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  • 7075 Pyramid Way
    Sparks, NV 89436
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    We are very new to Summit, about a few months now... So far, we have found that it follows its mission, Love God, Love People Serve others... Numerous ways to serve the community locally and globally. Its easy to find churches that SAY that's what you should do ect, and rare to find them that actually do it. I find the main Pastor to be sincere in his teaching and has a great sense of humor. I haven't noticed the "tithe pushing" that the person mentioned in the other review at all really.. But I find if you are already tithing, it doesn't bother you when they talk about it...

    My husband participated in the Men's Encounter and He came back a better man. They have  a great selection for kids of all ages and my 4 year old comes back telling me about stories she learned in church so they aren't just playing around which I like... I can't wait to get more plugged in and see what God has in store for this church...

  • Al Scoma Way
    San Francisco, CA 94133
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    OMG. delicious. everything on the menu sounded so good I couldn't decide... I went with the famous cioppino... *see photo* YUMMMMMMYYYYYYY... free valet parking... loved it cant wait to go back...

    the only thing I think they could do is fix it up a little clean deeply window areas ect... its tiny, and older and has a lot of history but doesn't mean you have to scrimp on the elbow grease...

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    Thanks to the manager Jessica K. Hyatt will keep me as a regular customer...

    I do not think the issues we had upon check-in are a regular occurrence so I won't warn you about them in the review... Rather then complain about what went wrong, I will just express that Jessica fixed it for us in the exact proper way and has excellent customer service skills... she made all the difference and I had brought over 2 other people for 2 different rooms from their usual hotels, so I am grateful for what she did...

    The views from our rooms were fabulous... the beds are comfortable the pillows are comfortable, the rooms are spacious and clean. the Valet is $60 but anywhere in the city costs that much... We would def stay here again... great little bar upstairs in the restaurant too...

    thank you again Jennifer ...

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    great staff... could be cleaner. food is good and big portions. fun little diner... the hospitality makes it worth it, its a great bunch of pleasant people... call ahead for seating, its very busy...

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    Excellent staff, location, room amenities!  They really make you feel like you are an honored guest. I really appreciate good customer service!

    We stayed in a room with two double beds, a patio and a fireplace. Loved the bathroom toiletries and deep tub. My only complaint that was we couldn't get a room with 2 queens, the doubles were too small. We will definitely stay there again. it is SO convenient and right on cannery row; right next to Bubba Gumps. 1 min walk away is a little beach which has so much sea glass, if you are up for a treasure hunt you must go there :) I'm posting a photo of it. Cannery row is a great romantic getaway or family getaway with lots of shops and food and things to do... Ive been going for years but kicking myself that we have never stayed here! Next visit we are going to FOR SURE.

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    I'm a mom of 3 girls. I had something that no one could "diagnose" that was biting my daughters in the house. After a grueling 3 weeks of trying to figure out what it was, not sleeping at night, just like those bed bug tv shows where everyone gets all paranoid and itchy... Contacted Hydrex. We finally figured it out, and it was rat mites. Thanks to Jason coming over and helping me see what it was under a microscope. But I was now paranoid about the chemicals that pest control people use; and Jason was great. I felt reassured that he knows what he is doing, and that he doesn't use anything that he wouldn't use around his own kids. The mites went away and I kept using his services bi-monthly for the black widows and other spiders around our house... I am very happy with Hydrex and I would recommend them to anyone. I am only sad they aren't in Nevada where I just moved! haha.

  • 1634 Broadway
    New York, NY 10019
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    I know what you are thinking... ROCKY? a MUSICAL? just about every new yorker we asked about it laughed at us for telling them we were gonna go. We went during preview week before it made its official debut ...


