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    I am a 200-hour certified RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) who has taken the Low Back 5-day intensive from Robin Rothenberg (Fall 2010), and a 1-day workshop on upper back (April 2011 at Bastyr), also from Robin. I just completed the 5-month Advanced Studies, as preparation for the Essential Yoga Therapy 500-hour teacher training (YTT).

    Robin is an excellent teacher. She explains all aspects of the 8-fold path of yoga clearly, encourages discussion, offers resources for further exploration, and my personal and professional lives have benefitted immensely.

    I have also worked one-on-one with Robin, as my body has had its share of trauma - 3 car accidents, a partially separated shoulder from Aikido back in 1996, a significant foot injury that impacts how I walk, and how my hips align - which impacts my physical asana (yoga poses). (By now, you can tell that us yoga teachers are not perfect, bendy pretzels - let's dispel that myth!) I feel that I can not only speak to how Robin teaches the 8-fold path, but also how she works one-on-one for yoga therapy.

    I am very much looking forward to the 14-month teacher training, as I know it will inform my own yoga practice as well as my approach as a yoga teacher. As someone wanting to make yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of what may be considered physical limitations, I know that working with Robin is a major step towards that goal.

    Robin's website will be updated with her class schedule at the new Swedish Hospital Medical Center in Issaquah (…), as the Yoga Barn in Issaquah is closed (I'm writing this on 7/17/2011). Robin and many of the Issaquah Yoga Barn teachers will be teaching in this new space. Check it out!

    As with my other reviews, I give Essential Yoga Therapy 10 thumbs up!

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    Feb 2010: I began working with Janet, the Dumovic Clinic nutritional consultant, as I was seeking dietary improvements, to lose a more than annoying 15 pound weight gain. She is great to work with, definitely knows her stuff. I've ultimately lost 18-19 pounds, and over 21 inches. This took dedication on my part, of course, but with Janet's guidance, it was easy to stay the course.

    My husband, who has tried a number of ways to lose weight and keep it off is now working with Janet, and seeing excellent results. The friend who referred me has maintained her weight loss and looks fantastic.

    I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is to have the extra weight gone, stay gone, and feel great - lots of energy, ability to practice more yoga with ease. Woo Hoo!

    Ten thumbs up.

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    Des Moines, WA 98198
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    I have been going to Cindy for over two years now, first at Ascension Wellness (a very cool spa also in Des Moines), and now at Cindy's own space.  Cindy is stellar. She knows her stuff, this woman! She's an LAc + herbalist. I have marked a steady improvement with constitutional health as well as some funky aches & pains that sometimes rear their heads. I am getting better results with treating my left shoulder with acupuncture.

    An additional wonderful plus - I have been experiencing some pretty intense... power surges. Ok, hot flashes. Night sweats, too. So not fun. Cindy to the rescue! I've gone from having around 5 hearty hot flashes (complete with a very red and sweaty face) per day down to 2 mild ones. I've even had to miss some days of herbs due to last minute travel where I haven't been able to get them into my travel bag, and I'm still only experiencing 2 mild hot flashes, and pretty much no night sweats. Bless you, Cindy!

    One final note - since Cindy has moved to her new location, she has many availabilities throughout the day. I've been able to get in with about 4 hour advance notice, so while I'm answering "By Appt Only", I think you'll find it much easier to get in more quickly.

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    I was referred to Dr Haeger as a possible candidate for braces. My teeth have always been great - no fillings - but several gum grafts have been done over the course of many years. As I've gotten older, despite excellent dental hygiene, wearing my nightguard, etc., my teeth are experiencing gaposis where food goes to live. Always so nice to smile with food in your teeth... not! And it makes good dental hygiene even more important.

    So... I've seen Dr Haeger twice. The first time to evaluate whether I was a candidate for braces, and specifically Invisalign, and the answer is yes. He referred me to a periodontist to ensure that we were going down the right path simply because I have had the gum grafts and do have a bit of bone loss. The perio did a baseline, explained what braces would improve (bone density in certain areas - yay!), and sent me back to Dr Haeger.

    My second visit with Dr Haeger was to get the impressions done so that the treatment plan can be created, as well as the Invisalign molds. I should start wearing them in 4 - 6 weeks, whenever they have been completed. The process is lengthy upfront, but saves time during the wearing period. Additional bonus with Invisalign is flossing and brushing are easier to maintain than having hardware on my teeth. While not everyone is an Invisalign candidate, I am happy that I am. And the good news - they are the same cost as conventional braces.

    Dr Haeger's office is well-run, and friendly. I didn't see any disgruntled patients in the waiting area, and I have been well-treated with all of my questions answered thoroughly.

    I'll update this review over the course of my treatment, and as my smile and dental health is restored. So wonderful to have options.

    Updated 10/8/10
    I am now into my second set of Invisaligns. What this means for those who don't know is that the orthodontist uses the impressions that were done on my second visit to create the treatment plan by modeling the changes via computer, which then generates a series of Invisalign "braces". I wear each set for 2 weeks at 22 hours a day. I take them out to eat, and to drink anything besides water (yes, including coffee, tea), brush, floss and put them back in.

