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    Mit OpenTable gebucht

    I have been wanting to come here for a while, don't know what took me so long.  It really is a great place to go with friends for great food and drink. You'd really be surprised with how much bigger the place is by looking at it from the outside.  The décor was very zen like and comfortable.

    I finally made it here with a friend of mine and he had mimosas while I ate and also had mimosas.  They have mimosas that had different fruit nectar besides just plain old orange juice, they were amazing.  I ordered a breakfast skillet of some sort.  It had eggs, of course, tomatoes, rosemary, potatoes and tons of cheese.  It was so good, I really wanted to eat the whole plate, but I just couldn' tasted great as left overs.

    I will want to venture out here for brunch soon and maybe a dinner or two as well.

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    Erster Beitrag

    I got an invite for a sneak peek for this new restaurant that was being opened by the same owners of URBN and BASIC Urban + Kitchen & Bar .  Free food, free, yeah!  So I jumped at this opportunity to check it out.  
    The space has been newly renovated and has a very clean look.  It consisted of 3 separate levels: 1st level is the bar area, standing room only; second level has some selected tables and more open space for standing room; the third level with some additional seating space.  It's 5,000 square feet of food, drinks and fun.  Like most restaurants, the music was a bit loud, however they were playing some great music, so it wasn't a big issue for us.

    As we arrived, they checked our ID's and it was a free for all.  First stop, the bar.  They had a few Absolut cocktails to choose from.  For the amount of people coming in at once, I was surprised it didn't take longer for the bartenders to keep up, but they were on it.  

    We sat ourselves at a table on the second floor which overlooks the first level, great people watching.  
    A waiter came by dropping off Chinese takeout boxes with spring rolls in it.  They had some shrimp in there as well as small slices of mango in it.  I was surprised with the mango, never had it in a spring roll before,  but it was tasty.
    As we waited a while for more food to come our way, we realized that a lot of people standing near the kitchen doors snagging every box full of food whenever a server came out with a tray full of food.  Luckily, the servers came up with a plan to have 3 of them come out at a time, two in which bypassed the standing customers, and came straight to the tables, the last server would be left for the wolves.  It was nice that our server made a conscious effort to make sure he got food to the tables in the front.  
    Next we had pork fried rice.  It had a lot of bacon in it, and thank God I love bacon.  The rice was yummy.  Finally, we received a calamari salad, by far was my favorite item we tasted.  It was a fried calamari with some mixed greens.  The calamari had some spice to it and it was amazing.  After these three items, the food just stopped coming out, unfortunately we were not satisfied so we had to leave to grab more food elsewhere.  Considering it was a free event, we really could not complain.

    I would love to come back when the restaurant is open to the public and try an actual full plate of food.  The place has a great look, food is amazing and the servers were very friendly and on top of their game.  Thanks for a great night, I'll be back soon for more.

  • $$ Pizza
    3089 Clairemont Dr
    San Diego, CA 92117
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    Thanks to my roommate, I found me some Mountain Mikes.  I have driven by it a few times, and I have to admit, I was a bit nervous to try this place.  I came home to my roommate stuffing his face with one of their pies.  He said they were good, so I tried a piece.  It honestly was the best pizza's I had in years.  I was sick of going to friends' places and them ordering the same ol' pizza from the commercialized companies.  Honestly, all the commercialized places gets really old.  I prefer the mom and pop shops myself, so I'll stick with Mountain Mikes.

  • 8915 Towne Centre Dr
    San Diego, CA 92122
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    I have never been to this salon before, but once my normal hair dresser moved there I made my way there.  Her name is Minoo, she is the sweetest lady.  I found her randomly at another salon and she did such a great job, I am hooked.  She does a great job and she is always available.  The last time I needed a trim, I texted her and she was able to take me in right away.  Anytime I needed a trim and needed it last minute, she always makes room in her schedule for me.

    She is now available at this salon.  Just ask for Minoo!

    Thanks Minoo, you're the best!

  • $$ Lounge
    3054 University Ave
    San Diego, CA 92104
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    Came her for the first time a couple of weeks ago.  I really loved the ambiance of the place, especially the wall lined up with every whiskey you could think of.  I don't know what it was about that night, but the service wasn't great.  I get that some of the drinks take time, but with as packed as the bar was, you'd think they'd have more that 2 bartenders at each bar.  For the hour I was there, I only had one drink.  It took me 20 minutes of it to get my tab.  

