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    An incredible new hot restaurant in the Tribeca area. Really enjoyed the Lobster, and the cocktails were out of this world. A great place for a meal or even just to go for some drinks with friends.
    Going back to try some other meal options and appetizers.

  • 388 Greenwich St
    New York, NY 10013
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    The easiest company to deal with! I had a small get together at the house and it got a little messy. My friend also brought his dog and on top of wine being spilled on my rug, my friends dog was walking all over it. Anyway, called up these guys and a very nice girl answered. She wanted to have someone come pick up my rug within 2 hours!!! I was shocked but I was also at work so that didn't work out. She sent someone in the morning and the guy that came works really fast. He also went into detail about how it works and how long it usually takes. Got a call from them 3 days later telling me they can deliver it  already and then when the guy came, he said next time I'll get a great discount. Very happy with these guys. Definitely recommend them!

  • 155 E 47th St
    New York, NY 10017
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    I started seeing Dr. Shum recently and have been very pleased with his treatment and services.

    I have seen many doctors, especially primary care physicians in the past. Usually the procedure begins with being called into the examination room after a long queue in the waiting room where you will first be seen by a physician's assistant. By that time usually you are already aggravated about the time you've waited in the waiting room and in many cases even more aggravated about the pain or discomfort you are in. You explain your symptoms and beliefs to the PA hoping he/she can help you with something. You are always wrong about that one... That person is only designated to fill out paperwork, forms, and notes for the doctor to see, as well as take your vitals and record them. After the PA leaves, you again have to wait until the doctor knocks on the door. At that time what you've already explained the PA s irrelevant because now your complaints have been translated to a chart, in order for the doctor to diagnose. In some cases if you are lucky the doctor may ask you more questions; however in most circumstances especially in New York City, we have all been in the position when the doctor comes into the examination room for 1-2 minutes and based on your charts, records, and the few words you've exchanged diagnoses you. It is a very disappointing and impersonal feeling and it is unfair that your explanation was unheard by the doctor because often they are in a rush to see the next patient or to tend to another task.


    Conveniently for me I live around the corner from Dr. Shum's practice and I have never had to wait more than ten minutes after checking in with the receptionist. After your name is called by reception you immediately walk in to Dr. Shum's examination room where he is waiting for you, the patient. He personally takes care of everything himself. He takes all of his own notes; he will take your temperature and vitals on his own, as well as perform the medical examination. If necessary he does his own blood work as well. It is a very personal experience, and I feel as if he actually listens to the needs of his patients without rushing his patients out of the office.

    Dr. Shum also provides his e-mail address to all of his patients and he personally answers his patient's emails on his own throughout the workday, and rather quickly. Every time I have walked into his office I see the Gmail window open in his browser; which is a clear sign that he is paying attention to his emails and his patients requests.

    He is a very knowledgeable physician and his client service abilities only make this a more attractive primary care practice. I highly recommend seeing Doctor Shum for a range of medical needs especially if he takes your medical insurance and even if he doesn't I know he is affordable to those that have CASH as their medical insurance policy.

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    The best russian Restaurant in Brooklyn.

    Alik and his creations provide a top notch experience in Russian Cuisine.

    My favorite restaurant in Brooklyn

  • 141 Division Street
    New York, NY 10002
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    The best and most inexpensive car service I have used. Comfortable cars nice drivers. Are very prompt to show up for a call.

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