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  • 4414 Main St
    Philadelphia, PA 19127
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    Was not impressed at all...

    I stopped in here a couple of weeks ago on a hot Saturday afternoon, I ordered a milk shake my wife wanted a soft serve cone but we were told by the kind gentleman that they do not have a soft serve machine. Someone may want to tell that to sign maker ask their sign out front says "soft serve" as one of the offerings.

    Anyway, the service was prompt but the milk shake was basically milk with no shake. For the price ($5 for 16oz) I expected it to actually been made with more than a spoonful of ice cream.

    If your in the area, I'd probably pass if I were you. It's a shame because it could be a really nice place.

  • 7124-62 Ridge Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19128
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    While Popeyes will never be fine dining it is very good for fast food fried chicken and various sides my favorite being the mashed potatoes and gravy, the gravy really is awesome.

    New to the area my wife and I stopped by here tonight to grab a 12 piece meal for a quick dinner after a hellish day at work. The store was very clean, the staff quite friendly and helpful, the food was as good as you'll get at any Popeyes.

    Only problem was, you know those mashed potatoes and gravy I love? Well we ordered them, but when we got home we were surprised to find Mac & Cheese instead :( super bummer. Everyone makes mistakes and we will be back, but it was a heartbreaker.

  • $ Pizza
    1801 Snyder Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19145
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    This is got to be the worst pizza I have had hands down anywhere. Soggy, runny pizza that makes a microwave pizza look appealing. I literally thew it out it was so badly made.

    This was my first and last order from this place, and sometimes with one order you can chalk it up to a bad day, but this was so bad, there is no point in another order and waste of money.

    I should have know by their poor menu selection and ridiculously high minimum delivery charge that something was wrong but I wanted to try a new place, I am sorry I did.

    Worst Pizza in town!

  • 2308 W Oregon Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19145
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    Very nice location, much larger than the one on 24th. Had everything I came looking for and more. The gamer in me is happy but my wallet is not thrilled.

    The place is clean, well organized and the staff is friendly and knowledgable. They even looked up some information for us.

    This has become our favorite GameStop location.

  • 2437 S 24th St
    Philadelphia, PA 19145
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    Not that impressed with this location. It is surprisingly small compared to other Gamestops I have been to. Due to this, the games selection isn't that great, especially pre-owned games.

    Pricing is standard as with any other location. I think the big disappointment here is that I go to Gamestop expecting a huge selection of pre-owned games (look at there name) but I was left with a small selection to choose from. In the end I will go to larger stores in the area so I have a better chance of finding the things I am looking for at the time.

  • 2310 W Oregon Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19145
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    A very nice Walgreens that is clean, well organized and provides friendly service. This location is much more preferable to the one by my workplace.

    As with most drug stores you have to be an informed shopper. Many items are priced well and provide saving when they have sales. Other times are overpriced but that is the convenience factor of going to a 24 hour pharmacy to purchase those items.

    They maintain a good stock, and from what I saw they keep the store neat and organized. The staff was friendly and helpful during my visit.

    I would probably go here more often if it was closer to my home, but I tend to stop just when I'm in the area for other things.

  • 2301 W Passyunk Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19145
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    This your standard 7 Eleven store. A good place to pick up cigarettes and a cheap cup of coffee. The employees are a by distant and and obviously never had much training in customer service, but do you really expect a high level of customer service at a 7 Eleven? After all, usually the only needed integration with them is to pay for things, and usually that goes well. Although with some of the cashiers I think little pictures on the cash register would improve their ability lol. Yes I know they have scanners now but sometimes it's entertaining to watch them try and scan something lol.

    The drawback is I'd never consider eating any of their pre-prepared food. Some of it just looks plain gross and those things that do not, well you just have to wonder after seeing the things that do. Let's face it, it doesn't drum up an appetite to see things that make you feel they should have barf bags at the door upon leaving.

    All in all it's ok and hence the 3 stars. With 7-Eleven you simply have to know its there as a convenience store, not a go to option for meals or service. As a convenient option when you need a soda, cigarettes, coffee or a bag a chips, it serves it's purpose well.

    With that said I will always choose a Wawa of its an option because they are usually cleaner, more customer friendly and the food is fit for human consumption.

  • 2020 W Passyunk Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19145
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    This is a new service that open recently in the South Philly area. They are franchise of a growing business of the same name in the Florida area.

    We decided to give this new service a try because they prices were very good, they offered us a large discount on our first order and it would be very convenient to have the dry cleaning picked up and dropped off each week.