    I really liked my whiskey sour.  I hope next time I come in, it won't take as long.

  • 4121 Ashton St
    San Diego, CA 92110
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    I've been living in Bay Park for almost 6 months and I am amazed it took so long for me to find this place.  I just happened to drive by and it looks like a cool little place, so my cousin and I finally went to try it out.  I was pleasantly pleased.

    We initially ordered some oysters, and of course they were yummy.  I got a half sandwich and cup of soup for my lunch.  The sandwich was a swordfish club sandwich.  It's always iffy with getting fish sandwiches because, in my experience, you never know how fresh the fish is.  The swordfish did not disappoint.  Perfectly grilled and tasted delicious.  

    For the soup, I got white clam chowder.  Honestly, it was a little runnier than I prefer my chowder,  but it did have good flavor.  

    Our waitress was very nice and on point.  I will be coming back to try more of the menu.

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    So happy I found Dr. Farid.  I moved out here from the East Coast and had to continue my Invisalign.  I almost gave up on it thinking switching to a new dentist was going to be a huge hassle and more money out of my pocket.  Luckily I was able to find this Dr. Farid.  She and the staff made my transfer incredibly easy.  My last dentist in Florida didn't seem to be very educated with the processes of Invisalign.  Not only did Dr. Farid know a lot, the staff were very educated as well.  

    Thanks Harmony Dental Group, you're the best.

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    I came here for a co-workers going away. On my way from the office, the area was a little sketchy and I was a little worried about where this restaurant was located. Luckily the neighborhood wasn't bad once I got there. The restaurant was clean and kitchy. The staff was friendly.

    I ordered a crab and avocado salad. I was thinking it was going to be a large salad, but it was a trendy small round salad. Don't get me wrong it was good, but the portion was small so I had to eat it with some tortilla chips in order to get my tummy filled.

    They had some cool little event going on with tequila, which allowed customers to create tequila shots with various ingredients. It was interesting to see what concoctions people would come up with. That event was free and they did hand out some chicken flautas and ceviche which were both really good.

    I would like to come again to see what else I can try on the menu.

    Their happy hour provides $5 Margaritas which were pretty good and they also had some beer specials which I cannot recall what they were.

    Clean restaurant, great service, good food, happy belly in the end. :)

  • 5701 Sunset Dr
    South Miami, FL 33143
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Small, quaint little gelato store, that has a friendly feel.  They have a couple of couches there which reminded us of the 'Friends' coffee shop.  The have many treats such as gelato, coffees, breads, pizzas, etc.

    We had a younger man taking our order and he was very nice.  After we ordered, we sat down on the couches and waited for them to let us know when our drinks were ready.  Instead, the young man came around the counter and brought our drinks to us.

    Decently priced, it was less than $6.00 for a hot cocoa and a cafe latte.

    Would like to come back, it's a comfortable spot to get a cup o' joe and visit with friends.

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    If I could give it less that one star I would.

    It was late last Saturday and we were looking for a place to stop in and maybe have a cup of coffee after dinner.  We were near sunset place and decided to walk around to find a nice warm place since it was a little chilly outside.  

    We came across Marhaba.  There were people outside enjoying some cocktails and smoking a hookah and some people sitting in the bar area.  We walked in and were greeted by a man who seemed to be the owner.  We asked him how late they were open since it was around 11pm.  The man said that they would remain open until about 1am.  So we decided to stay and they seated us at a table and provided us with menus.  

    The 3 of us began to review the menu and eyed the Turkish Coffee listed in the menu.  The man who greeted us came to our table to see what we were ordering.  We had advised him we wanted the Turkish Coffee and he mentioned it would be great after a meal.  I told him we had just finished eating elsewhere and were really wanting some coffee.  He was so displeased that we were not eating there and said that they were closing.  We said that he just told us that they closed at 1am.  He said he thought we were going to eat so that's why he told us that, but since we are not going to eat we could leave.  I then said we were also thinking about getting a hookah, he told us we could not get a hookah.  Nevermind that there were people outside enjoying their hookah.  Then I said we would just leave then and he seemed more than happy to let us go.

    I understand that he may have been disappointed that we weren't going to spend the money to eat there, but to turn away customers like that was absolutely astonishing.  We were willing to spend money on coffee and a hookah, but apparently that was not enough.  

    Because of this horrible customer service and this man's audacity to speak to us so poorly, I will never step foot inside this establishment again.  It seems by reading other reviews on this restaurant, others are feeling the same way about the customer service here too.

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