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    "I want you. I want you right now! I want you right in front of me so I can devour every last bit of you. You make me feel happy and satisfied I cant imagine this afternoon without you. The way you warm me up and make me smile. You will never know how much this means to me. I will wrap you up so good! No one will interrupt me, you'll see. I bit my cheek thinking about you. The moment I put my lips on---"

    "Mam! What will you be having???"

    "Oh. Ummmm I will have what I am looking at... the Chicken Lettuce Wraps. (Mam?)"

    "Thank you for finally making your decision, there's a long line behind you."


    "Sorry. (Lady?)"

    [few minutes later]

    "I knew you would come. You look so delicious! Now... Let us begin."

  • 1824 W Main St
    Alhambra, CA 91801
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    The ice cream is deliciousness! I've only been here once but that was enough to get hooked. No wonder I had to wait in a 10 minute line that almost went out the door.
    For many years I've been wanting the perfect banana split and here it was, staring me straight in the face. I couldn't resist and got the biggest one they have. Three scoops of my choice and I was in heaven waiting for my dessert. When they handed me the heavy boat of ice cream my jaw dropped! 3 scoops equals 6 scoops in this place and I loved it! I could not finish it all I was about to implode with all that ice cream in my tummy! I decided to take it home.
    Next time I go I am going with an empty stomach and challenging myself to that same size.
    One complaint: I wish the peanuts could've been unsalted. The saltiness ruined the taste a tiny bit.

    4/5 delicious Stars tucked in a banana split.

  • 2080 S Atlantic Blvd
    Monterey Park, CA 91755
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Cashew Nut Chicken!!!
    The best time to visit this place is during lunch hours. Their deals are hard to beat unless you go across the street and eat at McDonalds. But who wants a burger with too much mayo when you can enjoy a dish of delicious white rice and chicken cashew with a well proportioned salad on the side PLUS a boba drink?
    See what I mean?!
    Forget that clown and dine with the best.
    There is a huge variety in their menu which I have yet to try...

    ....challenge accepted!

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    I have no words. Just eat here!!! Actually order out and take it home (few tables inside, little parking spaces). Get the number one! you will not regret it! It's delicious chicken on a bed of white rice smothered with teriyaki sauce with mac and salad on the side.
    My goodness it is finger licking good!
    Every weekend coming back from Northridge getting off of the freeway I long for some Thai Deli but it was always too late and it would be closed.
    Saddened by this, I now take advantage of going whenever the Thai Deli rumble in my tummy alert goes on.
    I am a happy camper when I step into this tiny restaurant.  (:

  • 2655 E Desert Inn Rd
    Las Vegas, NV 89121
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Oh Nevada and their lack of Mexican food. We had to travel so much to get here but it was well worth it.
    The reception for my grandparent's vow renewal was held in this beautiful restaurant. I really enjoyed the view of Nevada as we sat next to the huge windows and the service was A-OK.
    I ordered some shrimp in a sauce of green roasted chili. It was very delicious! I sampled a few other plates as well. I tried the Camarones a la Diabla and they were not spicy at all. It was a disappointment. If you want spicy shrimp these are not it.
    I also sampled the Ensalada Marinera (Marine Salad) and boy oh boy! I wish I wouldve gotten this instead. It was very delicious and filling! Next time I am ordering one of those bad boys.
    The red rice was alright, nothing compared to home-made, and the fried beans taste like canned beans. Sorry.
    However, those two didnt damp the mood for the rest of this wonderful restaurant. Their torillas were hand-made, their chips and salsa were divine and their fideo soup was delish!
    I would definitely visit this place again but I dont think I will, it's too far from the strip.

  • 18711 Devonshire St
    Northridge, CA 91324
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    Give me back my Bloomin' Onion!!!???

    I wasn't too hungry so I ordered my favorite bloomin' onion. I picked at it with sad eyes because I just was not up to the challenge of eating it all. When it was time to leave, I boxed it up with a dance in my feet because I knew that I would be enjoying my onion at home.

    Then the worst thing occurred....
    Gave a tip
    Walked out the door
    Got to my house...
    and realized I had left my deliciously almost untouched bloomin' onion on the table at this restaurant.
    Oh the sadness that overtook my heart. I almost called them to save it for me! but alas, I didn't and until this day I always think of that beautiful onion sitting owner-less and lonely on the table.

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    How I miss thee! With all my heart and with the veins which connect my heart and my brain. It was my brain who decided to try this place but it was my heart the one who loved it.

