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    BEST Falafel in town and great Shawarma too!

    This is  little store front, counter up front and bar stool seating.  Food ranges fro $6-8 plus sides and extras.

    I went with a Shawarma pita $8 upgraded to a lafa +$8 which included all of the salads i wanted in side. I kept it simple with shug and hummus. It Was fabulous, The flavors, the soft lafa the creamy hummus it was simply a divine experience, maybe because this place is also kosher.

    We also had a side of 4 falfel balls. They were amazing, a crisp exterior reveal a moist and flavorful interior.

  • 2544 N 7th St
    Phoenix, AZ 85006
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    Chatt, Tea and Pizza three of the surprised I found on my last trip.

    Most buffets have the usual suspects garnished with rice naan and some condiments. But to have a Chatt available?  Chai Tea (included) and even pizza (yes Indian style veggie pizza and its good)

    This is why I am so in love with this place, 1 Great Flavor, you can beat the unmuted flavors that sing in your mouth. 2. variety, there is more to Indian the palak paneer and tandori chicken and pakora. 3. Value great price for a wide range of options.

    Next time you are in take a look at the left end of the buffet first and see if you can find a Chaat.

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    Part of the fun is exploring. Sure I love the paneer, masala,  saag, rice, naan, pakora etc  but… Weiterlesen
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    29.11.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    In some ways it is all different but in some ways it is the same.

    The new full cafe' is open, it is…
  • 1600 W Monroe Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85007
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    I showed up at 12:30 on a Wed and it was nearly dead.

    The salad bar was picked clean and not restocked. The ambiance wad ery like a post apocalyptic waste land.  

    Menus full of uninspired items were taped everywhere. One must find which counter  to order the mediocre food at.

    There are also rules about charging .05 for silverware and other petty things.  

    It was nice to see crystal light in a drink fountain however I do question the freshness of it.

  • $ Buffet
    120 E Taylor St
    Phoenix, AZ 85004
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    A business lunch at a college cafeteria? I was a bit skeptical and then surprised.

    The ambiance is nice with a modern contemporary feel. The salad bar is great it even had hummus and couscous. There is always a vegetarian soup and other option as well. They do have hot meal items too, on this day it was pizza, burgers, fries, a pasta with red sauce and cheese, and macaroni and cheese.

    There is also a wide array of drinks and deserts, some were novel to us, like a rice crispy treat made with trix, this is a diabetic coma served 2 cubic inches at a time.

    All of this for just $9.  and it is all you can eat.

    Another pro is the calorie info posted by everything.

  • 320 N 3rd St
    Phoenix, AZ 85004
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    Yes there was fries what that. But what else would one expect from a Ronald McDonald after party.

    Alice and her crew from the wonderland were there. Fun times were had with a video to flip book setup. I think they should call this steam punk you tube.

    There were chess boards all about, topple tower on the patio. Two bars, some music and of course food. Antipasto platters, French fries platters, Sliders and cookies for desert.

    Overall all a nice evening party, however I think a bit more music and a dance fool could have helped spur the fun as it did not seem to quite make it over the cocktail hour hurdle to a true party.  Maybe next year.

  • $ Café
    1800 E Van Buren St
    Phoenix, AZ 85006
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    Lucky for you there are doctors nearby to resuscitate your taste buds after a dead meal here.

    Walk in and you will see a salad bar and several stations that have a rotating menu. There is a sandwich Panini station, a "we fry everything station" and a classic crap with gravy on it station.

    I opted for the Mexican station that had 2 Blue corn fish tacos with one side and a drink for $7.99. A bit steep for a push your tray along style place.  The tacos were subpar, the fish was over cooked and cold, the shell was crisp in some places and soft in others. The veggie side was devoid of flavor and the Crystal light machine had just run out of punch.

    I sampled some of my coworkers Thai peanut pasta salad and it too lacked serious flavor.

    There is a nice hot sauce collection to add your own flavor near the cash register.

    This is a cafeteria that you only visit if circumstances dictate.

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    Genghis Khan could never make it past the great wall of china, unfortunately Arizona's border is not as secure.

    We walked in and at 8 pm on a Saturday and I though they might be closing as it was empty inside and there were just two tables in use on the patio.

    There is a menu, however you basically then go and fill a bowl with protein and veggies. The bowl itself is much smaller yet the same price $9.99. The veggie options are a bit lacking as some things exists only in a mix, some items were frozen, and others were not well stocked. The sauces are a real shortcoming with a few thick gloppy sauces that you put in to a metal ramekin. As for your "starch" they add the noodles or rice, there is no rice after cooking.
    The bowl is brought to you meaning you do need to tip.

    My bowl was not enjoyable, it was not well cooked with some veggie items still being raw, the sauces were bland despite copious amounts of them, and again the peanut condiment tray was empty.

    I will be sticking to YC's or MuShu and I recommend you do the same.

  • 1819 W Buckeye Rd
    Phoenix, AZ 85007
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    If you want pizza, have WIC benefits to redeem, need a bong, jeans or even a single dinner knife this place has it all.

    I came here on a tip about good pizza. From the outside I was skeptical, and once I walked in that skepticism increased as I saw a conveyor style oven.

    At 4.99 the lunch special of a 10inch 1 topping pizza, soda, and a bread stick is great deal, so I had to try it. Surprisingly the pizza was pretty good especially for a $5 pizza, It is on par or above a papa john's type of pizza. The service was great too.

    They did not have their full menu's in yet just a big lunch and dinner specials menu.  In addition to pizza they also have a friend ensemble of zucchini onion rings and more.

    There is a big screen TV with cable and dance music playing on the radio. The fountain drink selection is vast but lacks any diet options.

    If you are brave and want a solid value give this a try, if you are on a date and want a second one this may not be the best choice.

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    I boogied on in for a pre-grand opening lunch and was pleasantly surprised.

    Often when a great little places branches out and goes in to the pseudo chain food business some flavor is lost, but not in this case.

    For the launch party we had a special menu with limited options which meant i was forced to try something other than my usual favorites.

    We started with the cheesey bread. Garlic bread covered in cheese, what is not to love with a side of marinara. If it were up to me this would get a bit of browning time under the salamander.

    For my main I split a deep dish with mushrooms. It was pretty good very different than the usual thin crust I get. But be warned a deep dish takes 40 min plus to cook.

    We also had a salad with fried onions on top, it had a sweet and spicy dressing that was very interesting, the hot fried onions on top did heat up the lettuce a bit so a chilled plate would be a good idea next time.

    What does look great about this spot is over the original one is the ample parking and patio full of fire pits and places.

    So go check it out I can assure you a few hundred others will be there, so be prepared to wait.

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    Grand opening early on a Friday morning!

    What better way to start the day than with free coffee, some music and interesting scenery including ASU dancers and the Diamondbacks mascot.

    Lindsay was there representing yelp with a table full of goodies intro a new crowd to yelp.

    There were many tables for free coffee and NO LINE! I was expecting the bum's rush (literally) but the event was quite pleasant. I brought my whole team from work and they enjoyed it.

    City Scape seems to be shaping up a few stores like the grocery still need to open.

    More info about parking rates and validation would also help this place.

    There was a stage with live music and chairs for th elater events. There also was a beer stand that had  not opened yet.

    If you were not there you missed out!

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