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  • 1165 2nd Ave
    Manhattan, NY 10065
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    This is my go-to late night, "oh man I am so hongray" deli.  It's on the way to the train for me and they have Boar's head meat so their sandwiches don't taste like ass.  Their chicken salad is good and their bread is good quality.  Also, you can get all sorts of crazy stuff here like tofutti and other vegan desserts.  I'm definitely a fan of the place.  I can't give it 5 stars because I think the prices are a bit inflated.  Maybe they are just subject to rent like everyone else, but it still kind of sucks.  However, all in all the food is good, they are open super late, and the dudes who have made me sandwiches were cool.

  • 115 E 61st St
    New York, NY 10065
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    My visit with Dr. Shapiro was really great.  He had a cancellation so I was able to see him literally the day after I decided I needed to see an ophthalmologist.  The wait time in his office was short, his bedside manner was excellent, and, honestly, he was somehow really effective at administering eyedrops.  Also, I usually find some of the tests to be uncomfortable because they are shining super bright lights into your dilated eyes, etc.  But, for whatever reason, he did an awesome job and none of the tests were a problem for me this time.  If you work nearby and need to see an eye doctor, he's a good one and I highly recommend him.

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    Friday Night Blues dancing is awesome. It's $10 for the dance, and an additional $10 if you want to attend the lessons beforehand.  The typical location is a cozy event space on 22nd street.  It's got hardwood floors and lots of color.  Once a month, the blues dance happens at this spacious / swanky yoga studio that reminds you of why you love being in NYC.  Also, the event is BYOB and many times folks bring drinks to share.  If you like a relaxed atmosphere, meeting people, low lighting, learning to blues dance, and, most importantly, having fun, then you should come to Friday Night Blues.

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    This place is really, really good.  It's a small little place on 1st avenue.  I came here after hitting up Fatty Fish which is right around the corner (and is also really good). Yes, I ate sushi twice tonight.  Anyways, this place is having a really good deal going on right now.  If you eat there for dinner, they will give you 50% of all their drinks and give you a free appetizer. For $20, including tax and tip, I got three spicy rolls (salmon, tuna, and yellowtail), a miso soup, a glass of plum wine, and gyoza.  It was awesome.  Plus, the plum wine and rolls were all really good. The spicy tuna was creamy and delicious and the veggie gyoza were super tasty.  I will definitely be going back here to get my sushi fix on. :)

  • 11 Broadway
    New Haven, CT 06511
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    Here's the thing with origins... they sell all of these fancy creams, rubs, ointments, oils, etc. that make you smell nice and look and feel beautiful (and they have stuff for dudes, too).  The catch is, these little teeny, tiny bottles of like "dude charcoal body wash" will run you like $20, which is a fortune.  Granted, I haven't bought any of their products so I don't know if they work or not.  So, I'm giving the place a 3-star rating because the attendant folks were really kind an asked if I needed any help, the place looked really nice and smelled awesome.  But, you might be able to keep your skin clear at a substantial discount elsewhere.  On the flipside, their magical golden creams may solve of all your beauty problems as well.  I'm debating maybe just getting a bottle of their body scrub just to see if I really notice a difference in my skin.  :)

  • 50 Whitney Ave
    New Haven, CT 06510
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    OK OK, yeah, this is a Subway.  I get that.  You're probably wondering why I'm bothering to review this Subway since Subway is a chain and pretty much all of their stores are the same.  

    Well, I'll tell you what, this one is a little different.  Here's why:

    1.  They offer a discount if you show them your Yale ID.
    2.  They will often give you a free cookie on the house when you order a sandwich.
    3.  The staff is really nice and organized so the lines at lunchtime and otherwise move fairly quickly.  

    I've also gone in there crazy hungry and devoured like 97000 footlongs in 28 seconds.  OK, maybe not that many in that short a period of time, but the place is within walking distance of Yale's campus and science hill.

  • 2 Executive Blvd Ofc 400A
    Suffern, NY 10901
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    Dr. Moskowitz has been my family's dentist for as far back as I can remember.  His staff is professional, his office immaculate, and his judgement sound.  I've been getting my teeth cleaned their for years and one time I even had to have a filling for a cavity.  I could not believe how incredibly painless getting that filling was.  I literally didn't feel a thing.  Even his technique giving me the novacaine was unbelievable.  I didn't even know there was a needle in my mouth.  The man is the best and his staff are awesome, too.  I highly recommend going to see him if you need your teeth taken care of in any way.

