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    For those of you looking for a quick review: if you are looking for dog training, James is worth every penny! We get compliments daily on our dogs behavior, and it wouldn't be possible without the training we received with James. He honestly wants every dog and their owner to succeed.

    For those of you looking for reasons why James is the best... Read on!

    This review is a long time coming. Hang on....this is going to be a long one!

    We first met James 2 1/2 years ago, I was recommended to him by a coworker. We had both adopted puppies and were comparing notes on training.

    I had told my co worker about my awful experience with a basic obedience puppy class that had 40 puppies in it. With a chocolate lab that wants to be everyone's friend, we hadn't gotten anything out of the class. My husband and I have a rule, - If everyone at the dog park knows your dogs name, it's time to leave. We spent more time in that class running around after Ranger than anything else.

    My coworker recommended that I call James. That weekend Ranger, our lab, and myself went to see James. After our FREE evaluation and hearing James speak about his methods I was sold. I had an unruly stubborn puppy that was beyond spontaneous and had what seemed like endless energy. I needed help.

    We went through James' basic obedience which first of all only had 5 other dogs. AND he holds you accountable to your homework, you have to show the class what you practiced in between classes. Everyone in the class was progressing at different levels, but James made sure that you didn't advance with out learning the building blocks. Just after the first few classes the change in Rangers obedience was amazing.

    After the training class, my fiancé and I asked if James would be able to board and train Ranger the week of our wedding. We had lots of older family that was going to be in town and staying in the house and we worried for their safety if we had a puppy that had grown legs that were all knees and elbows and were much too long for him and often used walls and cupboards as springboards/landing pads.

    After the wedding my husband and I had some intensive training sessions to catch up on what ranger had learned with James during his week of board and train.

    We now had a 9 month old puppy who had a whole catalogue of commands and obedience, we just had to learn his rules. Kind of like learning how to drive a fancy new sports car:)

    We soon after moved to Hawaii with the army, and for the two years we were there received compliment after compliment of how well behaved our dog was. People couldn't believe that he was so young but so polite and obedient.

    We were able to take him off leash hiking, to the beach, playing in the front yard. Ranger was a completely different dog.... Mostly :) like any puppy, he still had his crazy moments, but could be quickly corralled.

    We recently moved back to the Bay Area and had a training question for James. Ranger had recently become very sassy: barking, talking back, lots of sassy barking. Which had to stop. Especially now that my husband had a job where he could bring Ranger to the office. No one likes a barking dog...

    I emailed James, he quickly got back to me and  we set up a time to come in.

    He reminded us of a few things that we had covered two years ago and asked if we had been following them. Turns out, we hadn't, and Ranger had slowly pushed our buttons to find out where his limits were. EXACTLY like a kid!

    After our refresher, we went home and practiced.

    I am proud to say that Ranger is now one of the favorite dogs in the office.

    We continue to get daily compliments on his behavior and it wouldn't be possible with out the amazing training from James.

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    AMAZING.....nothing compares. Can be quite expensive, actually REALLY expensive, but if you know that going in dont worry about price and just enjoy. Make sure that you make reservations for the bar.

    By far the best customer service experience. My husband and I have been to many nice date night restaurants where the customer service is nice, but quite rehearsed... The level of service at Sushi Sasabune was amazing. The waiters that came by genuinely wanted to know if you were enjoying yourself, our water and sake glasses were NEVER empty, I dont think they even got lower than half full.

    The Chef was a kick. You will definitly be 'taught' how to eat your sushi, it was quite the experience.

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