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  • 7090 Santa Teresa Blvd
    San Jose, CA 95139
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    I got a $10 gift certificate for this place and thought I'd use it. The ambiance is cute, has a great outdoor patio area for nice summer nights. It was a bit chillier that night so we ate inside which was dead. There was only 1 other patron in the restaurant. I will have to say it was a Tuesday night.

    A good variety of standard Mexican food to choose from except I wanted Taco Salad but wasn't on there. I had the 2 carne asada taco platter. My friend had the pork tamales platter. They give you a basket of free chips and salsa. This was the sign of things to come. The chips were really greasy and the salsa had no kick. Almost like a bowl full of chopped up tomatoes.

    The food came out fast on a HUGE plate with portions to match. First bite in...YIKES! It was almost inedible. The carne asada was rubbery, chewy and almost indigestible. The rice that came with it was bland and the beans were overly salty. I only ate 1 taco and swished around the beans and rice so it looked touched.

    My friends Tamales were BLAND and barely had any meat inside.

    Even with a $10 discount, we paid $25 including tip.  A bit expensive for BLAH food.

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    So a group of my girlfriends went here for a simple birthday dinner.  They have parking in the back which is convenient cause it's downtown  SJ near the Cal Tran Station and HP Pavillion so street parking would have been hard to find.  

    The place looks like a house that's been converted into a restaurant.  They had live music outside on the patio but we ate inside.  

    You order at the register, get a buzzer and come back to pick up your food when ready.  

    I ordered the Chicken BBQ sandwich with a soft drink which came out to $12 bucks.  I would normally just get water but my friends were saying how horrible the water tasted, even if you add a lemon.  I didn't have any but it looked like they had a great selection of beer on tap along with bottled beer and wine at a reasonable price.  The sandwich was ok.  The shredded chicken was juicy and had a nice spicy flavor to it.  The bread however was just too thick.  I ate it as an open sandwich after a few bites.  It comes with shredded lettuce and tomato but they could have added a bit more of that in my opinion.

    We ordered a large order of cajun fries for $5 to share since the sandwiches didn't come with any sides.  The Cajun fries were GREAT!  Nice flavor and perfectly crispy.  I could have eaten a whole basket to myself.  

    My friend ordered the chicken and sausage Jambalaya which I had a forkful of and it was a little hard/undercooked and dry.  My friend said the gumbo was good, must have been cause she gobbled it all up before I could have a taste.

    I wasn't in the mood for anything fried (I know, twilight zone moment) otherwise I might have gone with one of the more popular menu options.  I guess that will be left for next time.

  • 5499 Snell Ave
    San Jose, CA 95123
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    Remember this is SOUTH BAY San Jose. So with that said...I give it 3 stars especially cause it is close to my house.

    I only order 3 things from here: Fresh spring rolls, Pho Tai and Pork Chops. Yes, I could eat all three in one sitting however I am cutting back so I usually get Fresh Spring Rolls to share and one or the other of the entrees.

    You sit wherever, you order or point at the menu in some cases, the food comes out fast, eat, pay at the counter then off you go.

    Spring Roll: You get 2 average size spring rolls cut in half. It has fresh ingredients. Nothing different from other spring rolls out there. Comes with peanut sauce, for an extra kick add a little siracha (hot sauce)

    Pho Tai: I think they charges $5.80 for a small Pho Tai to give you a price point. The broth is on the darker spectrum of pho broths, they give you plenty of bean sprout, leaves, jalapeno, limes. Some days the meat is better than others but I never felt it to be inedible. The noodles are cooked nicely and enough to get you full. The colder the soup gets the more the broth separates. But if you stir it around it gets mixed up again. Kind of like Japanese Miso soup.

    Pork chop is flavorful and tender. Comes with 2 pieces of think pork chop with bone, rice and fish sauce to dip.  Sometimes the chop can be a little fatty for those lard eaters but as they say, that's where the flavor is!!

    Don't expect to get great atmosphere, friendly service, fully english understanding staff but hey it's PHO not a 5 star restaurant.

