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    I would always pass this place while driving on Elston, and it always looked so out of place amid an industrial area of car washes, auto body shops and taxi cab garages. I had heard that the place had excellent food, and I'm glad I got to finally give it a try.

    I came here with my husband and bff on a Friday night. My friend was traveling to Peru in the coming month, so I figured she'd be the perfect person to try this place with. I had made a reservation, though the place wasn't crowded when we got there. It did fill up by the end of the night, but it was never at capacity.

    I have to start off by saying that while the waitstaff was friendly, they were a little unorganized. There were just so many waiters that we really had no idea which one was ours. They were all kind of running around the whole night in a fit of mild chaos.

    For appetizers, we got the Peruvian Tamale, which was stuffed with chicken, nuts and black olives. It was pretty good. For an entree, I had the Polo Saltado. It's chicken breast served with cilantro, tomatoes, onions and garlic. It came with fries and was served over rice. The flavors were spot on.

    Overall, we had a good experience. The food was good. The waitstaff was friendly but unorganized. I recommend it if you're in the area.

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    I've got two words for you: Meat Parade.

    I had never been to a Brazilian steakhouse before, so I didn't really know what to expect. I came here for a luncheon in one of the restaurant's private rooms. There were maybe 40 people and it was somewhat closed off from the main restaurant.

    This unique dining experience (it's not your typical restaurant) began with a trip to the salad bar. They had a nice spread of salads, veggies and toppings along with fresh salmon, cheeses and appetizer-type meats.

    After I ate my salad and the majority of our group had arrived, they brought out some side dishes to share family-style. Mashed potatoes, polenta, bananas. When I first saw the side dishes, I was like, "That's not going to be enough." Then began the Meat Parade. It was soon after that I realized no one would be eating the side dishes. It was all about the meat!

    What basically happens is that guys come out with giant rotisserie-type skewers of meat. They've got all kinds: sirloin, filet mignon, lamb, chicken, ribs, etc.

    There is a circular card at each place setting (I made the mistake of placing my drink on it since I thought it was a coaster), and you flip it to green if you want the Meat Parade to continue serving you and red if you want them to lay off.

    So, if your card is green, the Meat Parade guys will come by and ask what cut of meat you want (rare, medium, well done) and they slice off a piece and put it on your plate. It's basically a buffet that comes to you, but Meat Parade sounds so much better.

    I tried pretty much anything that came my way. Everything tasted great. I was so full! This isn't the type of place you can eat at all the time if you want your heart to continue working properly, but it's a really neat dining experience. It definitely caters to the carnivores.

    For dessert, I had the Fogo de Chao Signature Papaya Cream, which I do not recommend. It's pretty lame, especially when you see what all of the other desserts look like. My husband got the Molten Chocolate Cake. He let me try some, and it was amazing. Order that.

    Overall, it was a really cool experience. Prepare to eat a lot of meat, maybe by fasting for an entire week prior to dining here.

  • 4520 W Irving Park
    Chicago, IL 60641
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    I really like this place, and I'm surprised that it doesn't have better reviews.

    While I've never been inside this restaurant, my husband and I have ordered delivery from here quite a few times. We've never been disappointed.

    Their pizza's good. I've had the Chicago Supreme Pizza, which has pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms and onions. Tasty! I've also had the Chicken Caesar Wrap, which has grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and Caesar dressing. My husband has ordered a cheeseburger from Chicago's Pizza, and he says it's really good. I've also had the cheese fries here. Delish!

    The ordering process online is easy, and our delivery always arrives early. The pizza is tasty, but don't be afraid to venture outside of pizza and try some of their sandwiches and burgers. Recommend!

  • 5343 N Clark St
    Chicago, IL 60640
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    Ever since I ate here for a friend's birthday, I've been having dreams about this place. In particular, the Bucatini al Pesto, which is a pasta dish with grilled chicken, sun-dried tomatoes with a creamy pesto sauce. Sounds good, right?

    Actually, everything on Calo's menu sounded good to me. I also tried some of my husband lasagna, which was amazing. Seriously, I don't think you can order a bad menu item from here.

    For starters, they give each table complimentary focaccia bread, as well as french bread and butter. Super tasty. Our table ordered a couple rounds of bread. As I said, the entrees were definitely the stars of the show. For dessert, there was a birthday cake. I'm not sure if Calo baked it or if it was ordered through an outside bakery, but it was delicious.

    Overall, it was a really good experience. I do have to mention that seating by the bar is pretty cramped. Since we had a large group of 16 people, a bunch of tables were put together to run parallel to the bar. I was unfortunate enough to be sitting on the bar side, and some dude was totally encroaching on my personal space. Not cool. It was just super-packed. I strongly recommend having a reservation for dinner, especially on a Friday or Saturday night.

  • 6678 Joliet Rd
    Countryside, IL 60525
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    I've actually never been to this area, but my husband and I were out here for a wedding. We stayed at the Holiday Inn, and instead of eating at its overpriced restaurant, we came to Willow Hills for breakfast.

    It was a Sunday morning, and we had a group of seven people. The place was hopping, but we were seated right away. I ordered a bacon and cheese omelet with toast. Super delicious! Everyone else liked what they ordered, as well.

    The service was good. Since we were in a larger group, I think it took a little longer than usual to get our food, but we weren't in a rush. Our waitress was very friendly and attentive, especially in filling up our water.  