    That's it. That's my review.

    Just kidding.  The first time I tried it, it was a beautiful Northridge night. I was living on the same block as this restaurant, and it immediately caught my attention. Like the yelper that I am, I first checked out the reviews and I was sold! When arriving, my choice was not made because of the menu they offered me, but because all these wonderful pictures my fellow yelpers have posted up. I chose the beef stew with noodles and once it was in my mouth I could NOT believe how much I loved it. I didn't just love it, I LOVED it. The beef literally melted in my mouth. I did not have to chew. In fact, I didn't chew at all (exaggeration)! If you have never tried their beef noodle soup... who are you!? and are you crazy!?
    The 2nd item I fell in love with were the pan fried meat dumplings which were deliciously hot, I had to be very careful when biting them.
    It was a lonely night for the restaurant, a family of 6 a few feet away and a couple in a booth. I could not believe it was that empty.
    The second time I ate there was for my graduation dinner. I called in to make a reservation thinking all the CSUN graduates would definitely want to dine there, however when the day came, again it was pretty empty.
    All in all, the food was wonderful!
    The service was amazing: I reserved 8 seats but when the day came I had to apologize because 13 people arrived. They were very understanding and quickly accommodated us all.

    I will soon be back to eat some more beef stew noodles. Mark my words! I mean, mark my typing!

  • $$ Lounge
    3843 Main St
    Culver City, CA 90232
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    (if you want to read the beginning of this review, search "Rocco's Tavern")

    -- a lounge! A secret lounge tucked in behind this wonderful tavern. I forgot about the front and looked for a nice seat in this dark place. The only lights were from the bar and tiny candles sprinkled everywhere. The drink menus came and it was overwhelming. In the end I tasted 4 drinks. They were all good except one. I forgot its name but it had oregano in it. It felt as though I was drinking spaghetti. Ew never getting that again! You live and you learn.
    The music is blasting so loud I could not hear what the guy next to me was saying. Ah well. All in all it was enjoyable. I guess the only thing that made it special was that it was such a surprise to find out about this place without knowing about it.
    If you want a dark lounge where you wont have to speak with whoever you came with then this is the place for you!

    PS. Instagram a picture of yourself having fun and hashtag this place and you will get some kind of deal. I know this is vague, just do it.

  • 3843 Main St
    Culver City, CA 90232
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Walked in on a Saturday night not knowing what to expect. It was cold out but as soon as I was in I had to take my jacket off. It was full of people and everyone's breathing was making the place stuffy. I didn't mind it at first because I was so cold but when 10 minutes passed and I couldn't find a seat I was mildly annoyed.
    Finally got a table. Ordered some wings and fries. They were so delicious! I was not expecting them to be 5 stars!
    I remember thinking "It's 11pm and most places serve the worst wings at night" but to my surprise they were hot, spicy, tender and wonderful! The fries were perfect as well. Got an appletini and woah was it strong! There was a little bit of apple and a lot of tini. Which I liked! The only thing I didn't like was the server. He was in such a hurry that he was leaving when we had only ordered one thing, we had to stop him and say "hey calm down, we have much more to order" but every time we said another thing he seemed anxious to leave and get the order in. He also took a long time to bring the check. This time I didn't mind due to savoring my drink.

    However, before eating I ventured to find a restroom. I walked all the way to the back and found a hall. It was dim but I kept on walking. As soon as I found the ladies room I heard loud music coming from another door. I leaned closer and closer until I was at the opening and to my surprise... I found--

    (wuh-oh! this review has been cut in two. To read the rest you must search for "Sevety7" )

  • 9255 Reseda Blvd
    Northridge, CA 91324
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    I used to live right behind this place. It was very convenient for me! Every time I wanted dessert and the day or night was in the high degrees I would walk on over and enjoy a UFO! (That is the smallest size) (I cannot finish a small, or a large) haha!
    Some people say milk (ice cream) and water (crushed ice) are not a good mixture but I say to them Pish Posh!!! It is a wonderful concoction!
    They have so many flavors it is hard to just choose three!
    I had to go a few times to finally come up with the flavors I enjoyed. For those who do not want to put their own flavors together, Get Shaved has already thought of many! Go to their site to see all the secret combos!
    I usually like to get the Kona Coffee flavored ice cream, then a Blue Hawaii and Hawaiian Punch flavors and top it off with Sour Spray! Delicious!
    Stop reading this and go get one!!

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