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  • 7400 E Hampden Ave
    Denver, CO 80231
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    OMG I was in the neighborhood and thought I would pop in for some Ramen!, Been coming here for decades! Just a cute cozy Nipponese ma and pa place, all kind of knick knacks and such! Best ramen in the Western  hemisphere as far as I am concerned. The owner was an fun. eccentric guy but a real sweetie!

    I am sad and crushed that the place is gone. The old neighborhood will never be the same!  To the owner I wish him All The Best!


  • $ Burger
    1120 S Colorado Blvd
    Glendale, CO 80246
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    I am not big on Fast Food, I might grab a Wendy's or Burger King burger now and then, which are pretty decent (McDonalds..YUK).

    Well a friend recommended this place.  The place was dirty and there was an awful aroma of rancid grease pervading the place! My burger was a DISGUSTING, a foul blob of meat drenched in grease! I couldn't finish it and almost lost my cookies!

    Needless to say I will never be back and there is a friendship I will have to reevaluate!

  • 2500 E 1st Ave
    Denver, CO 80206
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    A favorite family haunt for get-togethers! This is what a first class steak and seafood restaurant should be like. A very well run organization. Everything is always excellent, salads, sides, entrees. Everything is fresh, high, quality and perfectly prepared!

    The wait staff are all real pros. They are friendly and know what they are doing. Problems are always taken care of promptly and with a smile!

    Just love the relaxing ambiance! A great place to get together and enjoy a fist class meal!

    It Doesn't get any better than this!

  • $ Pub, Burger
    2376 15th St
    Denver, CO 80202
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    "There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man, by which so much happiness is produced as by a good tavern or inn."

       Samuel Johnson, reported in James Boswell, Life of Samuel Johnson (1776).

    What does this place have going for it? No sign out in front, no TV, no sports memorabilia,  no country music blaring from over loud speakers, the wood on the bar is well worn with decades of use.!...Hmmm

    Sounds perfect to me!

    Well I have been coming here, not for years but for decades,  (remember when the bar tenders  used to throw straws in your drinks?) Jimmy is such a dear, always pedaling those @&!*!!&&*@& Girl Scout cookies!

    Now I've never been a big bar person. Most taverns you go into nowadays, the patrons are sitting at the bar like zombies, staring up at 40 or 50 TV screens at overpaid "athletes" throwing a silly ball around or smashing each others brains in while attired in ridiculous suits of plastic armor.    

    For people in the know this has always been the best tavern in town. Folks actually TALK to each other (No kidding it actually happens!),  engage in witty and charming repartee, flirt, cajole, make friends, enemies, imbibe a glass or two and have a jolly good time!

    The bar tenders and waitstaff are all fun and friendly people, quick with a joke and happy to ply you with liquor!!

    The food is unique bar food, wonderful little burgers and sides. The menu hasn't changed in years and I hope it never will! Just love the big box of condiments that come with an order, the best pepperoncini in town

  • 5.0 Sterne

    When I was young my folks dropped me off here Saturday mornings in the winter to take the ski train to Winter Park. It was great fun! I went here the other day and it seems to have changed very little, a window into the past.

    My parents would give me a 10$ dollar bill!

    $3.00 for the train ticket
    $3.50 for a lift ticket
    $2.50 for lunch
    And the rest for a snack you could get at the snack car on the way back! And then some!

    OMG, can you believe it!

  • 5.0 Sterne

    Despite many changes, this has always been a historic landmark of Downtown Denver! I vaguely remember coming here and shopping with my Mom when I was little. It was a department store then and I remember eating in the cafe on one of the upper floors.

    A little history if I may!

    "William B. Daniels and William Fisher opened a five-story department store in 1864. After travelling to Venice, Italy, Daniels became mesmerized by the Renaissance architecture and wanted a reminder of the beauty in Denver. He decided to build a structure modeled after the Campanile (St. Mark's Bell Tower) at the Piazzo San Marco in Venice, Italy. Construction of the clock tower began in 1910 and finished in 1912. The tower prided itself in being the highest structure west of the Mississippi River at the time, standing at 325 feet."