    If I'm ever in this area again, I'll definitely be back!

  • 4127 W Lawrence Ave
    Chicago, IL 60630
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    Unless you're in desperate need of a place that delivers beer to your house, do not order from here.

    I had heard that Marie's had really good pizza (I don't know which friend told us this place was good, but they're in big trouble), and after reading so many glowing reviews for this establishment, I figured my husband and I would give it a try.

    We ordered Mac and Cheese Wedges, Toasted Ravioli and a Pepperoni Pizza for delivery. Once the guy arrived with our food and we opened it up, we realized that we were missing our Mac and Cheese Wedges. We called the restaurant, and they said the guy would have to go get them and bring them to us.

    We ate what we had. The Toasted Ravioli was OK. Nothing to write home about. Since it had probably been in the delivery car for a while, it was pretty dry.

    I was hoping that the pizza would make up for it, but that was not the case. The cheese on top was brown. And not a golden brown. It was a burnt brown, and it was obvious that the pizza was overcooked. It tasted like cardboard. Not good. We would have been better off making a frozen pizza in our oven.

    The delivery guy did eventually come back with the Mac and Cheese Wedges. This was about an hour later. They were cold and bland. What a waste of money.

    We will not be ordering from here again.

  • 4317 N Elston Ave
    Chicago, IL 60641
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    This is a good option for Mexican food if you live in the area. I live close to Taqueria El Primo, so I would order from here if I didn't feel like driving. There are better Mexican restaurants in the city, but this place isn't bad.

    My husband and I ordered food from here. We each got a steak burrito and split a torta and an order of rice and beans. Their website is kind of confusing, so we actually ended up just calling our order in.

    The food is decent. The steak wasn't as fresh tasting as I would have liked, but it's overall an OK place to order from.

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    I recently attended a wedding here, and wow! What a beautiful venue!

    I have to say that this isn't your typical banquet hall. Usually when I think of banquet halls, I think of ugly movable wall partitions, outdated light fixtures and heavily patterend carpeting to hide stains. This is not that kind of banquet hall.

    I'm not sure what room we were in, but it had high, vaulted ceilings, brick walls and lantern-like chandeliers. The wedding had about 100 people. The tables were beautifully decorated, and the space was festive (the wedding had a Halloween theme).

    The dinner was family-style and delicious. There was chicken, mashed potatoes, pasta, green beans, roast beef ... I'm sure I'm missing some dishes. Everything was remarkable hot (usually, food served at banquet halls is lukewarm at best) and tasty.

    The reception was open bar, of course, and the cocktails were actually pretty strong. The bartender was friendly and even dressed for the occasion with a pirate bandana.

    This is a great place to hold an event. I thought the service was top-notch, the food was surprisingly delicious and the event space was unique and beautiful.

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    "We at the hotel, motel, Holiday Inn" - OK, I'm sure I'm not the first person to do that, but I couldn't resist.

    I actually can't remember the last time I stayed at a Holiday Inn, but my husband and I had a nice stay. We stayed at this Holiday Inn because we were going to a wedding at William Tell Banquets, which is attached to the hotel.

    There was a bit of an issue when I first arrived. I had made a reservation about a month before the wedding, but when I tried to check in, they didn't have it in their computer system. I had the confirmation number, but nothing came up when they typed it in. This was kind of frustrating. The girl at the front desk was very apologetic, and she said she would get me a room at the group rate. This was fine with me, but when she input my information into the computer, my reservation did come up. But it was for the night before. When I had made the reservation a month earlier, apparently the guy I spoke to made it for the wrong day. The girl at the front desk ended up not charging me for the room for this night since my credit card had been charged as a no show for the night before. It all worked out in the end, but it was still frustrating.

    Anyway, the hotel itself is nice. It's very clean and quiet. Our room was nice. It had a faux brick wall, a large window, a desk, nice bathroom and an extremely comfy king-sized bed. I slept very well!

    The hotel also has a bar, which I did get a drink at before the reception started. They also have a restaurant, but we didn't eat there. If you drive further down the street, there is a nice pancake house that is much more reasonably priced. We also walked around a bit and checked out the pool. It's very large and spacious, with plenty of lounge chairs and a hot tub. Unfortunately, we didn't have time for a swim, but it looked inviting.

    Despite the mishap with my reservation, we had a nice time here. We don't get out this way very often, but if you are looking for a place to stay in this area, I recommend this Holiday Inn.

  • 10410 W Cermak Rd
    Westchester, IL 60154
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    Deep-dish pizza. Beer. Cocktails. What's not to love?

    I recently came to Giordano's for a wedding rehearsal dinner, and we had a really nice time. The bride and groom had reserved a private room downstairs. It had six large round tables for people to sit at, and in the back of the room food was set up.

    There was salad and mostacholi and pizza of every kind. Of course, there was deep dish, but there was thin-crust, too. The food was brought out by staff and served buffet-style, so I can't really speak to the level of service. We did get cocktails upstairs. The bartender was friendly, but he didn't really seem to know his way around behind the bar too well. It wasn't a big deal, though. We just wanted to get our drink on after a long day of pre-wedding festivities.

    I would definitely recommend holding private events at this Giordano's. The space in the basement isn't super fancy, but you get the whole room to yourself and can probably fit 60 people down there. And they let you and your guests box up uneaten pizza and take it home. Good deal!

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