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  • $$$ Fotoladen
    138 S 34th St
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
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    OK, this is a brand new review of Ritz Camera on the Penn Campus. After looking back on when I wrote the review in August 2007, I've learned a lot about what this store really has to offer: service and quality.

    I DO NOT regularly like Ritz Camera stores. The quality of the products is always the same, but the expertise and quality of work is different from store to store. This store, however, is a great place to go to for all your photo finishing work.

    Most days, I end up working with Kate. She is friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. She can provide you with great advice and if she doesn't know the answer, she'll ask one of the other representatives in the store for their input (Chris is one of the other people who helps me). They all know cameras, use them, and do photography. Working at Ritz isn't just a job for them.

    Unlike CVS, which consistently delivers sub-par prints and non-existent service, lab attendant go over your photos to make enhancements (at no charge to you) to EACH photograph (just like in the old days). I just discovered that by default all pictures get enhanced. Therefore, if you're doing photo work ahead of time in Photoshop, make sure to tell them not to enhance your work. Then again, I'm sure they'd be willing to run a sample print for you so you can make adjustments on your computer.

    Here are so other things to consider: they have matte paper, they offer very large print sizes and abnormal print sizes, and they develop B&W negatives. I believe that up to 8x10 they develop photos using the traditional photo-chemical process which therefore gives you excellent image quality and lasting images (unlike ink jet and laser printers).

    Overall, I am VERY pleased with their service and bought the pre-paid card for 5x7 photos, reducing the price from $1.99 down to $0.99 a print (not bad, that even beats CVS... oh wait, that'd be like comparing apples to rotten moldy oranges.)

  • 923 Ludlow St
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
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    The Lantern Theater company has been around since 1996 and is actually housed inside the St. Stephen's Theater at 10th and Ludlow. The space also gets rented out as a multi-purpose performance space so you may see other theater groups perform here from time to time. Check their website for the production schedule.

    From their website it says they've been nominated for many awards and have won quite a few too in just over a decade of existence. And from the quality of their performance, they probably deserved every one.

    Recently I went to see "School for Wives" by Moliere. It was excellent. The cast was magnificent and gave wonderful performances. They hit the style of Moliere right on the head with this show. The set and costuming were both well done. There is not much that I can say except that this being my first Lantern production it definitely made a positive impact and I will return to see another.

    The theater space itself if very interesting.  It actually has two seating areas that form a right angle with the stage as the meeting point of the two sections.  In addition, there is a proscenium arch against one of the back walls.  Although, depending on the show, the space is used in many different ways.

    Lighting instruments are exposed from the grid above the stage and the stage is level with the first row of seats in each section. Some times the actors may even interact with the front rows. (For example, in the performance I went to, a patron got up and returned from the bathroom just as one of the actors came around the corner of the stage. The actor briefly danced with him (in character).)

    Seating is general admission and you will have to climb two flights of stairs to get up to the theater.  The auditorium has two sections of raked seating.  The sight lines are excellent no matter where you sit.  The space is highly intimate with just over 100 seats.

    One draw back: Expect a line for the men's room. It's in the basement and there is only one stall and one urinal. It was like role reversal with the ladies room.

  • 2000 Route 38
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
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    I cannot agree with Susan G.'s review of AT&T Wireless (formerly Cingular Wireless).  I was with them before they were acquired by Cingular (2004), and now am back with them as my Cingular Account became AT&T in March 2007.

    My bills are never out of line, I have never been charged for anything that I didn't use, wait time for customer service is minimal, and the roll over minutes are an absolute savior.  

    As an example, a year ago when I moved to Philly I used up my 1000 saved up roll over minutes in a period of four days while doing an apartment search.  Without the roll over stock hold, my bill would have been hundreds of dollars!  In stead, it was the usual $39.99 (plus taxes and fees).  At present, because I don't use my phone much during daytime hours (yo, I'm in an office!), I currently have 1,300 daytime minute that I can use at my discretion.

    There's nothing wrong with AT&T signal either.  It IS the biggest network in the country.  If you want to get good reception, you're going to have to pay to get a real (non-free) phone.  When I upgraded after my old contract expired, I payed $60 (with a two year contract, $300 without contract) for a phone that was of much higher quality than the "free" phones.  My reception is clear all the time.  I guess, when it comes to cell phones, you get what you pay for.  I had two "free" cell phones before this current one and I have learned my lesson.

    A word to anyone doing business with cell phone carries: understand what the terms of your contract are upon receiving your first bill so you don't have a nasty surprise months down the line.  I DID have to make corrections to my bill the FIRST month, but then didn't have to deal with it again.  Haven't had to dispute my bill in over two years.  And second, when talking to customer service, "you'll attract more bees with honey, than you will with vinegar."  Savvy?