  • 145 E Harmon
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
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    I just got back from Vegas for a bachelorette party and we stayed at the MGM Signature.  "Movie theatre feeling" applies know where after all the previews, you forgot what movie you came to watch.  Yea, that's the feeling....driving through a quiet street into this long driveway with a security gate, walking into the hotel to find the check in counter 5 steps away, I forgot I was in Vegas!!  I go to Vegas for the ching ching ching of slot machines, smell of cigarette in your hair and clothes, and the stench of SINNERS everywhere.  The quiet serene environment is great for a beach getaway but for VEGAS?  It's just not RIGHT!!  

    I will have to say a few nice things.  The room was fantastic.  Cozy bed and nice kitchenette with BIG bathroom.  Clean and new all around.  We had nice suprise delivery upon arrival of chocolate covered strawberries welcoming our stay at the Signature.  I'm not sure if this is normal protocal or if it was cause of our large group with the bachelorette party but definitely a nice touch.  One night we came back drunk and tired and the doorman gave us free bottle of water.  Didn't realize it at the moment but it was a lifesaver.  Our suite had a decent size balcony with a decent view of the strip.  

    Sorry but here's the negatives (well for me):  Signature is just too quiet for a Vegas weekend.  If you want a taxi...uh? they have to call for one.  They don't get enough traffic to have a taxi line like other hotels.  They don't have anything open late night so forget the 4th meal.  The walk to MGM Grand is at LEAST 1 mile.  They do however have those walking conveyor belts for us lazies but still very far from the action.  

    Overall, I enjoyed my stay and if I ever need to go Vegas for some peace and quiet, R&R, I'll stay here...sooooooo basically I'll never stay here again.

  • 240 Central Park S
    New York, NY 10019
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    Ate at Marea for Brunch but I would have gone back to try their dinner menu had we not had reservations at some of the other swanky high end restaurants in NY to try.  

    First, the service is right on as it should be at these restaurants.  They grabbed our coats at the door and since we had reservations, they were ready to seat us as soon as we got our coats situated.  The water glass was never empty and the fresh bread they brought around was warm and timely.  

    I have to mention that their plates and setting was just absolutely gorgeous, perfectly set for the italian and seafood to come.   Kudos for not missing the details.  I wish I could remember the names of the dishes I had but they change it often anyways so it won't be like you can order what I had unless you go in January 2010.  I started with a crab appetizer that had apple, cheese and a bunch of other lovely tastes incorporated.  It was fresh, light and tasty.  For the entree, I had the scallops.  Of course I only got 3 but those 3 were perfectly cooked and delish.  My friend had the pasta and wowwwww......the home made pasta with lamb neck meat was a home run.  I wish I had ordered that.  

    Definitely still think about the amazing meal I had at Marea and can't wait to eat there again...hopefully soon.

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    Your first stop off the plane should be Zippy's as well as your last meal back to the airport.  (my opinion)  Zippy's is only in Hawaii or frozen in some stores now but I like to eat it as often as I can IN Hawaii.  I recommend the Zip Pac (4 different types of meat  - spam, fried chicken, bbq thin beef and fried fish- with rice that has sprinkles of seaweed), Chili dog plate, or the Loco Moco (hamburger meat with egg on top drizzled with gravy over rice).  If it's breakfast, the portugese sausage, eggs and rice is a local classic.  It's a quick, fast meal to enjoy the Aloha.  

    In some Zippys, they have an actual sit down restaurant side that has the same stuff and a bit more which is also great and some Zippys are open 24 hour!!

    They also have a pastries section but never tried it.  Just always gone straight for the food!  


  • 408 Barber Ln
    Milpitas, CA 95035
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    I came with a friend who's addicted to this place and hyped it over facebook so much, I actually drove the 20 min it took to get there just to see what the hype is about.  I had their pepper beef, extra beef with egg over rice.  The extra beef and egg are added cost but worth it and still under $10 with all the add ons. The entree comes out fast on a sizzling plate with rice in the center and raw thin pieces of meat around.  The corn on top of the rice is a nice add.  If you spread the meat out onto the sizzling plate it cooks ups fast and nice.  I added the "sauce" towards the end to add flavor.  I personally like to mix everything together creating a fried rice feel.  A tip:  It is veryyy hot (temperature) so wait a few for it to sizzle down to eating temperature.  They give you a miso soup with every entree (I think) and is a nice beginning to the meal.  

