, could we get the eggs scrambled with those same toppings? Instead of ham in the omelet, could we get turkey sausage? You get the point. On advice of Yelpers, we also got an order of monkey bread.

    The monkey bread came first and it was every bite of heaven that I was promised. In fact, that probably gets Teplitzky's two stars all on its own. The strawberry preserves and the creme anglaise were perfect accompaniments. Then the wheels came off the wagon...

    Our food all came to the table. The friend who ordered the omelet with turkey sausage looked and saw that her meat appeared to be ham. She asked the waitress who brought it to our table (who wasn't ours) if it was ham or turkey sausage. She was told it was turkey sausage. Sure enough, it was ham. Our waitress finally came to our table after a borderline eternity and we were able to give her the defective omelet for a new one. A friend was supposed to get bacon with her breakfast that never showed up. There was never butter or jam brought to the table for toast. The omelet shows back up for my friend and looks suspiciously similar to the last one -- identical, in fact. Sure enough, it's the exact same omelet on the same plate. Didn't even bother to attempt a new one. They take that one back again. Other friend still doesn't have her bacon. Omelet friend finally gets hers cooked to her specifications. Then we ask for the bacon and all the toast accompaniments.

    The food all ultimately came and was good, but I don't like putting that much effort into ordering when I've been up late the night before drinking and gambling and enjoying Atlantic City. Also, our waitress became a ghost and it took us an unnecessary length of time to be able to pay our check. Like, we had to get up and hunt someone down.

    TL;DR: Get the monkey bread. Service was not very good. Don't attempt to make any changes to what's on the menu or you will be sorely disappointed. Enjoy the kitschy atmosphere.

  • $$$ Friseur
    20 Holyoke St
    Cambridge, MA 02138
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    Why is it impossible to find a good hair salon in Harvard Square? I just got back from Gino's and immediately logged on Yelp to write this review.

    After getting a life-changing Brazilian Blowout in Southern California last summer, I was hunting for a good deal on something in the Boston area to tide me over until my return home next summer. There was a special on Gilt City for Gino's -- $75 for a keratin express blowout. OK, now not as great of a deal as I got in So Cal (my heart belongs to Abby and the crew at Madison Salon, particularly for that $99 BB from Groupon!), but good enough.

    Because I can weave a long tale of woe here, I'll just break it into the good, the bad, and the ugly in hopes I can keep it all straight:

    1. Close to my apartment

    1. I called on Monday to schedule an appointment (forgetting that my certificate expired at the beginning of February (the 3rd) instead of the 28th as I'd been thinking. I didn't get a call back until this morning. That was after calling twice on Tuesday and getting no call back either. They said there was an appointment cancellation for later in the day and I could come in today. Harbinger of things to come?

    2. The hair styling tools were awful. The brushes seemed cheap -- like the kind you'd buy at CVS or something. Because I have very curly, coarse hair (uhhh, the reason I'm getting a keratin treatment, duh), usually paddle brushes, boar bristle brushes, etc. work best. These brushes were crap.

    3. Instead of sectioning off my hair and blowdrying it as I've had done at every. single. hair appointment I've had in the nearly 20 years I've been getting it professionally done, Evelyn did this thing with the brush where she was just haphazardly flicking the brush in my hair while blowdrying it. All this did was tangle up my hair and rip hair out. I could hear my hair being pulled out and I'm sure that I have a metric ton of split ends now.

    4. Keratin treatments can be harsh on your eyes. Yet, the hair was allowed to fall all over my face and eyes with no regard. At one point, my eyes started burning and watering because my hair was over my face like Cousin It.

    5. Though it was an "express" service, it took almost 2 hours. That's basically as long as a regular Brazilian Blowout/keratin treatment!

    6. The woman at the station next to Evelyn used her blowdryer to get hair off her station from a haircut she'd just completed. My bag was on the floor near my feet, not quite all the way under the styling counter. She blew bits of hair all over my bag -- and inside, since I'd recently opened the tote to pull out a book and hadn't closed it. Absolutely no regard because she saw it and just kept going without moving my bag as if blowdrying the station was super important

    The Ugly:

    1. Although the staff was nice enough to me, they were very snappish with each other. Just during my service, I experienced Evelyn being snappish with the shampoo girl and another assistant. She was clocking someone's break time like she was going to tattle if they were late back (which, to be fair, I can understand the frustration but there's no need to have those discussions in front of clients).