    Id rather not ruin the totally amazing.. FUN  thing you experience during this show if you haven't heard yet... but ill say SIT IN ROW H (row 8) we were right in the middle of the row and it was the best seat in the house (in my opinion)

    the directing/lighting/mixed media I thought it was BRILLIANT. great ideas!!!

    and yes, the music could improve ... it's not like I ran out and bought the soundtrack... However, I think that's part of what makes it a more real story and not a glam musical... it was very RAW. and more manly then any other musical I have seen...

    I have NEVER had an experience like ROCKY. and it really should be called ROCKY... the EXPERIENCE. Not Rocky, the musical...

    my ONLY complaint, I wish there were more challenging songs for the female lead because her voice was ridiculous and you could only really see just how versatile she was on one of the songs...

    I was in New York for 1 week... and it was my 15 year anniversary... ROCKY was the best part of our trip, hands down. Ive been raving about it to everyone I know... even now almost a month later I am still excited talking about it haha...

    (parents... heads up, slightly bad language and suggestive things just be prepared... there are age appropriate suggestions for a reason)

  • 200 W 45th St
    New York, NY 10036
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    WOW. I don't know if I went on a bad day or what. Or maybe because I have never heard one bad thing about it so my expectations were so high?

    this is the first time in my life, where I left at intermission. I didn't even leave in the middle of the movie battlefield earth.

    the dancers were not in time with each other.
    some voices were so whiny and not fluent.

    I have honestly heard better talent here in the Bay Area, and i really expected more for even just based on fact that it is on Broadway and such a hit.

    I was tired, and hot, so that didn't help the matter, however, it was bad enough that we both would rather have left in the middle to go relax and hang out with friends then finish the show. and we wasted our money. very disappointing.

  • 127 E 39th St
    New York, NY 10016
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    I was pleasantly surprised. Good selection of choices. I tried a few different cookies and I liked them all, I cant remember the names though I am sorry... the lemon bars were amazing. cute wrapping, decent price, great place to stop in for gluten free (which is really hard to make taste good in my opinion) the only thing I didnt like was the bread on the grilled cheese.

    next time im in new york at the Giles, ill def stop in... friendly staff too :)

  • $$ Hotel
    130 E 39th St
    New York, NY 10016
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    The only reason I am giving this 3 stars is because Amira at the front desk and Tony working the door and our luggage... I don't have very much experience staying in NY but i do in traveling, and customer service. If it wasn't for amira handling our situations properly and Tony's great friendly attitude, our week long trip would have been 1 day. Ill start with the good:

    1. The beds are EXTREMELY comfortable and soft. Very pleased.
    2. The toiletries were good.
    3. The location was good for us, near some great food places MUST try Pip's place bakery & Mapo Tofu. 24 hr diner right there too, dirty and old, however the food is good and the service and entertainment from the old chefs is hilarious and worth it...the baked goods are ridiculous too..
    4. The nail/hair salon... AWESOME. the ladies are adorable and friendly and know how to pay attention to details.

    when we were upgraded, the room we got I think was the executive suite and was absolutely worth staying in; in comparison to the other.  I don't know how much it was of a price difference, as I was upgraded because of my original experience in the other room and I was going to leave.

    the bad:

    1. old run down rooms
    2. ripped carpets
    3. dingy scratched stained wood furniture.
    4. broken air conditioner
    5. HORRIBLE tv sound...literally had to turn on captions, but that was in both rooms we stayed...
    6. 1 of 2 elevators were broken, not one day went by where we did not have to stand and wait for 2-5 minutes.
    7. Wifi that keeps bumping you off
    8. not as important just adding... that the lobby is super dark, and it doesn't really make it "cool" which is maybe what they were trying  to go for?  

    Would I stay there again? I suppose yes. Not my first choice, but its convenient for my husbands work and we will probably use it again based on the fact that they handled my issues and took care of me, and I liked the staff...and the BEDS... the beds are very important to me.

    If you like really nice looking, clean,  swanky rooms... this is not your place... the photos are accurate in a lot of ways , but imagine all of those things, looking about 20 years older and run down..

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