    If you are a new customer, set up your new account in person, at a store.  This way you can have a real human walk you through the contract and select (and de-select) anything you don't want on there.  Also, there aren't any hidden charges because you'll be asked to give them your credit card for the first payment!  Also, if you want to get cheaper phone prices through the web, CALL them and have the person walk you through purchasing a new phone and plan.  Don't bother using the website to set up service.  That always causes problems.

  • 1500 Locust St
    Philadelphia, PA 19102
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    I've been using this cleaners for about a year now and as of today will not be going here any more.  I've used all of their services: leather cleaning, dry cleaner, shirt laundering, and tailoring.

    All cleaning is done off premises and returned in a timely basis.  All tailoring is done on site.  Prices are reasonable and what you would expect for Center City.  CASH ONLY!

    However, I have gotten back my shirts numerous times in the past few months with oil stains and starch stains (even though I get everything done with NO starch) from the steam presses.  I don't know if this is the real cause, but the stains weren't there when I delivered the shirt.  After a second cleaning, the stains were gone.  It was just annoying, that's all because I either couldn't wear the shirt or had to wear it with a sweater.

    Shirts are $1.50 each and dry cleaning is 20% off if you bring it in on Tuesdays.

  • Philadelphia International Airport
    Philadelphia, PA 19176
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    Beitrag des Tages 13.11.2007 Erster Beitrag

    It appears that I am the first to review AirTran and -- gasp -- my experience was good.  I even got the AirTran credit card because you earn travel points faster than with traditional airline credit cards.

    AirTran has been a stellar discount airline for me over the past year traveling between Philadelphia and Boston.  Flights are cheap and -- for the most part -- leave on-time and arrive early.

    I flew AirTran 9 times in a period of 10 months and never personally experienced any troubles.  I flew on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, and Labor Day (to name a few times) and never had a problem.

    I did learn that checking a bag was not the best idea as waiting in line to physically check it can be rather lengthy.  To save on cost, there aren't many people behind the ticket counter to physically put the label on your bag.  Solutions: Print your ticket at home and travel light.  Otherwise, get there early (1.5 hours) and wait in line.

    Another trick, when leaving Philadelphia, if you need to check a bag, do it in Terminal D, then walk over to Terminal C and do security check-in there.  That is the United Airways terminal and because the customers pay "real money" for their tickets, they get all the trimmings: full food court, Brooks Brothers and other clothing stores, rocking chairs, live music (sometimes).  Then take the moving floor back to terminal D and instantly you'll be thrust into the jungle of Southwest and AirTran customers waiting to get somewhere.

    Sadly, they will be discontinuing their scheduled flights between Boston and Philadelphia so I will be canceling my AirTran credit card and discontinuing use because prices are comparable on Delta which offer non-stop flights.

    When you travel on the cheap, you don't have reason to complain.  You get what you pay for.

  • 1 Mifflin St
    Philadelphia, PA 19148
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    Target is a great place.  It offers higher quality stuff and a more enjoyable shopping experience than a Walmart or Kmart.  (Personally, I try to avoid patronizing stores or restaurants that end with mart, hut, barn, zone, or shack.)

    Philadelphians that live in the heart of the city rely on the shops on Miflin Street (Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes, Target, Marshals, Petsmart, and more) to supply them will all of their needs that cannot be filled in the city itself with small over-priced "specialty" shoppes.

    Therefore, you have THOUSANDS of people descending upon these stores on the outskirts of the city to get EVERYTHING they need.

    I have found that often this Target never has what you need in stock.  The one item that you actually need is not available.  This is not a "Super Target" or "Target Graceland", so there aren't many extras beyond the basic stock.

    Returns and Exchanges are handled with no hassle provided that you have your receipt.  I have returned a hand full of things this year (some due to not working as advertised and others because I didn't want them.)

    I would recommend going to a Target in Jersey if you are able to get over the bridge and drive into Cherry Hill or Sicklerville.  Sicklerville Target... veeeery good.

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    I live in a building which has extremely poor Internet service and is locked in a contract with a laissez-faire communications company (Hotwire) when it comes Internet and cable.

    I decided that I'd give Philly Municipal Wifi (sponsored by Earthlink) a try.  The price is a quarter the price of Verizon and Comcast and it is advertised to be much faster than the tragic rate of transfer that I get in my apartment.

    Setting up the account.  Easy.  Friendly. Fast.

    Installing the Wifi modem.  Easy. Fast.

    Connecting.  Well, I never got connected.

