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    I think me n Ruth would get along great.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I'd love to be in on a nite at a bar with her and LOLF.  They seem cut from the same smokin and booze imbibing cloth.  Couple that with her apparent down to earthness and generosity, and I'm actually sad I didn't know her.  Got a feel for her last nite, tho, through the kind and heartfelt tribute and history given by both Salvador and Wendy.

    Another cool thing....the last time (and only other time) I'd been to RC, almost 6 yrs ago, I mentioned how great the bartender, Wendy, was.  She's now a manager.  I recognized her when she walked in the room.  I never forget a great bartender!

    It was truly heartwarming to see the camraderie and mutual respect the whole staff had for each other and with such they made a great team.  James had a great sense of humor and was very engaging and Nicki was super efficient and friendly.  Their talk about how RC is a "casual" dining place was spot on...yeah, it's a "fancy" steakhouse, but they don't care if you come in in shorts and tattoos.  They relish all their guests irregardless.

    Anyhoo, the food was great too.  But, I'm sure anyone could have predicted that.  They haven't been in business this long and not put out great product.  But, props to them for recognizing it's time to remodel the place and revamp the menu.  All the new menu items we tried were fantastic.  In particular on a rainy nite, the gumbo paired with the French bread and fresh butter paired also with the dirty Hangar vodka martini, warmed me to my toes.  And, no, I did NOT drink all of Errol's drinks!  Just one.  And a half.  They were not skimping on the good liquor last nite!  Each cocktail was potent and delicious and the whole thing would have been impossible to consume if you had not been training for this event for years, like I have :)

    I truly wish RC and staff much luck and business in the future.  I personally would love to return for a Thurs nite HH and linger longer over a martini and Jeff Lofton's glorious trumpet playing.  Even seeing Chuck Woolery took a backseat to seeing Jeff playing when I walked in.  Priorities, I guess.

    And if your priority is great food, great service and a fancy yet casual atmosphere this is your joint.  Thanks to Kelly and Yelp for reintroducing us to Ruth again!

  • 100 S Laurelwood Dr
    Austin, TX 78733
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    My husband works with A LOT of realtors in his business so it speaks volumes on trust and respect that he chose Scott Bettersworth to sell our house.  Scott is not only a consummate professional, but he's an all around nice guy as well.  He made recommendations what we needed to update on our 20 yr old home to get modern prices and he listed it in any creative way to sell it fast.

    Best part is, he was the go between, the buffer if you will, between us and the crazy ass lady that bought our place.  He fielded all her many calls and questions so we didn't have to.  But, crazy money is still green, and we got top dollar thanks to all his efforts.  

    I would highly recommend Scott and his team for selling or buying a home....or for talking crazy people off the ledge :)

  • 3300 W Anderson Ln
    Austin, TX 78757
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    If you are a young couple, or an old couple, or an odd couple, and you decide you want a wine baby, you may be a bit worried about where, when and how to do that.  It's a big step and you should have nothing but the best for your Vino Bambino, so please look no further than Water 2 Wine, and Jenny in particular.  She is the BEST midwife for your wine labor.  

    We just had the best experience making, bottling and labeling our wine baby.  It was smoooooth sailing and immediately made me want another :)  When you decide to make your own wine, first, you'll get to sample the wines, ALL of them if you so wish.  I spent two afternoons sampling bunches of them and all the staff were generous and enthusiastic in helping me find which wine I wanted.  Then, you make an appt for conception.  It's fairly simple  and pleasurable.  Again, you can grab a glass of wine as you work, mixing the juice and water and yeast in a giant white bucket (Carboy), churning away for about 10 minutes and then your part is done for about 6 weeks!  The rest of the staff will ensure that your baby gestates comfortably and appropriately, testing its ph and sugars until its ready to be born.

    Then the magic happens.  As the parent, you'll have full creativity in naming your baby.  In which case, you can pick any 3 images you like, decide the wording and color scheme and font of the label, email all that to Jenny and she'll print out the most perfect labels.  You can then invite a bunch of friends to witness and help in the birthing.  You can bring in all kinds of snack ems and the fine ladies at Water 2 Wine will immediately ply your guests with tastings of their wine and you can buy bottles (and bottles) to facilitate in the birthing process.  Everyone in your party can try their hand at filling bottles, corking bottles, melting the lid foils, and sticking on labels.  In the end, you'll have about 30 bottles of fantastic wine ( I recommend the Gruner!) to share and take home.  

