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    OMG! (oh my giuseppe). This is a crime--I can't believe this place isn't reviewed yet. I don't even like sweets (I'd rather eat a bag of chips than have a cupcake) but the cannolis here are to die for. In fact I think I am already dead and just wandering around in the blissful afterlife. And if you like cake they put that delectable filling in a dessert called casata cake.
    They also have great bread. Every Sunday is a treat because that's when we visit the mother in law and load up on sweet treats and bread. A great reason to head over to the east side.

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    This wine bar is posh and swanky sans the tude and high prices. They do have high end bottles but also relatively inexpensive wines. My friend and I split a bottle of decent chianti for only $23. There is also full bar for non wine drinkers. Didn't try any of the small plates but the cheese tray with salami and olives was awesome. On a recent Thursday, there was a live jazz trio. Great date place or hot spot to hit up with the girls. Also I don't think smoking is allowed so you don't have to worry about smelling like an ashtray.

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    I can't believe Maravela's is not on here yet. They are the best. Maria is so awesome to work with and she will answer every frantic e-mail and question quickly and professionally. I got so many compliments on the food. For 2 apps, 3-entree buffet with sirloin, chicken marsala and pasta (as well as vegan and kids meals) and rentals and service (including bartender but we provided our own alcohol to save some cash), we paid less than $3,000 for 90 people. If there's a more affordable caterer in the Chicagoland area, I did not find it after an exhaustive search.

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