    Unfortunately this was a nightmare of an affair that I hope no one else goes through. I called and spoke to the owner directly. He agreed to come pick up my clothes in about 30 min after I called, when he arrived I was battling my cats from trying to get out the door and gave him a bag of laundry (14 pieces) and he provided me a receipt. It was very quick. He promised to drop off some of their laundry bags when he delivered the clothes with labels so the transfer would be even quicker. So far it sounded awesome.

    Then the next day I noticed I was missing my Bluetooth headset. I realized that it may have been left in the shirt pocket of the shirt I wore the day before the laundry was picked up. I called and left a message for the owner. The day after my fiancé called as well and the owner told her he would check into it but he doubted it was in the shirts because he claimed that him and I went through all the pockets together. This was a lie. I wish we had, but why lie to my fiancé about something like that?

    Later that day he called me and told me that his workers found a headset in my load of wash. I thanked him but he cut me off a bit and said "well it's a bluetooth I don't know if it's yours but it's a bluetooth". Ok that also made me suspicious that he is already doubting it was mine but he said it was found in my load of wash???

    The next day he dropped off the finished dry cleaning along with "a Bluetooth headset". My fiancé immediately knew it want mine and returned it to him, he refused to take it back and said that she should give it to me and see if want to keep it. She finally gave in and showed it to me when I got home. Well the headset I lost was a $100 top of the line Jawbone HD headset. What he brought was a 5-6 year old headset that literally had old soap caked in it, it was painfully obvious that this was laying around the cleaners in a list and found. He also didn't leave a bag for future pickups... Guess he had a guilty conscious and knew there wouldn't be repeat business.

    The cleaning it self was of poor quality, they only thing they got right was the starch, two of the seven shirts were still dirty after they dry cleaned them.

    I hope this new franchise owner enjoys my  top of the line headset. I spend about 30 bucks a week in dry cleaning so in the long run the loss is his.. He could have made a lot more from me honestly not to mention the referrals I could have gotten his business if he was fair and honest.

    Buyer beware..

  • 1600 John F Kennedy Blvd
    Philadelphia, PA 19103
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    I've had a few banks over the past few years and this one has been the best of the bunch. They have what I consider the best online banking features in the industry which is very important in this day and age.

    On the branch level I have always found this branch to have a high level of customer service and in my interactions with them they have always gone above expectations.

    Unfortunate I was unable to give them a 5 star review because while their online and in branch services are excellent. Their telephone customer service leaves something to be desired. I have received incorrect information from them on occasions and at one point had no ATM access for a week due to errors on the part of the phone bank customer service reps. In addition some of their fee changes regarding ATM usage were less than desirable.

    When looking at the choices of banks. Bank of America is your best bet, and this branch is in a prime location and provided excellent service.

  • 4575 New Linden Hill Rd
    Wilmington, DE 19808
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    Walgreens is your average well known drug store chain. They recently took over all of the Happy Harry's Drugstores in the area. While residents hoped the change would be for the better since Happy Harry's had its problems, positive change has been slow.

    Not all Walgreens locations are the same and this review only applies to this location, when I write my reviews they are always tailored for each location.

    I have mixed feelings regarding this location. I find that the front store (non pharmacy) employees are very helpful, making sure they greet their customers and doing their best to ensure a positive customer experience. The pharmacy employees are less friendly, and need some customer service training. The only reason I say this is that I just find their interactions cold, non empathetic, and they usually do not work to resolve customer service issues. This is ok for the pharmacist perhaps but the pharmacy employees that ring up the customers and have more interactions, should have better customer service skills.

    The POS (point of sale) equipment has several problems. Twice I went and my debit card was "declined", but I was easily able to go to their own ATM for a fee and take out the cash using the same card. I explained this and was told both times it was my bank and I should call them, how this makes sense to them escapes me. My card works their most of the time but 2 times in 3 months this happened and their personnel did not take ownership, and because I needed my medicine I paid the ATM fee both times. Tonight I went in and the same thing happened to my mother who utilizes a completely different bank. She was also told it was her bank. This really isn't acceptable. Beware if this when using a debit card there, if they decline your card don't assume it's your bank or your funds.

    The stock and quality of their products are good, prices are fairly high for certain items but no higher than other drug stores. The good thing is that if you check their circular in store or online they have some fantastic sales you can take advantage of.

    All in all I only use this location as a pharmacy because it's very close to me, If I had another option close by, I would take it.

    If I had to break the review down it would be:

    Front of store: 4 stars
    Pharmacy: 1 star
    Pricing: 3 stars

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