    They make for fantastic house warming, business, wedding, new baby, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc gifts.  In fact, if you decide last minute you'd like to adopt a wine baby for Christmas, they keep a bunch already made and ready to label for your Christmas party or gifts.  

    Best thing was, our friends had so much fun and it was such a new experience for all of us that we WIN again as the hostess with the mostest.  And, even though I had grand plans of using this wine at our housewarming party, I doubt it'll last another 8-10 months so we may indeed make another baby next year.  

    Jenny and the rest of the staff really made this so much fun and interesting with all their cool contraptions and accomodated me with the music I wanted (got to have appropriate Edith Piaf wine birthing music!) and never left a wine glass dry in my group.  

    So grab your partner, in life, in business, in crime, and get to makin that baby! They're the best kind of babies, they don't puke or shit or cry and instead of causing you stress, they relieve it.  And in the end you'll have the coolest collectible bottles.

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    Water 2 Wine is a miracle!  Because I was bringing a largish group of ladies in, they graciously… Weiterlesen
  • 208 Barton Springs Rd
    Austin, TX 78704
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    'Scuse me while I whip this out....

    Awesome to be FTR for such a fabulous event and probably because everyone is so speechless from the food, fun and hospitality of Marker 10.  Sometimes I feel like an old woman or Yelp guru when I tell folks, Grasshoppa, stick with this Yelp thing and you too will get to go to the double/triple/octople gold events where a mere TEN of you get wined and dined with elegant and delicious cocktails and raw fish.  

    I'd been to Marker 10 years ago for just a few drinks and apps on the patio and I would not have recognized it now.  Beautifully redone with shade and trees, it truly is a remarkable place to chill overlooking LadyBird Lake.  You can almost smell the bat guano, it's that close.  

    And now, they are backing up that gorgeous patio with some real fine eatin as well.  The sushi we had last nite was not only tasty, but creative and beautifully presented as well, and as stated by Chef Paul, all made by a diverse staff from all points of the globe, NONE of them being Japan.  So they give it their own individual flare, using only fresh fish that is seasonal.  I was super impressed with their flexibility on that issue, substituting a trout on a roll that usually contains salmon because the salmon is out of season.  And while the rolls were good, I think my favorite was the hamachi ceviche with avocado and lime served on a crisp yucca chip.  Oh and don't pass on the edamame!  It's different and BETTER, in that it's roasted and seared and served with a nice char on it and a chili oil.  Finally, save room for that tower of a Peanut Butter Cake.  Not overwhelmingly sweet, just the right amount of PB and fantastic when also paired with their chocolate dessert.  

    Stay tuned for a UYE for their Sunday Funday brunch, with cocktail specials and fresh grilled food on the patio!

    Yes, my children, it's good to be an OG Yelper.

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    Where do you take your homesick grrl that wants tacos and to soak up some Austin sunshine before getting on a plane back to gray, chilly Chicago?  Well, if you're brilliant like me, you'll take her here.

    I'd never been to a Tamale House *ducks*, but I knew them to be something of an Austin icon and I'd seen this one while visiting Yellow Jacket Social Club next door (which was our back up plan....see how smart I am??).  I knew they had that little outdoor space by the road but we were so pleasantly surprised by the treed inner patio, so quiet and cool and almost tropical.  Just what the dr ordered.  

    We were also pleased that at 1:00 they were still serving breakfast tacos.  Now, I'm no vegetarian, I likes the meats, but that veggie taco looked fantastic, so I got one along with a bacon, potato, egg and cheese.  The veggie taco was my fave!  It was overflowing with black beans, spinach, grilled mushrooms and onions, and guac.  The bacon taco was also delish, however I'd requested sliced avocado that was missing.  I just put some of the guac on it and it was alllll good.  My grrl was super happy with her spicy migas taco and the avocado crispy taco that had delicious mystery meat on it.  We topped all with the two available sauces, the spicy green being the best, almost like a Dona sauce.

    My only complaint would be the mimosa was pretty gross.  HOW is that even possible??  My guess is super cheap prosecco but the only other booze option here is beer, so know that going in.