    This is in major part due to the fact that I'm on the 20th floor of a building.  You CANNOT be above the fifth floor of a building and expect to get Philly Wifi.  It just won't happen.  If I had a laptop, I would be able to roam the Philly area and use Wifi, but I have a desktop which never leaves my apartment.  I was warned that it may not work, but I decided to give it a try any way.

    Tech support is impossible.  They outsource to India and the phone connection to their people is terrible.  In addition, it is hard to understand what they are trying to say to you.  You see, they sell you your account using people in the USA and the Tech Support is outsourced.  Tricky tricky.

    I bought a booster antenna and it failed to provide me with connection because I'm just too high up.  However, if anyone wants to buy it from me, it works for picking up signal up to 1000 feet away.

    Overall, I'm sure Philly Wifi is great if you a) have a laptop and b) are only 5 stories up in a building.  Beyond that, you're stuck with Comcast, Verizon, or some other service.

    You can tell if service is in your area because antenna boxes are mounted on many street lamps in Philadelphia.

    Service is only $9.95 (for the first six months, then $21.95) for 3Mbps service!  (Lower plans exist for slower service.) Special rates exist for low income houses.  See their website for details.

    NOTE: Devices without an operating system will not connect to the service (e.g. Skype phones, wireless appliances, etc.).  iPhones do work because they have an OS.

  • 37 S 16th St
    Philadelphia, PA 19102
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    Beitrag des Tages 9.9.2007 Erster Beitrag

    When I came to Philadelphia, I had to find a new place that would cut my hair and do it right.  Barbers and cheap salons can mess up your hair and leave you with a cut that will look terrible and grows in worse.

    American Male on 16th Street is fantastic.  I've had two different stylists cut my hair.  Both have delivered excellent haircuts which have grown in well (I normally go 6 weeks between haircuts).  They allow for 'clean ups' so you can go in after a week or two to get things trimmed.  No extra charge... but, leave a tip.

    What I like best is that I can request to cut my hair with 'scissors only'.  Many salons and barbers when they see a guy go straight for the electric trimmer.  Well, that's fine if you want a shaved head, but for everyone else that wants longer hair with... gasp... bangs, they'll accommodate your request.

    I think the best part of the whole experience is that you get free beer when you arrive.  The price for a haircut is relatively reasonable for a salon cut.  After what I was paying in Boston, this place is cheap (although, there rates did rise last time I was there).

    The interior is really cool too.  It is a reclaimed space with exposed wood panels and industrial lighting.  There are floor to ceiling windows which look down to the street.

    What's so special about this salon is that it is geared completely towards male clientele.  Therefore, there are no female customers and all stylists are female.  This is the kind of place that you can go to if you've always been uncomfortable about going to a salon because, hey, read the sign: "American Male". No Girls Allowed.

  • 2329 S 3rd St
    Philadelphia, PA 19148
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    1812 Productions is Philadelphia's all comedy theatre company.  That's what they do, and from the show that I saw recently, I can say that they do it very well.

    The show I saw (The Two of Us) was amazingly cast and the performances were phenomenal. Because this company specializes in comedy, they understand how to pick their actors and do the right shows to set the mood. Although, just because something is comedy doesn't mean that it isn't also serious. These shows are not just slap-stick and slamming doors; they are able to find humor in life's subtleties.

    Tickets are affordable (under $30 for week days) and subscriptions are extremely affordable. Best of all, if you are student, there is an amazing student rush price.  This is how it works, show up 5 minutes before curtain and if there are seats, you pay $5!  That's it!  I believe that is the lowest rush price in Philadelphia for a production company of this caliber.

    Seating is general admission.

    NOTE: The theater venue where they play may change from time to time, so always check their website for the most recent location (

  • 720 S. 5th Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19147
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    I was walking up from Front Street with some friends on a lazy Saturday after leaving for a leisurely breakfast at the South Street Diner.

    The Funhouse calls out to you.  You don't just go there.  Walking up the street you'll find yourself saying, "Something is not like the other things on this street."  The store sign matches the Funhouse rummage station wagon that is painted to match the exterior style of the store.

    As the store owner said, her store is supposed to be "fun and affordable" for vintage and antique items.

    Yes, there were antiques in here, but not your usual stuff.  There are trinkets and CPR practice dolls and vintage Playboy posters from 1963.  There are clothes, posters, photographs, jewelry, eye frames, buttons... it just goes on and on.

    Check it out for yourself.  It's a friendly little shop that is filled to the brim with a ton of stuff.  There is even a sign that the owner posts on the door when she is out that says, "Gone treasure hunting!"

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