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  • 3032 Arden Way
    Sacramento, CA 95825
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    I've passed this store many times during my trips down Arden and I finally stopped by to take a look. From the street the store looks on the smaller side but once inside the store is quite big! We walked into the store and the first thing that I liked was it didn't smell like a stinky pet store, yay! It was clean and well organized. They arn't a huge pet store but they have a lot of higher end pet foods and harder to find items. After walking around for a few minuets we were kindly greeted by one of the friendly sales girls. We had a few questions about one of the raw foods they sell and she was knowledgeable about the product. The prices are very competitive, the antlers are a fraction of the price than Pet Food Express and Petsmart (yay!)

    They have a Self Service Pet wash. The price ranges from $15-19 depending on the size of your dog. You can also add on services such as a heated blow dryer and specialized shampoos and conditioners. Know, this is a bit more expensive than Pet Food Express BUT and this is a big but, this self service pet wash offers you a lot more. When I stuck my head in the bathing room to take a look it was very busy with many happy customers and dogs. PFE does not have heated blow dryers and I've always had problems getting enough shampoo at PFE. The tubs are huge here and they have great ramps to help get your big dogs into the tubs. One of the best parts is you can get your pets nails clipped all in one trip! How convenient!

    Overall this is a great new pet store. They are very customer oriented and very friendly. They offer great products and a clean store. This will be our new pet store :-)

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