    We did end up moseying to Yellow Jacket's patio for a "real" drink but, altho they have a beautiful space, good food and drinks, the music absolutely sucks.  They were playing punk and metal in what should have been a tranquil, Thievery Corp space (and that was before the live metal guitar started tuning up).  It had us missing Tamale House's patio and skeedaddling to the next bar.

    Tamale House is defintely the way to go to soak up some Austin!

  • 1209 E 7th St
    Austin, TX 78702
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    "So what was this place before?" asked my grrl when we sat down in this dimly lit spot.  We just shrugged and guessed "Mexican food joint?"  This place has the bones of a long established east side Mexican spot with it's Alamoesque white stone walls but it is anything but.  It's crankin out some new world, creative, and unique dishes that will surprise your tastebuds.

    The four of us split some apps, including the chicken liver pate (I'm pate challenged, so Hubby ate most of that), the brussel sprouts and the fried chickpeas.  The brussels were described as having a peanut butter sauce which seemed like an unlikely pairing in my brain but then that's why I'm not a Chef.  They were tangy and rich in flavor and delicious.  But those chickpeas!  I love all things beans and this was like nothing I'd eaten before.  Crunchy on the outside, mushy on the inside with a touch of orange citrus  flavor.  I want my own bowl next time!

    We all each then ordered different entrees and what I noticed about most is they are all comprised of varied ingredients, a protein and sides and sauces and garnishes and almost all are served in a big bowl.  Now, when I was a kid and went to eat at my grandparent's house, I was always grossed out by the way Poppy piled everything on his plate and then just mixed it all together....his peas with his mashed potatoes with his turkey and his dressing and cranberry sauce.  A big lumpy mushy pile that he relished with every bite and that made my separatist soul want to vomit.  I wouldn't eat any mashed potatoes that had a DROP of pea juice on it.  NOW, I GET IT.  My short rib bowl came with what looked like a 3-4 oz fork tender rib, a poached egg, some corn and red peppers and fried onions, all piled on top of grits.  And ya damn skippy...I broke that yolk all over that mess and mixed it allllll up and shoveled it in.  OH, heaven!  Rich meat, creamy grits, crunchy onions and what was that??  I do believe the corn and/or the peppers were vinegary.  So many great single flavors combined into a melting pot in mah mouth.

    My grrls smoked tofu was similarly presented while my hubby's hangar steak was a bit more traditional and my friends grilled octopus was a beautifully horrific plate of beans and tentacles.  

    We then opted to try the Buttermilk Pie.  Folks, I'm not gonna lie that I kind of smirked at the waitress when she put that bowl in front of us.  We Southerners take pride in our Buttermilk Pie, that gelatenous, sinfully sweet mile high custard on a thick flaky crust.  I immediately thought a Yankee had made this....this....aberration.  It was, gasp, DECONSTRUCTED.  Get a rope.  It was a mass of the custard sprinkled with crust bits and Gawd only knows what else.  No shape, unless you consider round to be a shape.  I even told the waitress "That was NOT at all what I was expecting" and took a timid, insulted bite.

    And.  and.  I had to put my Southern prejudice aside.  This shit was good!  It was all lemony with the crunchy crusty top (later we were told there was also pretzel??!!) and some delicate fresh mint.  Certainly like no Buttermilk Pie I'd ever tasted, more like a Lemon Chess Pie (also serious biz in the South) but really damn good.

    Hubby and I are really fortunate that our architect has offices on the E Side so we have an opportunity to check out all the new spots over there.  It looks like the beginning of many adventures for us!

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    Don't come here hungry on a Saturday.  Or with any kind of schedule.  

    My grrl and I rolled in at 11:45 and were told it would be a 30 min wait.  No prob!  We got a couple of drinks from the bar and oohed and ahhed over all the retro-cute whimsy of the place.  There's a black n white TV used as the hostess stand and plays actual black n white shows!  And the outdoor area was perfect with astroturf and those metallic chairs.  Even the bathroom had a huge console stereo.  

    We were seated right around 30 minutes later and ordered another round of drinks.  I had to try one of their tap cocktails so I opted for the Hurricane.  It was delicious and po. tent.  We took a few minutes to peruse the menu and ordered what we thought was a simple brunch,  A breakfast taco and cheese grits for the grrl, a sausage biscuit and potatoes for me.  