    The first 2 weeks were very easy. I didn't experience any headaches, toothaches or jaw pain. It took me about 5 minutes to get the second set put into place the first time. A slight moment of panic, but yep, got them in, and again, no headaches, toothaches or jaw pain. I only have the uppers right now. After the 3rd set has been in for the 2 week period, I'll see Dr Haeger again to make sure I'm doing ok, and to get the lowers. A co-worker who had Invisaligns said my experience may be "more intense" at that point. I'll keep this review up to date at that point.

    One of the many cool things about Dr Haeger's patient website is a video comprised of 25 different images that represents the progression of correction. It's really fun to watch. I am already seeing a difference visually, but in flossing, too. Things are starting to move. Yahoo! .... Uh, I mean Yelp!   ;-)

    Updated 7/17/2011
    I am now on set #20, and see Dr Haeger in a couple of days to get my next sets. There are 24 total for this first phase of the treatment plan. I have only experienced "intense" with 2 sets for the lowers, and still entirely manageable without aspirin or Tylenol. It's been a very interesting process. My experience with Dr Haeger and his team continues to be excellent. I've never been kept waiting.

    I had a slight mishap with 1 set of lowers in the back (molars) which is where I lever the Invisaligns up and out (for eating, drinking, etc). This set was still somewhat tight, and the area where it fit over the back molar was going to break off. I called the office and left a message on Sunday, they called me Monday morning and got me in that afternoon. Since my molars are not being realigned during this first phase, it was not a problem. Dr Haeger simply removed the area that was breaking, and voila, they were back in my mouth.

    One additional thing I really like - educating their patients on proper dental hygiene during braces (metal or Invisalign) is one that they do well. I'm really glad that Dr Haeger is my orthodontist.

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    I live in Seattle, and travel to California for all my tattoo work, specifically to see Tala. All of my tattoos except one have been the result of our collaboration. My first tattoo wasn't done by her - it was done in Key West -  and the comparison is night and day.

    I first met Tala in 2004 while vacationing. My husband decided he wanted something new to cover up an old one. He consulted with Tala, and 2 days later, the artwork was done. It was beautiful and exactly what he wanted. Tala went to work and in 3 hours, the new tattoo was complete.

    I caught the fever and wanted to try for an improvement on my first tattoo. Her greywork Goddess spiral was perfect. By then I knew that new Om to cover the first tat from Key West was in order. Tala and I consulted long distance, and I flew down to San Francisco for the second tattoo. Three-and-a-half hours of work, and it was done - it's beautiful, and exactly what I wanted. It gets constant compliments.. Most wish that Tala could be cloned, so that Seattle could enjoy her artistry and expertise.

    I'm working with Tala on the third, hopefully for later this year.

    You might wonder why I don't seek someone out in Seattle. Because. Because Tala and I work well together for a beautiful result. Because she brings so much quality and artistry to her work. Because she cares about what I want, and how it comes together.

    Tala B.
    Kommentar von Tala B. von Tala Tattoo
    4.2.2010 It's always a delight to have reviews from out of town clients. I'm looking at the possibility of… Weiterlesen
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    Bob is a wonderful person who just so happens to be fantastic at real estate. He was my agent when I sold my home in north Seattle in 2006. He counseled me wisely on the current market, comps, strategies and my home sold in 6 days. For those of you who think that it was on the market longer than usual, no - we were past the bubble, and 6 days was a gift.

    Bob is also very savvy on the local contractors for work leading up to putting the house on the market. I had excellent service from all who did the spiffing up and replacing of things like roof and gutters, minor electrical work, etc.

    The next time we're in the market for a home in the Seattle area, we will be contacting Bob!  He's great. And as Susannah O. says in her review, Bob is a pleasure to work with and is a true gentleman.  I give Bob 10 thumbs up!

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    I'm updating my review.  DH and I ordered 1 more pizza tonight, just to give them a fair chance. It had been a couple of months since we had given them a try, so what the hey. And guess what - much better! I'm not going to give them 5 stars, but I will give them 3. And another chance in a month or so to make sure they are now on a consistent path to being pretty good.

    Oh... the delivery driver? Same guy, same great service, right on time.


    As you can tell by reading my reviews, I really, really like the Garlic Jim's in the Ravenna district in Seattle. They do a great job with gluten-free and non-gluten-free pizzas.

    However... the Lake Meridian/Kent location is different, unfortunately. We ordered by phone for delivery. We ordered the same pizza that we so enjoyed at the Ravenna location, complete with the extra feta cheese and artichoke hearts. Since we were out of the 3-mile radius for free delivery, an extra charge was added (not bad, only $1).

    The best thing about the Lake Meridian/Kent order was the delivery driver. He was on time, pleasant, and delivered the pizza hot. Great!

    However, the pizza was sad, so sad. The gluten-free crust was like cardboard; extra ingredients nowhere to be found. As a matter of fact, they were really non-existent, even for a regular pizza.

    I have a couple of thoughts that may be why (or not) - this location is newer? This location isn't well-versed in gluten-free? I don't know, but I'm not ordering from this location again. Dang!

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