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  • DJs
    Oakland, CA 94612
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    Aufgelistet in wedding vendors

    ok if you are looking for a wedding dj, ask kevin!!!!  i know kevin isn't solely a wedding dj but he is awesome!!!

    he is super reasonably priced not like other djs or musicians who want to charge  an arm and leg just because you said wedding.  what i said wedding?

    kevin helped us with our first dance and then the party portion of our wedding.  people commented that they loved the music and one person even stayed on the dance floor by himself because he loved the music so much!

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    Aufgelistet in monterey

    we wandered in here one saturday afternoon and was surprised to see walls and rows upon rows of balsamic vinegars and olive oils.  they immediately started letting us sample them and all of them were wonderful!  they also had some recipes displayed which gave us ideas on what to use the vinegars for.  the staff also had good ideas on other ways to use the vinegars like adding soda/sparkling water.

    i wish i bought more!

    Karl E.
    Kommentar von Karl E. von Trio Carmel
    17.7.2012 Hi Claudia, Glad you enjoyed the store.  You can buy online too at  Thanks again!
  • 1201 Bryant St
    San Francisco, CA 94103
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    so we drove by this building on saturday morning on our way somewhere.  and there was some sort of furniture sample sale in the parking lot.  we thought "what the hell" and stopped the car and looked around.  there was a particular solid teak lounger that we were enamored with so we inquired.  the lady told us that they close at 1 and since it was 12:30, the boss lady would mark it down to $275 at 12:45.  so we should come back then.

    we came back 15 minutes later and this same lady who we talked to is like a different person.  she tells us that the cushion to the lounger is separate and that its an extra $50 to the $275.  we're like ok but you told us that it was everything for $275 if we came back at 12:45.  shes like " we are actually not negotiating anymore" or right now or whatever the f she said.  im like thinking lady we are not negotiating, we are repeating what you told us the deal was.  to add insult to injury, she tells another couple of guys that their teak chairs COME with the cushions.  its like ok.  its not like the cushion has a damn tag or sticker.  she walked away and helps others, so we get someone else.  when she sees this, she interjects and tells us again that they are not negotiating.

    im like dude i dont know what the f happened in the last 15 minutes, but whatever happened, she shouldnt be taking it out on us.  if she wants to go home, then go home. dont work the last 30 minutes of your shift if you are going to be a btch.  we are bargainning, we were repeating what you told us

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    so i got into accident and this was the first place i called since the car was audi.  i drove the car here right away and got an estimate

    the minute i wanted to take the car somewhere else to get an estimate the guys tone totally changed.  "get the car out today or else ill have to charge you a storage fee" "you know everywhere else you go will give you the same quote"

  • 1610 S De Anza Blvd
    San Jose, CA 95129
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    so amidst another strip mall in cupertino/san jose or whereever this is, is this noodle place tucked in the back corner.  there is also a sogo bakery in here.  a pearl tea place - is this a qcup? i cant tell.  and also a porridge place.  

    we stopped here for a quick bite and there were a few other tables besides use.  their portions are huge!  we couldnt finish everything and we only ordered 3 things for the 3 of us.  a lot of people actually dont eat noodles here but more family style dinner with rice etc.

    we wanted cucumbers, no cucumbers.  we ordered seaweed and it was lukewarm.  it was ok.  also the beef noodle soup and the pork with mustard greens noodle soup.  both pretty good.  also a special friend rice.

    the people who work here or their friends were all sitting at the big table playing cards or something.  they were pretty loud.  one said BAI TUO really loud and we all turned around.

  • $$ Friseur
    10321 De Anza Blvd
    Cupertino, CA 95014
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    i think this place is actually called tracy salon.  no s.  which means it is fobby.  fobbilicious.  my hair stylist moved again so i followed him here.  its a small place.  ive been getting my hair cut by him for years and my mom gets her hair colored by him now too.  he does updos that are really nice as well.

    ive mentioned before in another review when he was at li salon and spa that i used to only get my hair cut in hong kong.  ah man yes that is what i call him.  his name is powing i think. but we all call him ah man.  he is a bit heavy handed with the scissors and my hair always comes out shorter than i anticipated but hair grows back.  and he cuts it so it grows back nicely.

    i actually have his cell phone number and it is saved as ah man.  so i always accidentally dial it since it is the first on my contact list.  random ...

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    we had a company offsite here for two days and it was a really nice setting to be in.  half moon bay is perpetually foggy and gray but the room was warm and cozy.  the view outside was green and lush with tall trees. on a really foggy day you cant even see the ocean.  when its clearer though, you can.

    i heard people do small weddings here.  there are two suites above the meeting room.  and a huge, sprawling lawn out back.  the owners house is also on site in the back and also a nursery.  there is parking but im not sure for how many.  they do have an exclusive caterer here but im not sure who it is.  i know it is the same one who does the beach house inn at half moon bay.  the food is actually quite good.  we had fresh fruit and juice and teas and coffees all day.  lunch was outdoors and the heat lamps were cranked up to shield us from the chilly air. tortillas, chicken, rice, beans, guacamole, pica de gallo one day. turkey pulled bbq sandwich the next.

    for the two days the table cloths had themes,  one day it was green artichokes, the next it was orange trees.  i thought it was really cute and a nice personal touch by the owner.  there were also bamboo roll shades that you could move around and place where you wanted in case the sun was causing glare on the projected screen.

    i think they were also saying they heard of a bride and groom arriving on the lawn via helicopter.  i think the possibilities are endless here.  arriving on horseback.  there is a lot of space on the lawn.  though there were some gopher holes.

  • 3531 El Camino Real
    Santa Clara, CA 95051
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    Aufgelistet in Born to Shop

    i get my fake eyelashes here.  i dont know much else about this place. and i dont know much else about fake eye lashes except the shumuera ones are way too expensive.  the american ones are too flimsy.  these are easy to apply and look pretty nice.  not too expensive though i always end up spending $30 or more

  • 12201-C Saratoga-Sunnyvale Rd
    Saratoga, CA 95070
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    Aufgelistet in foot massages

    so my mom brought me here after i got back from my trip to europe.  i was slightly jetlagged.  i passed out.  i think it was a good massage.  at $20 an hour.  it is less crowded, less noisy, just as cheap as happy feet down the street.

  • 1072 S De Anza Blvd
    San Jose, CA 95129
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    so i used to actually only get my hair cut and styled in hong kong.  and when i was a student that was ok because i went back to hong kong more regularly.  but now i cant do that.  so i finally succumbed to letting my moms friend ah man cut my hair.  

    he does a decent job.  i used to let him color my hair too.  and i liked what he did but now im too lazy to sit there and wait til the color sets.  i got a perm there too.  and i got my hair set there for formals and stuff.  i liked that too.  ive been getting my hair cut by him for years now.  sometimes he cuts my bangs too short.  or messes up.  but its just hair.  itll grow back.

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