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    Goldy's Corner is absolutely golden! For a coffee shop in Boise, it truly is an up and coming joint that will be the place to hang out for an early morning wake up call or a late late weekend night.

    I'll be sitting at one of the booths near the window, on a late Friday night studying until the live music comes in to play. In the meantime, women are preparing to assemble for a night of clubbing by splurging on the happy hour that's provided. Personally, I've never had the alcoholic drinks they make, but they look good. It's interesting, late at night when people are done dancing they'll come in looking for something to eat, and the large cinnamon rolls seem to be very popular.

    The coffee I drink is very sweet and is usually all I'll order. It's the White Macadamia Nut Latte. Very good. It's my substitute for Stumptown coffee.

    Most importantly though, is the Goldy's Corner staff. From the girls to the guys that treat you like a friend, who are truly respectful no matter who walks in. Well, unless you're out to cause trouble late at night and then you'll have to deal with Danny, you the man Danny! Then there's Alex, who was kind enough to give me a free drink card twice, thank you dude. Then there's the girls, they're down to earth and sweet, they're truly who you'd be happy with bringing your coffee to your table or chair. Everyone is easy going, but also know how to run a tight ship. It's perfect.

    Not very many people in Boise are aware that Goldy's Corner is separate to Goldy's Breakfast Bistro. They're both owned by the same owner though.

  • 375 NE Hwy 99W
    McMinnville, OR 97128
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    This company will charge you $40 a day for storage if your insurance doesn't cover it. My vehicle was at the Newberg premises, and they told me it would cost me an extra $40 for an employee to drive to their own establishment, so that I could have access to my car. If you don't have full coverage, choose another tow company. Save yourself the troubles of forking out unnecessary charges.

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    Calling all artists and people who think they're artists! Art Beat (May 10- 14, 2010) is in session at PCC campuses. It's open to the public and it's free. Supposedly parking is free, who knew. There's dancing, art, music, literature, and theater. For more info check out for the schedule of events.

  • 6450 Keizer Station Blvd NE
    Salem, OR 97303
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    This place is ran by Sarah who is the greatest person ever. This Starbucks as a lot of room, and the Baristas are friendly. However, I was served the worst white mocha of my life, what floated to the top of my coffee would make anyone barf up Starbucks. Have I mentioned Stumptown coffee is heaven! Quality over quantity for real!

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