  • 2240 S Quebec St
    Denver, CO 80231
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    Well if that Ole jalopy breaks down and you live in Southeast Denver, you are out of your mind if you don't bring it here to have it fixed.

    Whenever I bring my car in, they tell me how long it will take to get an estimate, and how long it will take to get it fixed. usually about 2 -4 hours if they can get the parts and it is not too involved. As I live close by, they always offer to drive me home while it is being fixed!

    Unlike every other clip joint in town they don't throw a list of 29 things that "should" be fixed at you! If they do mention something, you better listen cause they know their stuff and they care.

    This is the most honest and reliable auto shop I have ever been to! Steve and the gang are total sweeties! Fun and friendly people, too bad every business is not like this!

  • 3760 Tejon St
    Denver, CO 80211
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    I have been coming to Gaetano's for many years. Chauncey and the gang were real sweeties. The place had history and soul and I loved the bullet proof glass door that opened that wrong way! The food was fairly good Italian Red Sauce fare and the service was old school good!

    And then change. The makeover went rather well. The kept the same black and red color scheme, but it is now brighter, cleaner, more open. The booths look comfy and overblown pics of the "Family" and the neighborhood adorn the wall!

    I was in for lunch and I ordered a Caesar Salad $6.00 and "Spicy Sausage" $13.00. So far so good. And then The Bad and the Ugly!

    NO Bread! An Italian restaurant with NO BREAD! (Like a cat house without cats!). I felt like I had been slapped! At first I thought they had just forgotten me but I looked at my neighbors and they had no bread as well!  When The Smalldones ran the place, each order of bread was INDIVIDUALLY wrapped in a small plastic bag to ensure freshness! And now THIS?

    Well I recovered from this bludgeoning and soldiered on!

    The Caesar salad came with big fresh uncut leaves of romaine and a few croutons. The Caesar salad dressing was excellent! maybe the best I have ever had! (but for 6 bucks....Hmmmm).

    As for the "Spicy Sausage", a big plate of pasta with a generous chunk of excellent Italian Sausage?? HAHA Dream on Bucko! I was served a medium sized portion. The pasta was not cooked enough (I like my pasta " al dente", not "al cardboarde"! The sauce was a watery red concoction with one piece of eggplant, too much chili powder, a few small pieces of tomato and a few tiny bits of sausage (or was it hamburger? There were so few I couldn't tell)! Chef Boyardee would have been better!

    Service was ok, neither good nor bad, the poor waitress apparently suffered from PDS (Personality Deficiency syndrome).

    The total came to well over 20 bucks (not including tip!).

    So basically I got a meal that I could have gotten in a second rate pizza joint in a run down strip mall in the suburbs for less than half the cost!

    And at least they would have thrown a couple of slices of garlic bread at me!!!!

  • 5.0 Sterne

    I have been coming here for years and it is such a delight. There aren't many Mittel Europa restaurants in the Denver area, but this is undoubtedly the BEST!

    The place is small, located in an old Pizza Hut. The decor is charming, all kinds of Mittel Europa knickknacks, beer steins etc. adorn the walls. It is a family run eatery. The owner is a total sweetie, scurrying about making sure all is well and plying everyone with samples of this or that special! Service is fun and friendly..couldn't be better!

    The food is very good Mittel European fare! Don't plan on making breakfast the next day, portion are enormous, you will have enough left over for one or even two meals! I love the dumplings that come with good old fashioned gravy like Mom used to make, (where can you get that now days?).

    Their Roast Duck is what they do best! I have never been to an eatery; European, Oriental or whatever that did duck as well as this! It has very little fat and is roasted to perfection!

    There is a good Mittel Europa wine and beer list and to top it off, prices are very reasonable! You more than get your bang for your buck!

    So put on your Lederhosen or Drindl and have a delightful excursion to Mittel Europa!

  • 3005 S Peoria St
    Aurora, CO 80014
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    My favorite Korean BBQUE!, There are a number of good Korean BBQUEs in Denver (are there any bad ones??....Hmmm...I think not!) but this one I always enjoy the most! The place is set in a snug and cozy spot in a strip mall in saudi aurora. The staff is serious and intent on getting what you need for a good Korean BBQUE experience. This place makes me smile!

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