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  • 13107 Town Center Blvd
    Voorhees Township, NJ 08043
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    Over the past several years, I was disheartened to see some of my favorite restaurants and local businesses close up shop in Voorhees. For a while I thought there was no hope left for anything remotely cool or vibrant to survive. My mindset did a complete 180 when I heard that Iron Hill was opening a location at the Voorhees Town Center. I love the food, service, and great discounts that Iron Hill has to offer and was so excited that one was opening right in my own backyard.

    This past Wednesday was my first of many visits to this Iron Hill location. Their soft opening provided me and my dining partner with a variety of appetizers and entrees to choose from. We ended up splitting the southwest chicken dip with tortilla chips which proved to be amazing. For dinner I chose the chicken breast accompanied with garlic mash, asparagus, and onion straws which was also incredibly delicious and fresh tasting.

    Since this was a soft opening, the appetizer and entrees were complimentary! Not only were they free but were also the typical dinner sizes, no samples or anything like that, which completely exceeded my expectations!

    For beers we both chose the Bebop Brown - English Brown Ale, one on regular draft and the other on nitro. The nitro provided a nice creamy head to the beer. The beer itself was refreshing - very subtle bitterness and easily drinkable. Call me picky, but I have never been a huge fan of the beers at Iron Hill, even though that's kinda what they're known for, and even though this was good, it was no exception.

    Our waitress, who's name is escaping me, was so sweet and nice. She made some small talk with us, checked up on us regularly, and was so accommodating.

    They were also able to credit my friend points since he is a King of the Hill club member. (Ask them about this. It's a really cool discount program they have!)

    This was the first of many trips to Iron Hill Voorhees and it was such a great experience that I don't think I'll have any problem becoming a regular visitor of theirs.

  • 700 County Rd 561
    Voorhees Township, NJ 08043
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    Don't let the name fool you. I am not a wine guy so I can't speak for their selection there. What I can tell you is that there are several aisles dedicated to wine and it seems as though they keep pretty busy with customers coming in and leaving happy with a a bottle or two. What I am here for is the beer.

    As one who loves craft beer, it is always "refreshing" to find a store that not only has a good selection but is also priced right. Roger Wilco offers a wide variety of craft beer including several cool 750 ml and 12 oz bottles, variety packs, domestic/international beers, and even local NJ beers. Every time I come here, I always leave happy with a different beer, without feeling as though I was ripped off. I also frequently see one of the same managers here, who always asks everyone if they need help finding anything.

    My only complaint is that I see some beers that I suspect may have been on the shelves for quite some time. Think some lighter beers that may have been brewed in the spring or summer that are still on the shelves in the winter; however, the great selection, prices, and customer service keep me coming back.

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    Lucky Lou's is now in the same spot that used to be the Jersey Diner. We went on Friday night to check it out. When you first walk in, you are greeted by the hostess and then taken around the corner where there is a big room with a bar in the middle and tables lining the walls. There is also a walk in cooler where you can purchase packaged goods. The food consists of sandwiches, burgers, and pizza as well as some pasta dishes. I opted for a chicken parm sandwich and my girlfriend ordered spaghetti and clams. The food was very good. The sandwich was pretty standard and the spaghetti and claims tasted very fresh with a strong wine character.

    The one thing that we found somewhat annoying was the music. It was barely 7PM, but the bass was turned up louder than the actual music and was making the room vibrate and our heads spin. I asked our waitress if the bass could be turned down and she politely fulfilled my wish without a problem. Our waitress was also prompt to take our order and checked up on us to see if we needed anything throughout our meal.

    As far as prices go, they aren't too bad. We did not order drinks and our meal came to around $25. It seemed like somewhat of an older crowd when we were there, but we noticed that they were starting to set up for a band later that night, so I imagine that the clientele changes as the night goes on. Overall, we had a pretty positive experience, but I had a hard time trying to figure out what kind of restaurant they are trying to be. At first, I thought that we would be walking into a dive due to the name, location, and previous business, but it seemed a little bit more than that. Overall, not quite a fine dining experience but not a dive bar experience-somewhere in between.

  • 790 Berlin Rd
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
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    I can't say enough good things about Lou and his crew over at American Lube. I have taken my car there several times now and have never been overcharged or given the run-around. It's in. It's out. It's fixed. I'm happy. Last time I came by to see if my flat tire was fixable. I was told that they could order the tire for me or I could try to find one cheaper myself, AND I was given a list of websites to check out for a cheaper tire. I found one a bit cheaper, ordered it myself, and had it delivered to their shop. I took my car over as soon as the tire arrived and they put it on for me.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  • N. 3rd St
    Camden, NJ 08102
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    It's about time that Jordan's be introduced and praised in the Yelp Community. Nothing says hello like bangin' cheesesteaks, breakfast sandwiches, and meatball sandwiches that are cheap enough for poor college students to scrounge up a few dollars for. No Jordan's is no fat sandwich haven like the grease trucks at Rutgers in New Brunswick, but he is a staple of the Rutgers Camden community and we are glad to have him.

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    11.9.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag
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    get the russian revolution

    it is awesome and you will be too if you order it

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    I found out about this place via True Jersey's Facebook. I found their website and knew I had to pay… Weiterlesen
  • 1776 Hooper Ave
    Toms River, NJ 08753
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    Aufgelistet in Shore to Please

    This place makes me smile

    So many great shirts

    Complimentary stickers

    Friendly staff

    And best of all Jersey Pride

    I now have my Chris Christie shirt (My governor can eat your governor) and I am happy

  • 175 Oceanport Ave
    Oceanport, NJ 07757
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    We came here yesterday to watch the races and check out the craft beer tasting. I haven't been to a horse track since the Garden State Racetrack (currently Wegmans) and I'm pretty sure I was about 5 years old at the time. It was $5 to park and $3 admission. If you wanted to participate in the beer tasting it was $10. You received ten tickets, a complimentary shot glass, and some neat stickers. I sampled many beers such as Brooklyn Lager Pumpkin Ale, Shocktop Pumpkin Ale, Spaten Oktoberfest, and many other "Autumn" beers. By the time we were done sampling we had a nice buzz going. We then proceeded to watch a few races. We sat on the benches which were eye level with the track, which provided a great view. We had a great time. I would love to explore the club house as well as the rest of the inside sometime. I did not order anything so I can not speak for the prices of the food. Overall, I had a great time and would love to come back.

  • S White Horse Pike
    Hammonton, NJ 08037
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    1.9.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag
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    I had a hankering for a chocolate shake due to the earthquake last week and figured I owed it to myself since I had survived both an earthquake and a hurricane in the same week. It was the BEST shake I've ever had. Made with hard ice cream, this was the real deal. Hurry up and go before they close for the season!!

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    2.6.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    yes yes and yes!!

    homemade blueberry and peach custard!!

    need i say more??
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    Walked in and immediately walked out. The bartender was a tool and threw my friends money onto the bar, when he clearly had his hand out. The beer had a weird taste to it as well. No tip for you sonny boy! The decor of this place is just sad. I really don't know why anyone would come here. I know I won't be back.

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"For you guys food is just fuel, but for me it's an unexplored country"

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