    2. You know when you're communicating about someone who is pissing you off when that person is present -- you roll your eyes, make pointed glances, and smirk behind their back? Yeah, that's what the people were doing with me. I don't know if it's because they're not used to people who don't have the standard European texture of hair or what, but there was a lot of that snarky bitchery about my hair going on. Excuse me for living. Next time I'll take my money elsewhere.

    Because I'm a sucker, I paid the tip on the full service and went on my merry way, but I absolutely would not return and would advise anyone I know to stay away. The only reason it's a 2 star instead of 1 is because it was super cheap through Gilt City.

  • 3 Brattle St
    Cambridge, MA 02138
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    I had a mini reunion with some friends recently at Tory Row and it was pretty good. We got there around 7pm and were easily able to be seated. I sat on the booth side, but noticed that the chairs at the tables were little more than low stools. Now, while it looks cute and sleek, I can't imagine that it's very good for one's back. A perhaps minor criticism, but still important.

    A friend and I split a carafe of white sangria and it was fab. Usually I find white sangria too sweet, but this was nice and tart with good flavor. It was also a pretty good price: $8 for one glass or $15 for a carafe? A carafe that holds about 4 glasses? Uh yeah, I know what I'll get!

    My friends decided to be healthy and get salads which they both enjoyed. I, however, went for the good stuff - bacon cheeseburger with mixed greens and roasted potatoes. One of the worst things about living in the Boston area is that it seems no place knows how to properly cook a burger when asked for medium or medium well (save for Eagle's Deli and - shockingly - Uno's in Harvard Square). However, I can now add Tory Row to the list as they provided a generally on-point cook temperature (though it was more medium well than medium, but that's fine).

    The one blip in the evening is that the server seemed generally disinterested in dealing with our table, though she was good about keeping the water filled which I appreciated. I didn't mind her absence otherwise since we didn't need anything else and we were having fun talking on our own. I'd definitely return to Tory Row.

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    I had my eye on Tupelo for quite some time, so when it was my turn to host a monthly dinner for some college friends, I selected Tupelo. I had been bummed that we were doing dinner instead of brunch because I've been aching for some good fried I knew it was my lucky day when I saw that fried chicken was one of the dinner specials. I got one of the specials - Frito Pie - for an appetizer and it was pretty well-loved by all who had some. The big chunks of beef in the housemade chili were nice and tender and the jalapenos added into the bowl added a nice zing. My husband got the fried oysters, which he loved.

    My fried chicken dinner came with cheesy grits, spinach (that was dressed in something that my brain can no longer recall), a grilled biscuit, and sausage gravy. Mouth wateringly delicious! The chicken skin was nice and crispy. The spinach was SO GOOD! I wish I knew what was on it. I was going to even eat the sausage gravy until I realized that I'd feel really heavy and gross if I did (especially given the Frito Pie indulgence earlier). And to top it off, the sweet tea was like a sweet little slice of heaven. Seriously, just like I've had in the South. My Louisiana-born grandmother would be so proud.

    The one thing I had that I thought could be better was the cornbread. I love cornbread -- who doesn't?! Our cornbread was cold, pretty crumbly/dry, and broke apart into cold chunks when we attempted to butter it. Not really a fan because it didn't seem fresh.

    The highlight of the dinner was our server Brian (Bryan?) who was so funny and charming and wonderful in terms of making sure drinks were filled and dealing with our large group raucousness. If I wasn't already going to come back because of the amazing food, I know I'd be back because of the great service.

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    If all hotels were like The Intercontinental, I would relish business trips. I stayed here back in September for four nights while interviewing at law firms in the LA area (but two separate stays on each end of my week-long visit). I was impressed immediately upon pulling into the drive way. The front of the hotel with the drapes and the chandeliers was super swanky and reminded me of some Middle Eastern oasis. The front desk staff was incredibly helpful and sweet.

    On my first stay, I was in a room on the 11th floor and it was pretty big compared to what I'm used to otherwise. The separate office area was nice and gave so much extra room. The balcony was cute and it was awesome to get to overlook the Fox lot. Bathroom was gigantic and I had no issues with cleanliness. On my second stay, I was upgraded to a room with a large sundeck. I had views all of LA: the Hollywood sign, all the way to downtown, the side of the Fox lot, etc.

    The food was kind of expensive, but room service allowed me to order from the late night menu even at lunch or dinner time, which had me save money and get less food (because their normal portions are humongous).

    Finally, the car service was SO HELPFUL! The drivers were all very friendly and nice and professional. I rarely had a wait for the car and when I did, it was hardly any time at all (15 minutes at most).

    Everyone was so exceedingly friendly, it really made me feel like I was at a home away from home.

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