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    So I work nearby....about a block away from this wonderful place. I saw a sign a few months back that said "Happy Pho Coming Soon" I couldn't be happier. I love PHO! I live for Pho. Ok that may be a little exaggerated. I truly love it though, the delicious broth and herbs just make my heart jump for joy.

    A few days ago I was driving home and for some reason took a different route there. I happen to pass a gorgeous sign that said "Now Open" and I almost drove off the road. I could not wait to try it!

    I went in today with a friend since the weather was just right for soup. The inside decor is pretty, simple but not completely bare. To be quite honest I didnt expect much since it just opened. All I really care about is the broth. The menu however was good looking, definitely looks like someone had put a lot of thought into it. We ordered shrimp/pork spring rolls and 2 of the pho specials. (For the newbies out is the soup that has all the different meats. I.E steak, tendon, tripe...etc) The spring rolls were fine, not the best I have ever had and also not the worst.

    Ok here is the good part. Hold on to your socks. The soup was served quickly (Which I loved because we only have 30 minutes to eat!!!) and the broth itself was just delicious. It tasted like it had been simmering for hours until the peak of perfection. The meat was just right, it also didnt hurt that we were served a generous helping! :)

    Overall the Pho was very good. I really appreciate a good broth. If that sucks then pretty much the rest of it goes down the toilet. Its the base and the heart of the whole thing! One other thing I havent mentioned is the customer service. I know, youre thinking to yourself....there really isnt customer service when it comes to asian cuisine. Efficiency, definitely but customer service...NO. Well let me tell YOU! We were greeted with a smile and never forgotten. It was a great experience and I suggest if you like Pho or want to try it at a good price then you need to go here!!!

  • 1850 Hacienda Dr
    Vista, CA 92081
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    When I walked in it wasn't very buys, so I figured it would be quick and easy. I only wanted a manicure and pedicure, so it would be in and out right? Well I sat down and first the water was scalding, I asked for it to be a little cooler and I don't think she understood because she insisted I dip my feet in the way-too-hot-water. The woman who started on my manicure was very friendly, she was possibly the owner because she was the only one who spoke English. She started on my nails and then started doing something else. So a guy came over and started doing my nails in her place. He was quiet, and worked quickly. After the whole ordeal, all I can say is that it was complete crap. He didn't remove all my nail polish from before, filed my nails unevenly and kept forgetting to do things. (I.E soak nails before manicure begins, cuticle cream, base coat etc...) I will never go there again....and neither should you! BEWARE!!!

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    I have gone to several other places to alter pants but she is by far the best. After going in only one other time she remembered my name and how I like my pants cut. I was so surprised she remembered all the details from my last transaction I was beside myself. I will never go anywhere else to get alterations done, she is the best! Thank you LOANN!!!

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    omg! i have tried many froyo places and have to admit this is the best! i tried the vanilla funilla and the sf strawberry banana and loved both of them! not to mention the huge selection of toppings! :) it was definitely a great visit, i will be going back! please check it out, great yogurt and great toppings! what more can one ask for?!

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