    AN HOUR LATER, we got our food.  At one point, our waitress inquired about another round of drinks and grrl replied "Yeeeah, I really think we need FOOD in our stomachs before we drink more."  We also noticed another trio of folks, thought to be musicians, had sat after us, ate and left before we got our food as well.  

    And honestly, after all that, the food just wasn't worth it.  The potatoes were fantastic but the sausage biscuit was fairly uninspired.  Apparently they locally source a lot of their menu and kudos for that, but in this case the bready biscuit totally overwhelmed any smokiness the sausage should have had.  I ended up leaving the top half of the biscuit on the plate.  And, now, what is even more frustrating is that all those tasty breakfast pix on their page weren't on the benedicts of any kind, no frito pie, crawfish scramble boudreaux nuthin.  It was all just your average eggs, omelets, waffles, oatmeal, etc.

    I was a bit disappointed to tell the truth.  I had the feeling that the conception of this restaurant was all excitement over decoration and retro authenticity and then a "oh yeah, and we'll make food too".  

    Yeah, it was a-okay but so are a lot of other diners that I wouldn't have to drive so far for or wait so long for.

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    This was one of our stops on the Wigged Out Wine tour.  My grrl and I love to play dress up for no reason and we were decked out in new wigs and cute outfits to visit some wineries.  It seemed, too the farther from Austin we got, the chillier reception at certain wineries (ahem, Hye (falutin) Meadow).  Therefore, this spot got stars alone for the reception we got when we walked in the door.  The (hot muscular) guy behind the bar growled "Raaaawrrrr!"  and then he changed the music for us to blare out Hendrix and Zeppelin.  They just GOT us here.  

    They currently only have 4 wines to try and they were pretty tasty.  We bought a couple, including the Doo.zwa.zo just  so we could say the name over and over again, and made sure also to pet the wine pooch, a great Pyrenees that looked part polar bear and is supposedly there for deer control (altho by the looks of her rotundness, her idea of "control" means chicken fried deer :).

    I believe in the next few weeks they will have some new wines to explore so I have plenty reason to another new wig!

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    What James said.

    In my own words, tho, I've been excited to check this out ever since I drove by it 3 weeks ago and they were not yet open.  Ok, let's just be honest.  I'm a whore for the Deep Eddy Ruby Red.  It is my vice of choice and goes so well with just about anything, even, uh, just a glass.  

    So, when my grrl and I set out on a winery tour yesterday, I checked out Deep Eddy's tweets and found that they were OPEN!!  So we diva'ed up the place in our wigs and fab outfits.  We were greeted warmly and complimented on our style, then we bellied up to the bar for a drink.  Here, you can get any variation of your favorite Deep Eddy flavor or you can do a sampler.  I had the Ruby Red Mule which was tasty and yet another fabulous way (like I need one) I can incorporate the Ruby Red in my diet.  

    We then strolled around the gorgeous facility.  It's all woods, metal and stone and we took photos to show our architect on several design ideas.  We sat out on the patio and sipped our drinks then a super friendly employee humored us by taking pix of us in the facility.  Grrrl, and I also found and purchased next years SXSW shirts "Team Day Drinker".  I love that you can see the distillery equipment thru the window, but would have loved a more close up tour or even to see it in action.  This was their soft opening so maybe all of that will be available in a few weeks when they officially open.  

    Just another reason (like I need one) to return.

  • 2367 Usener Rd
    Fredericksburg, TX 78624
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    My Hubby became The Ass Whisperer here.

    No, it wasn't from the spicy breakfast we'd had.  It was the teeny tiny donkey that came right up to him and leaned into him like an old friend.  He was a bit reluctant to head that far out of Fburg (really, only a 15 min drive) but when I mentioned they had donkeys, he couldn't wait! He's a bit of an Ass Man.

    The rest of the winery was really nice.  They have a big tin tile bar, rustic furniture, a pool table and apparently make wood fired pizzas on the weekend.  The back room has these cute alcove tables that look like a saloon.  Also a nice patio looking out on the vines.

    The wines were pretty good.  We especially enjoyed the Blanc du Bois and were intrigued to taste the same varietal from two consecutive vintages, with the 2012 being way sweeter than the 2011.  They must have had a hot dry year in 2012.  Hubby also liked the Cabernet.  

    After the tasting, we lingered on the patio, me with a glass of white, him with a glass of their frozen bellini and gazed dreamily over the vines.  I could get used to this lifestyle.

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