    I wouldn't drive all the way over to Milpitas JUST for Pepper Lunch however if you are in the area, I definitely suggest stopping by for a bite.  If you plan to be anywhere after where you don't want to smell like steaming food, I'd avoid it unless you are with the same friends you ate pepper lunch with and don't care that you all smell like food.

    One note:  Since this is Japanese, you might want to call or check their hours before going.  The do close on Monday, I think and in between lunch and dinner?  anyways, I remember going once and they were closed so just check before going.

  • 2021 Camden Ave
    San Jose, CA 95124
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    I have found it!!  A place that is consistent, clean and is one stop shop. I go here for my pedicure, manicure and waxing.  All are fabulous.  A mini -spa experience.  The pedicure is $20 for their standard which includes a hot towel and stone massage.  Sometimes I get #2 which includes an extra scrub.

    Manicures are $12 and $17 for french.  So it's a few more dollars than other places but well worth it.  Whatever they use, it's magic.  The color lasts a long time and remains shiny for days.  It can be busy on the weekends so I tend to go on Tues or Wed so they take their time.

  • 850 Blossom Hill Rd
    San Jose, CA 95123
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    With all these bad reviews...I was going to second guess my 3 star but will hold true to my taste buds.  I came here with a coworker and continue to do so cause 1- it's cheap, 2- relatively heatlhy (vs other fast food places), 3 - it's fast.

    I only order the Teriyaki Chicken Bowl and for the's fits the bill.  You get a large portion of chicken, rice and steamed veggies (cabbage, brocolli and carrots) for $3.99.  For added health ask for white chicken for $.50 more although it can be drier.  I usually get the Large bowl for $5.99 for dinner.

    They keep this place very clean and service is fast and friendly.  I am a little bothered by people complaining about who cooks the food here.  The only difference between here and other places is that you can SEE them prepare your food.  If you peek your head in the kitchen at other Japanese'll find there isn't much difference.

    Next time I go, I'll have to try these potstickers everyone talks about but man...ling ling from costco is pretty darn good....I'll update when I go next and let you know.

  • 1092 E El Camino Real
    Sunnyvale, CA 94087
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Meat lovers dream!!  

    Ok I normally don't go out for Korean food since mom's house is 1000x better than any restaurant in town but it was a friends birthday and we had a super KOREAN night Korean bbq, Soju, OB beer and a whole lotta Karaoke.  

    The place was packed and normally don't take reservations but for big parties like we had....16-18 people....they take them.  They were great about being able to sit us all in the same area in a short period of time.

    I had the honor or sucker of being the head cook for my table.  Getting nibbles of food as I flip meat, 1 degree burn marks from grease splatter, and a meat steam facial.  Sounds fun right?  TOTALLY!!

    Ok so if you've truly never eaten Korean bbq properly let me help you out. They give you red leaf lettuce on the table which isn't for decoration.  You take one leaf of lettuce, put in meat of choice, rice and a bit of that brown bean curd sauce they have on the table or ask for KO-CHU-JANG  It's a bit spicier but adds a great flavor.  Fold the leaf over to create a burrito like effect and shove in mouth.  YUM!!  

    For meat choices, they have al the traditional meats: Kalbi, bulgogi, dejibulgoki (pork), squid, calarmi, shrimp, sangulpsal (form of bacon), bbq chicken to name a few.

    Of course they have rice and banchans (side dishes) to compliment the meats well.  Especially the marinated raw crab.  Yes, you eat it raw. DELISH.  

    As far as service, the Ajimahs (older lady) waitresses come around often enough to remove the empty plates along with the hot grill plate once it gets pretty used to avoid the black burnt  marks on your meats.  They are so attentive, that when they see you aren't really eating anymore they ask if you are done basically wondering if you are going to leave!!  Damn Koreans.  

    Negatives:  The vent isn't strong enough so you will walk out of there smelling like a chimmey.  The tile floors from all that grease is pretty slippery so wear comfortable rubber sole shoes to avoid possible slips.

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