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    I've only called upon their services once so... I'll tell you the story here:

    Some of the nose guards had fallen off my glasses, but I continued to wear my glasses anyways.  They started to dig into my nose pretty bad so I decided to swing by Carofano's to see if I could do anything.  The guy fixed my glasses and didn't charge me anything since it was such a small job.  Now, I can't vouch for the awesomenitude of their opticianal abilities, but, it's worth highlighting that they did a good deed and were not jerks.  Therefore, I would pay them a visit for your glasses-related needs.  It was cool of them to do that for me and I just wanted to pass on the goodness.  ;)

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    I'll probably burn in hell for reviewing a church, but I figure that as long as I'm only saying good things about good churches and not anything about churches that I don't like to go to it should be OK (not that there are churches I don't like to go to, oh that's just crazy talk).  

    The truth of the matter is, I'm not the most pious Catholic of all time.  But, when I do go to church, it's here.  Father Bob and Father Peter give down-to-earth sermons and are kind and accepting.  Both of them run groups with both the undergraduate and graduate students.  The events are kind of cool, too.  They run events like, "Theology on Tap," where everybody goes to grab beers and talk about interesting aspects of Catholicism or the "Science and Religion" series where they bring in famous types like Brian Greene and talk about the boundaries between science and religion.  They do a really good job of fostering intellectual discourse and I find their message to be a good and well thought-out one.

    They also have this gigantic center called The Golden Center that's part of the church and there's a bumpin' library, cafeteria, conference rooms, library for studying, meditation room, auditorium, and game room with a foosball table, fridge, flat panel tv, and a Wii.  While it is crazy golden, it's actually named after a Yale alum who donated a bofrillion dollars to build the center.  (Yale sold the plot to the church for $1 rent for like a 100 years).  It's basically ridiculous.  I've never seen a church have so many flat panel televisions ever.  If you're a Yale student, you totally have access to the center and, therefore, totally win.  They even have snacks and stuff.  It's an awesome place where I actually got a lot of work done.  There are even these illuminated bible passages in the library that look awesome... awesome?... Awesome.

    The people there are generally pretty open and, dare I say, liberal.  If you're Catholic and a little bit left-leaning or otherwise just chill, it's a really awesome church.  I highly recommend them.  Also, they hold mass at 10am, 5pm, and 10pm on Sundays during the school year... so... holla!

  • 14A Lafayette Ave
    Suffern, NY 10901
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    I trained at Malandra's Martial Arts Center for about a decade in the 90s working my way to a 1st degree black belt there.  Let me start off by saying that my experiences at this dojo have defined my life in so many ways and made me a better person.  I cannot stress highly enough how valuable of an experience the martial arts is and how good the instruction is at this dojo.  The dojo is run by a father and son pair (Shihan Don and Sensei Mike).  Shihan learned the martial arts while serving in Korea and founded the dojo along with his son and Shihan Lester (a friend).  I trained with one of the head instructors, Sensei Jason, for many years and he is a man of upstanding character (and outstanding martial arts ability).  Some thoughts:

    1.  The instructors are friendly, understanding, tolerant, and will work with you as a child or as an adult.  I had bad asthma as a kid and got bullied a lot.  They worked with me and slowly over time, my flexibility improved, and I gained self-confidence.  They foster an environment that is conducive to learning and improvement.  What's really funny is, I ended up not being bullied because Sensei Mike taught me how to stand properly so that I wouldn't easily fall down when bullies pushed me.  I never had to lift a finger or do anything.  I just wasn't an easy target anymore and so they left me alone.  The philosophy there is really about having self-confidence and treating others with respect rather than "learning how to fight".  In my opinion, this is a really strong philosophical base upon which to train people.

    2.  They don't lock you in with long-term contracts (ie you don't enter a program where you get a black belt after X dollars have been shelled out).  They really focus on helping you to become a better person and to make sure you're ready to move up.  When I last trained there, the contracts were as short as 4 months at a time.

    3.  They are strongly involved with the community through the Suffern Board of Commerce and the Suffern Police Department as well as the local school system.  These are good people who are not in it solely for the money.

    4.  They have classes for both adults and children and their style is called Mushin Do.  It's basically a mixture of judo, jiu jutsu, tae kwon do, and karate.  This means that you learn all-around self-defense, which nowadays amounts to Mixed Martial Arts.  You'll learn how to grapple, throw, block, punch, and kick as well as how to do joint locks.

    The self-discipline and physical fitness I got from training here has shaped my life and I owe much of my success to these guys.  I wouldn't think twice about sending my kids here or training at the dojo again if I ever move back to the area.  I cannot emphasize enough how great a place this dojo is.

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