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    Always, always, ALWAYS check the expiration dates when shopping here!  I've been a frequent customer for the last 3 years and each time I go in, I find another beer or wine container that has sadly expired.  Today while looking for a nice box of wine, I found one expired in 2012!!!!  I've let the cashiers and managers know each time but yet the problem still persists as everyone seems to "pass the buck" on this issue.  The general employees are very kind/friendly/empathetic, but the managers (sitting in a loft area above the store floor lurking over everyone) are very abrasive and rude.  After yet again telling them about the expired merchandise, the manager said "well i've been on vacation so I had no idea."  Call me a dreamer, but a manager should have a fair idea about the general complaints that are made and do an occasional walk-thru so that you're not selling wine that's 2 years past its prime.

    For a small store the variety is good and there are always closeout and discount drinks available -- again, always check the dates!

    Michael W.
    Kommentar von Michael W. von Locke Liquor Store
    20.9.2014 Thank you for your review, the first for Locke Liquors.  

    We have been trying to pay closer attention…
  • 50 Highland Ave
    Somerville, MA 02143
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    I have been an unfortunate tenant of a BK Management "maintained" apartment for the last 3 years and I can tell you that I have never been treated so poorly by any company in my life...ever!  Maintenance requests are very rarely returned so that you have no knowledge of whether the work has been done or not, or if there is a timeline. Upon move-in, my apartment was still under construction and I needed to wait an additional 3 weeks after the start of my lease date.  The apartment itself turned out OK but it was very obvious that the work was rushed - for example, kitchen tiles are uneven and cracking because they were not placed correctly.

    You're lucky if cleaners come by ONCE A YEAR and after multiple requests.  There has never been someone to pick up garbage in the yard area or to vacuum/sweep common areas without being prompted.  BK Management and many of their properties are well-known to the City Inspectional Services and I would recommend doing your due diligence and read the many complaints about unsafe electrical work, flooding, and absent managers that have plagued BK for many years.  Probably the worst occurrence happened recently, where I was woken up at 7:00am by banging outside -- I sleepily open the curtains and BAM! Two grown men on ladders looking into my bedroom had slammed their equipment against my window.  I tried to communicate (they were unable to speak English) and ask if they've been hired by BK and they could not answer.  I call the maintenance manager John Mann and of course, as answer.  Turns out they were hired to paint, but of course nobody at BK bothered to tell any of the tenants that their windows were going to be blocked up with brown paper for the next 2 WEEKS for "painting" even though workers were only there for 3 days actually painting windows.  Oh yeah, we (tenants) had to tear all the paper off our windows too and dispose of it.  Yes I did call and ask if we were expected to do it, or if the painters would be back to finish...nope no answer or response.  Don't forget that we were expected to block up our windows and close them on a 90+ degree day with pets that need fresh, cool air.  If you don't mind having strange men smash into your window without notice, BK may be a good fit for you.  If you like having an open communications policy where you are fully aware of timelines for fixing issues, please move on.  I will leave this review with a perfect example of how tenants are treated at BK:

    The washing machine has broken down 3 times this month, and the maintenance manager refuses to send anyone to fix it.  In his own words they don't have to do anything because it's not in the lease, even though the basement continues to dangerously flood.  If you have a request, you'll be told to leave or break your lease.

  • 23 E Main St
    Torrington, CT 06790
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    Everyone has been so eager to try the new "Irish Pub" in town...but O'Connor's doesn't give the Irish experience as expected and desired.  I went during their first week of opening, prior to having a full menu available.  Friday night when I arrived was packed to the brim with Torrington High class of 2004-2011.  Even the security guard was drunkenly dancing on the young women who he had given detentions to not so long ago.  It took a very long (loud) 20 minutes to get a drink, 20 minutes to get my card and close out the tab.

    Between this time I was shocked to see what they were using to mix their cocktails...DUBRA! Yes, ladies and of the cheapest and most disgusting vodkas on earth.  I paid $9 for a mixed Dubra and cranberry (and no, sorry it's not real cranberry juice. just the crap from the fountain that is mayyyybe 15% juice)  Now-Ive been to a lot of dive bars in my day, and none of them have been so inclined to provide a "liquor" that is $11 per liter and charges such an insane amount for a cocktail that no doubt was at 75% of strength.  So for $10 with tip, I could've basically paid the additional tax and bought a liter of vodka myself.  If O'Connor's wants to separate itself from a dive bar, that won't happen just by making customers take their hats off due to a ridiculous dress code.  What kind of bars have a dress code anyway?  Another note: why would an Irish pub serve Guinness in a mason jar?  It's not moonshine or's a beer.

    If this business truly wants to cater to the Torrington marketplace, please realize that it's unfair to give terrible quality ingredients while charging premium prices.  $9 is not absurd, and I wouldn't mind paying that amount if I'm receiving actual juice and top-shelf...not sugar water and vodka out of a plastic bottles.

  • 31 Hungerford St
    Torrington, CT 06790
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    I'm really torn on how to feel about this place. It feels like you're coming home to your latin grandma's house and are just excited to see smiling faces and familiar foods. The bar/drink menu was great, it's awesome to see homemade sangria that doesn't taste like sugar water and actually has a nice boozy kick to it. Went in for lunch takeout and made the (incorrect) assumption that it would be a quick trip. Waited nearly 1.5 hours for 3 tacos, a bowl of gumbo, and a small bowl of yucca. We were already 3 drinks in by the time the food came, yet the kitchen was packed full. Even had to ask the waitress for "how much longer?" (which wasnt answered for 10 more minutes...then she said 5 more minutes until food would arrive) Had to continually ask for water refills, even though the lunch crowd had thinned. As for the food, the tacos were very well seasoned and yummy. The gumbo was too tomato-ey for my taste, and the quinoa was overcooked. The boiled yucca left much to be desired as well.

  • 686 E Main St
    Torrington, CT 06790
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    When I find a place that I truly enjoy, I am a loyal customer for life.  I've been going to Dr. Baujin's office for almost 20 years now and happily make the 3 hour drive from my new home in Massachusetts JUST so that I can be seen at this facility.  Kate and the other dental hygienists are always friendly and treat you like family.  Dr. Baujin is not about price gouging and will work with you to find an affordable and comfortable solution to any problem that you may have.  I anticipate going to Dr. Baujin's until all of my teeth fall out, and then I will probably get dentures there as well.

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    Everett Package is convenient and has just about everything you'll need if you're not too particular about what you want.  Surprisingly there is a pretty good selection of craft beers and about 30 wines to choose from, considering the size of the business itself.  The gentleman who runs it is always helpful and friendly, which is a treat.

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